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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Call to Kill All Jews

Nadene Goldfoot

Glen Beck announced at 2:25 pm on his show that the Muslim Brotherhood said to prepare for war with all Jews. This call has been picked up on many websites. One of their clerics called for killing every last Jew. At first it was to prepare for war with Israel. They've expanded their rhetoric. I heard the announcement several days ago but didn't understand they meant all Jews everywhere. It may be just that.
It looks like the Brotherhood must be already planning on taking over Egypt to say such a thing. I hope that the people of Egypt remember 1967 and the 30 years since of peace and decide not to allow them into their government. Things were not all kosher in Egypt for the citizens, but Israel's relations with Egypt was working. Israelis even took holidays in Egypt touring. That brought money into Egypt as well as jobs.
There was a time that many Jews lived in Arab countries. They lived pretty much as 3rd class citizens called Dminnis, but they usually lived. At the same time Jews in Russia were kept in the Pale of Settlement, a long strip of Russia and were not allowed in mother Russia proper. They lived in little shtetles and were subject to pogroms, attacks from usually drunk Russians who would rape, kill and just destroy everything in sight. This is shown in the movie, Fiddler on the Roof. Golda Meir, past Prime Minister of Israel lived through such ordeals and was able to immigrate to the USA. She later went back to Israel and got into politics very successfully. She understood only too well the need to have Israel. When Israel was reborn in 1948, Arabs kicked Jews out of their country and they immigrated to Israel. Finally we had a union of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews again after being separated for 2,000 years.
Why all the screaming against Jews that comes from the Muslim Brotherhood? They must be following the aspects of the Koran that says to kill Jews, even if we are hiding under a rock or behind a bush. Why all the spitefullness? When Mohammed came into power, he converted with the sword if that was the only way to convince people. Jews didn't care to convert. They were happy and tied to their own religion. That angered Mohammed so much that he inserted all this hatefulness towards Jews. Actually, there were times that he did convert Jewish tribes in the early days with those swords. Most likely many died by the sword, too.
So, again it's the same old story. Convert! Only this time it's just Kill! So I say, watch out oh Muslim Brotherhood. You'd better start making nice with Israel and Jews. Bees may be small but they can sting. Stir up Israel's small nest and they'll do whatever it takes to protect themselves. It's getting old.
No wonder Mubarek outlawed the group. Even an Egyptian had no patience with them. They're still acting out 700AD mores.

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