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Friday, February 4, 2011

Presbyterian Reverend Falsely Accuses IDF Concerning 1982 War

Nadene Goldfoot

Reverend Don Wagner really must not approve of Jews or Israel by deciding in 2011 that Israel's IDF impersonated Phalagist (Lebanese Christian soldiers) by wearing their uniforms and doing the deed in the 1982 Lebanon-Israel War.

In 1982 Major Hadad was the leader of the Christian Militia who were helping Israel on the border by patrolling. Lebanon's minority are Christians and they had a hard time in the government when they held the reigns of ruling the country. Hadad was Israel's friend, much loved and appreciated. He took R& R in Israel's hospitals when needed. He was told that if it came to it, Israel would take in his family and protect them.

One day he asked Sharon permission to go in and deal with the PLO. Sharon gave permission. Little did he know what Hadad and his men would do. Evidently they massacred the PLO while they slept in their tents. Since Sharon was Israel's general, he had to take responsibility and lost his position, but truly, he couldn't have imagined in his wildest imagination what Hadad had in mind. This was really a Lebanese affair. It was called the Sabra and Shatilla massacre.

It made every paper in Israel and all were upset. Now this "Reverend" is coming up with the accusation which is the biggest lie I've heard and is only serving to bring hatred towards Israelis and Jews everywhere. This is the deed of a "peace" activist; trying to bring death to Israel.

He "compared Israelis to a killer-vine choking a rosebush in his backyard in Chicago." He also said that "most likely many Israelis were in the Phalangists' military uniforms and they denied responsibility." He's been a professor at North Park U in Chicago and was head of the Center of Middle Eastern Studies but now works in the Mennonite U in Virginia. He gave an interfiew to the Holocaust denier, David Duke and told him that he was honored to be his friend, so I can totally see where he is coming from. He's an opponent of Christian Zionism who backs Israel's right to exist.

Well, Reverend Wagner, I was there in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985 and I bet you weren't. I lived in Safed in 1982 and know full well you are full of it. Israelis were most concerned with what had happened. Sharon was blamed as being the General at the time, but for sure no Israeli IDF took part in this. They had no idea what Hadad was allowing. He was such a well respected leader and a Christian that Sharon was blindsided.

At the time of the war I was dealing with a broken elbow with my arm in a cast. I had just gone to the hospital in Haifa by myself on the bus when I saw tanks going up our hill. When I got to the hospital, an army one, the doctor told me he couldn't keep our appointment but to have the screws (6) out after the war. No wonder the hospital was just about empty. The doctor said they were afraid it would soon be full of soldiers in need. I went back to Safed and learned cakes were needed at the kiosks for the soldiers who had to report to duty. These places were set up with coffee as they had to hurry and had very little time to eat. Shaking, this American baked many cakes. It gave me something to think about other than the 18 yr old soldiers thumbing rides to get to where they had to or even on foot. I kept thinking of these poor kids who might have a sugar high while getting to their station.

Afterwards when we all heard about the events, we were shocked. Believe me, there was no way Israelis would pretend to be Phalangists in order to pull such a dastardly crime. Israelis have ethics you obviously don't have. May I ask you who you think wrote the world's most ethical statement in the first place? The IDF takes great pride in doing what armies have to do in the most ethical way possible, even at the risk of their own lives. You have so much to learn about Israel and Jews.

As Camera mentions, you don't want to discriminate against Arabs-no matter what they do-but you are discriminating against Jews with no basis to your claims at all. It's the same old same old anti-semitic discrimination. As a Christian Reverend, don't you have it as a sin to tell lies against someone? Isn't it a sin to bear false witness? You've made up this accusation all by yourself. Are you Lebanese? Your bio shows that the closest to Lebanon you've been is Lebanon, Illinois attending McKendree College where you received a BA in history along with teaching in secondary education.

You stand alone in slinging your false accusations which happens to be one of the 10 commandments not to break.

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Fred said...

Poor Ari, having no idea what would happen or what was happening in Sabra-Shatila, he was pilloried because despite being blindsided he was Defense Minister. Certainly he couldn't have imagined what a midnight mission "to deal with the PLO" might have become "even in his wildest imagination." Too bad you weren't on the Kahan commission, whose unimaginative, prosaic view was that Ari "bore personal responsibility...for ignoring the danger of bloodshed and revenge."

Your cozy assessment fails to mention the statement in the Israeli film "Waltz with Bashir" from the IDF officer on the scene who phoned Shamir as the massacre was getting underway. Sharon responded only "thank you for informing me," and apparently went back to bed. Perhaps this is what the Kahan commission meant when it concluded that "no proper heed was taken of these reports." Poor, sleepy Ari, not to mention the cabinet member and other government officials who were similarly informed.

Not content to have him sacked as defense chief, a busybody Belgian court moved toward charging Ari with crimes against humanity. Some might consider this stressful, especially when Elie Hobeika, identified by Israel as the Phalangist commander on the scene, announced that he was going to testify against Sharon about his involvement in the massacre. But ever a practical man of (directing) action, Sharon could breathe a sigh of relief after Hobeika was assassinated by a car bomb in front of his home in Beirut days before the trial.

Those of faint heart and dim mind may quail that such a man became Prime Minister of Israel, but is he but a pale shadow next to another such, commander of a proud, self-avowed terrorist organization?