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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Terrorist Attack on First Night of Passover in Israel Caused by Incitement

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

The Palestinians, led by Abbas, have had a non-stop policy of inciting their Palestinian people to perform acts of murder of Israelis.  It happened under Arafat and continues to this day.  Even during the past 9 month period of peace talks, Abbas has continued inciting acts of hatred, terror promotion and glorification of such acts while all the time demanding the release of past terrorists doing time in Israeli prisons as a condition to even sit down at the table with Israelis to talk.

This week's act was reprehensible.  An Israeli Jew, 40 year old Baruch Mizrahi, his wife and children were traveling with his family to a seder (large dinner)  for the first night of Passover and were driving through Judea/Samaria, the so called West Bank to get to their destination.  He was killed and his 28 year old wife injured.  They were the 2nd of 3 cars to become under terrorist attack on the highway near Hebron (Judea) near the Beit Guvrin Junction.  They had found themselves under AK-47 fire while traveling to this point, going from west to east.  A 9 year old child in the 3rd car was injured.  The 3-car convoy were members of the same family who were also traveling to the  seder.
Of course Hamas terrorists in Gaza praised the killing.  Jihad terrorists also added their praise for killing a Jewish father going to a special dinner.  The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) has a large manhunt out looking for the killers.

PM Netanyahu blames the PA's policy of incitement.  Recently Abbas and PM Dr. Rami Hamdallah honored 2 suicide bombers who murdered 16 people in 2001.  Hamdallah visited the families of the 2 terrorists following Israel's transfer of their bodies to the PA.

Maher Hbeishah was a suicide bomber on a bus in Haifa on December 2, 2001 and killed 15 people and wounded about 40.

Imad Zubeidi killed 1 and wounded more than 40 on April 22, 2001 as a suicide bomber at a bus stop in Kfar Saba (near Tel Aviv).  Israel transferred their bodies to the PA last month.

Hamdallah consoled the relatives and sent condolences from PM Abbas and expressed his wishes that God grant them His Paradise and grant their families forbearance and solace.

Another PA leader glorified terrorist murderers yesterday and justified their acts of terror to the Palestinians as self defense, which is a lie.  Nobody was attacking them at the time.  Showing another side of his face, he condemned the killing of any person when speaking to Israelis.

Dr. Rami Hamadallah supported terror on March 12, 2014 and this made the next day's Al Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper.  Mahmoud Al-Habbash said, "All the Palestinian prisoners who protected our land, honor and homeland are prisoners of freedom;  they are prisoners of war.  They are not criminals, will never be and have never been.  Their hands committed no crime.  They were defending themselves.  (suicide bombers).   they are an inseparable part of this national Palestinian movement and one of its authentic foundations.  We are completely loyal to them.  (Official PA TV on March 28, 2014).

Now Israel will have to start replacing those terrorists freed with new ones in the prisons  It might even turn out that some of those freed are again captured for continued acts of terror.

No wonder there never has been a peace treaty with the Palestinians with an attitude like that.  They wear their own brand of rose-colored glasses and see things much differently than we do.  This alone keeps them in a state of being deaf and dumb to all the offers given by the Israelis in making peace.

Update 4/17/14: from Arutz Sheva:  "Hadassah Mizrahi, whose husband, Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, was murdered on Monday, described the terror attack on Channel 2 television Wednesday.
"We were driving from Modi'in to Kiryat Arba,” she said. “At the Tarkumia checkpoint, we said hello to the soldiers, and kept going. After the first roundabout, a terrorist was standing at the roadside. Baruch shouted 'A terrorist! Shooting!' and pressed the gas pedal.”
"Then I took a bullet,” she continued, calmly."  They have 5 children.  She took over the car the minute she knew her husband was dead even though she had been hit and must have driven it from the passenger side.  She was able to call the police and also the soldiers came to her aid.  

Resource: Al- Hayat Al-jadida, March 13, 2014,7340,L-4510148,00.html

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pharisees and Sadducees of 2nd Temple and Christianity

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

                                                  King  Solomon's Temple

Moses (1391-1271 BCE) didn't just bring down 10 Commandments.  Throughout the 40 years of wandering during the Exodus, started when he was 80 years old already,   he wrote 613 more laws for the future Jews to follow till he died at age 120.  What do we Jews believe, anyway?  The ideas we have of course came from Moses, but they were also interpreted by the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

Two traumatic events happened to the Jewish people.  The Assyrians attacked and carried away people in 721 BCE.  The Babylonians attacked twice; in 597 and 586 BCE.  They also carried away people.  They destroyed Solomon's Temple.

The Jews rebuilt the Temple.  During the 2nd Temple period from 538 to 515 BCE, there appeared a political party as well as a religious one, the Pharisees (the lenient ones) , who were probably a continuation of the Hasideans, a pious Jewish religous sect.  It was first recorded during the persecutions of Antiochus Epiphanes in the 2nd century BCE when its member suffered martyrdom rather than desecrate the Sabbath and formed the backbone of the Hasmonean revolt.  .  They were a fairly narrow body and kept a closed membership to the masses.  Their job was to teach the traditions to everyone with stories to develop a holy spirit in them.  They felt there was a huge gap of knowledge between the masses regarding  their own law and themselves and therefore the masses were not practicing it.

They sat apart from the masses in order to keep themselves pure.  In other words, they were scrupulous about keeping kosher.  They would eat with their own groups and ate only consecrated food in the Temple, or kosher food that had been prepared in the Temple kitchen.

The Pharisees put the people of Judah's life within a halakhic framework found in the Oral Law which they regarded as vital as the Written Law (the Tanakh). The oral law was the interpretations and analysis of the written law and was handed down orally from generation to generation.  It's said it also was given to Moses with the written law.   Their doctrine was to embrace the whole life of the community, touching on the theological foundations of life, questions of fate, good and evil, the immortality of the soul, and eschatology.

They admitted Divine predestination but also man's responsibility for his deeds.  They believed in life after death, the resurrection of the dead, the Messiah that they needed and the Day of Judgment.

Not all Pharisees were angels in their behavior, of course.  The Talmud lists 7 hypocritical types.  However, they "were in reality not like the derogatory New Testament picture" that paints them as terrible people.  It just so happens that "they were responsible for strengthening morality and introducing the elasticity which enabled Judaism to withstand its subsequent tribulations."

The Pharissees had the chutzpa to bring into their culture the cult-folk-customs not mentioned in the Torah, such as the Water-Drawing Festival (Simchat bet ha Shoevah), which dismayed the Sadducees.  This was a festival of water-libation observed at the end of the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The Sadducees didn't want it included in their observances because it had no authority in the Pentateuch, but the people nevertheless observed it enthusiastically.  The ceremonies are elaborately described in the Mishnah under (Sukkah 5).  It fell into abeyance with the destruction of the Temple but has been revived in an altered form in modern Israel.  I can understand that any holiday involving water emergence or enjoyment would be loved in the hot land of Judah.The Pharisees have been carried into the stream of historic Judaism.

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News on TV  has written a book that carries out the derogatory essence of the New Testament. Yes, the Gospels may be sacred to Christians, but they hold a lot of anti-Semitism towards the Jews.  O'Reilly's book is "Killing Jesus," the act that the Christians have been blaming Jews for during  the past 2,000 years.  It has only been recently that Pope Benedict XVI finally forgave us, but that was the pope himself.  The masses haven't all agreed with him as yet.  The pope also wrote a book, Jesus of Nazareth."  "In 'Jesus of Nazareth' excerpts released in 2011, Benedict uses a biblical and theological analysis to explain why it is not true that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus' death.  Perhaps he still believed that some Pharisees were still responsible.  I'm not sure.  We've been suffering for this as a people  from the Crusades to the Inquisition in Spain.  All Jews have suffered from anti-Semitism and this is what has got the masses going, the death of Jesus.  From there they have managed to find all sorts of reasons why they hate Jews.  We've become the scapegoats of the world.  

Interpretations to the contrary have been used for centuries to justify the persecution of Jews. " While the Vatican has for five decades taught that Jews weren't collectively responsible, Jewish scholars said recently that  the argument laid out by the German-born pontiff, who has had his share of mishaps with Jews, was significant and would help fight anti-Semitism today.  Of course O'Reilly's  main references must rely on the four Gospels which are loaded with attacking Jews.  Jesus had died on the cross, and that was something the Romans had been doing to thousands of Jewish men for any slight indiscretion to their own Roman government.  But the Christians forming a group after his death blamed the Pharisees and Sadducees for it to have happened.   This happened during Herod's time of ruling, a man who was appointed ruler over the Judeans by the Romans.

It was Pontiius Pilate who ruled in the case of Jesus.  He was a procurator, a governor of Judea under the Roman emperors and ruled from 26 to 36 CE.  As a procurator, he had full powers to inflict punishment including the death penalty, which meant to be placed on the cross.  He executed  with the cross Galilean patriots (Jewish men) without a trial and introduced Roman military standards into Jerusalem, used Temple funds for the construction of an aqueduct and maltreated the Samaritans for which he was finally recalled to Rome.  Jesus was crucified during his term of office along with thousands of other Jews.

The problem lies with the Gospels referring often to the Sadducees and Pharisees because Jesus was in constant conflict with them.  They were the ruling group of Israel in religion.  The Christians in the Gospel claim that the two groups conspired to put Jesus to death, as told in (John 11;48-50;  where it mentions that many Jews were believing in Jesus, the Romans were going to take their nation, and Caiaphas, a high priest (18-36 CE) that year said that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation would perish otherwise so he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation. Joseph Caiaphas  was appointed as high priest by the procurator, Valerius Gratus and also served under Pontius Pilate.  The New Testament represent him and his father-in-law Annas as being responsible for the prosecution of Jesus and the arrest of the apostles.  He was removed by the Syrian governor, Vitellius.  Then they (other priests ?) took counsel together to put Jesus  to death.  After that Jesus didn't walk up to the Jews anymore but went into the countryside  near the wilderness into Ephraim with his disciples.   Mark in 14:53; and 15:1), also presented anti-Semitic words  Other mentions of the Sadducees are found in Act 4:1 and Acts 5:17.  The Sadducees are implicated in the death of James by writer Josephus (Acts 12:1-2).  He was writing for a Roman audience.

The Catholics teach in their Catechism for the Catholic church that from the beginning of Jesus' public ministry, that certain Pharisees and partisans of Herod, together with priests and scribes had agreed to destroy Jesus.  The reason was that they suspected Jesus of demonic possession and accused him of blasphemy and false prophecy which were religious crimes which the Law punished with death by stoning.  It's because he had expelled demons, forgave sins, healed on the sabbath day and had his own interpretation of the Law concerning purity and had tax collectors and public sinners as friends.

In order to disassociate themselves with Jews, the new Christian leaders who wrote the Gospels did paint an ugly view of the Jews of Jesus's day on purpose, I say.  They were starting a new movement and needed followers.  They believed strongly that because Jesus had pardoned people for their sins that this was a sign that manifested him to be the Savior God himself (cf.Jn 5:16-18).  Jews did not and do not today recognize any man as G-d  so saw him only as a man who made himself to be thought of as a G-d possibly since he never came out and said he was G-d as far as they knew.    Remember, it was the Romans who had been occupying Judah  and they believed in such things as men and women who were half god and half man.  That was going on at that time.  A culture of belief in half god half man or demigods was rubbing elbows with a strict monotheistic culture and they were an invading group also spreading their belief system just by being there and most likely celebrating their festivals.  Achilles, half man an half god born from a nymph; Dionyses, son of Zeus, Jason, son of Jupiter, Hercules, son of Zeus.  All were worshipped and were men.

My problem with the accusation against the Pharissees and Sadducees is that the Gospels were written several hundred years after the fact.  What is being accused has only gossip to go by.  Even in Jewish law there has to be several witnesses.  This was an accusation that was political in order to put down Judaism and heighten Christianity.  It could have taken place without this false accusation on its own merits if they were worthy.  I do not blame the writers of the gospel for what they have laid on us Jews, for in Jesus' supposed words, "They knew not what they had done."  I blame the people since then for not having the common sense to stop blaming future generations of Jews for something they think went on so long ago.  Of course to them, it is killing their G0d or deicide.  One thing I noticed is that the Pharisees are blamed for the deaths by stoning, yet it was actually the Sadducees who were as strict as that, telling me the Gospels didn't know as much about the two political/religious groups as they thought they did.  It was the Pharisees who were the lenient ones.

"The debate really comes down to the question: When was the New Testament originally written? And this question leads to another important question: Even if it was written at an early date, how do we know the New Testament that exists today is the same as the original? How do we know the modern translations aren't full of human errors, additional content, or the interpretations of countless human scribes?"  "The earliest manuscript of the New Testament was discovered about 50 years ago. P52 is a small papyrus fragment of the Gospel of John (18:31-33 on the front; 18:37-38 on the back), and it has been dated to about 125 AD.  So that's at least 100 years after the fact.  "The manuscripts dating from 100 to 300 AD are almost entirely papyrus fragments. These fragments are named with a "P" followed by a number. The vast majority of them were found in Egypt in the twentieth century, and are now kept in various museums and libraries throughout the world, including at Dublin, Ann Arbor, Cologny (Switzerland), the Vatican and Vienna." Pieces that they have found considered important were from 300, 350 and 450 CE.  John, so profoundly anti-Semitic, also was different from the other renditions in that  throughout John’s Gospel, Jesus openly presents himself as the divine Son of God, not hiding his identity as he does in Mark.  So people reading this Gospel get the double whammy; Jews killed their G0d.  

Right around Easter, some actors usually put on a Passion Play.  After seeing this, many people are imbued with hatred for Jews and want to kill or maim someone.  Hopefully this book of O'Reilly's will not have the same intention or results.  

The Pharisees had been  in competition with the Sadducees. (the strict ones)   The Sadducees had absolute control of the Temple.  Many feel the Sadducees were incapable of adapting to a changing environment while the Pharisees admitted the principle of evolution in their legal decisions.  Remember, this was at least 2,044 years ago and they had decisions to make like that.  The Sanhedrin's seats were taken mostly by the Sadducees.  They worked at keeping the peace with the Romans, who were the occupiers.

The Sadducees stuck with the letter of the written text.  Their name seems to have come from the high priest Zadok whose descendants served in the same office until 162 BCE.  Evidently the well connected priests and prominent aristocrats belonged to the Sadducees, who were thus influential in political and economic life.  To them the Jewish religion was the Temple cult . They differed from the Pharisees in the nature of their religious outlook and way of life.  In their view, people must aspire to well-being in their world without expecting recompense in the world to come. They had no belief in a future world like resurrection, or the immortality of the soul and also rejected the existence of angels and spirits.  They were purists.  They stuck with the Written Law and allowed no more expansion on that. So did the Essenes.   So they behaved severely in cases involving the capital penalty and they interpreted the Lex Talionis ( eye for an eye punishment)  literally instead of in the sense of monetary compensation which was adopted by the Pharisees.
Their beliefs were carried out in the Temple where they had the role of priests and they opposed the Pharisaic innovation like the Water-Drawing Festival.  This might have given a foothold to non-sacerdotal circles.  They were the supporters of the Hasmonean kings from the reign of John Hyreanus, but they lost their influence under Salome Alexandra and suffered at the hands of Herod.  Their whole power and existence was bound up with the Temple cult, and on the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE they disappeared.

The one thing they all agreed upon was that there was but ONE G-d.  At this point in time, all the other points of the religion were being debated.  It would take another 1,000 years for a rabbinical scholar to emerge and straighten out our religion for us, for Rashi was born in 1040 in Troyes, France and became so well known for his dissertations.  He wrote a commentary on the Bible, the Jewish Tanakh.

 Joseph Caro, who wrote the Shulhan Arukh, (Prepared Table) or table of laws  in 1564-65,  is another man who set the record straight as we observe Judaism today with his codes.  He was born in 1488 in Toledo, Spain and died in 1575.  The Spanish Inquisition occurred in 1492, so he ultimately found his way to the Holy Land.  He lived in Safed, where one can visit his synagogue today.  His writing became the authoritative code.  This rabbi was interested in Kabbalah.  The Pharisees had won out after all.  .

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peace Talks Amounted to Blackmail and Bribery: March 31st Deadline Missed

Nadene Goldfoot                                                           

                                                     Mahmoud Abbas
Abbas, head of the PA Arabs, has to be bribed to sit and talk with Netanyahu and his contingent about peace.  The Arabs have insisted that they will not sit unless 104 Arab criminals, most serving life sentences for murder,  were released from Israeli prisons.  The Israelis have complied, because peace is their goal, by already releasing 78,  but this has brought on much hand-wringing as the criminals were killers, responsible for many horrible crimes.  To release them was almost like a future death  knoll for other Israelis to be facing.  That was asking a lot.  Left to be released of this Arab-preferred group are 26 more.  Most all have served 20 years already.

Alan Dershowitz, an American lawyer, had occasion to advise Obama to at least throw in Pollard's release for the Israelis in order to get Israel to go ahead and finish by freeing the 26 left. " One of the 26 had murdered a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Israel after his family died in the Nazi death camps.

Pollard is an American Jew who is in prison for being a spy for Israel, though Israel didn't hire him.  It was something he had in his own sites to do for Israel, who presumably was a friend of the USA anyway.

John Kerry, US Secretary of State, was just in Israel and spoke with Netanyahu without talking to Abbas.  He's now in Brussels but may speak with him on his way back.

Pollard is eligible to be  released in November 2015 after serving 30 years of a life sentence.  Is is really a balanced trade to use Pollard as a bargaining chip versus 26 killers?  To wave Pollard's freedom in front of Netanyahu to extend the talks ,  that are going nowhere is not worth the act of freeing terrorists.  It only is causing  the Israeli public to be horrified since there is no assurance that once the criminals are freed that the PA will continue to sit since they seem to need a carrot dangling constantly.  Already there is talk of an unofficial building freeze in Judea and Samaria in exchange for Pollard.  We don't know who is talking about it, the PA, Kerry or Israel.  It may be the next carrot to dangle in front of the Arabs to sit still and listen and talk in a conversation about peace, at least.

Senior PA leader Nabil Shaath was heard to say that "due to the prisoners we haven't stopped negotiations. We blackmailed  Israel to release the prisoners." One of the prisoners is Abu-Musa Salam Ali Atia, a Gaza resident and member of Fatah who was convicted of murdering Holocaust survivor Isaac Rotenburg as part of an initiation into a Palestinian terror group.  Rotenburg was working in 1994 when he was attacked by 2 Palestinians laborers with axes.

They are saying that they threatened to have Israel prosecuted at the International Criminal Court.  What they want them prosecuted about doesn't matter.  The UN holds Israel up to much higher standards than any other country in the world.  All they do is berate Israel in their meetings in the Human Rights Council, so they can make up any story and others will buy into it.  The PA already has the membership in the UN they were seeking so have the power to do so.  Nabil Shaath has said now that they are just waiting for the prisoners to be released before they stop the negotiations.  This tells us that the current round of peace talks might have just been a game-a charade with them.

Now in many countries, such murderers that Israel has in their prisons would have been shot in about 3 days after being picked up.  However, Israel doesn't have the death sentence.  So now they have become a bargaining chip.  So much for being moralistic and doing away with a death sentence.  Right now haggling over the release of this last 4th batch is going on since they all missed the Saturday, March 31st deadline set by Kerry.  "Netanyahu said that Israel would not make a deal to free the prisoners "without a clear benefit for Israel in return."  Evidently that's why Kerry is using Pollard as bait.  

"An Israeli official said that the Palestinians also did not live up to their commitments under the framework, including to engage in serious and good faith negotiations."  As I have said before, I do not not believe that the PA has peace as a goal.  They're just going along with the charter that Hamas has, but attacks in their won way against Israel with the same goal to destroy Israel.  They don't want to start from scratch to create a state they can't administer anyway.  It's much easier to take over Israel and use it until it falls apart, such as the land was when Jews returned to it.  

To make matters even more convoluted, the PA is now demanding the release of 14 Israeli Arabs. .  "The Israeli government has so far refused to consider freeing Israeli citizens convicted of terrorist acts."  There is confusing information from a radio report that Israel would free 400 prisoners if they were to remain in Judea-Samaria, but Netanyahu's office is nixing that idea.  Rumors.  Innuendos.  Not facts.  

Israeli citizens that are victims of terror have demonstrated already and are blaming the USA. 

They feel that Kerry has an agenda that is promoting peace in the Middle East and in order to carry it out has somehow pressured or even blackmailed the PM of Israel into releasing terrorists,  said Yossi Zur, spokesperson for the victims as he talked to the Washington Free Beacon.  The US officials have emphasized over and over that they want negotiations without preconditions, but they finally gave in and surrendered to this precondition of releasing terrorists.  One wonders what it would take to release the Boston terrorist who attacked the Boston marathon?  Multiply him by 104 and under what conditions would the USA free them all?  Would there be a solid guarantee that it was worth it attached?  

Update is that Pollard was to be freed if Israel freed 400 more prisoners;  one for 400.  Johanathan was a mentch in that he himself  is not going for it.  He waived his parole hearing to oppose the deal.  "The proposed deal was also sharply criticized by Judea and Samaria's Yesha Council as being a "disgraceful" case of "Arab blackmail and American bribery." 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jihad-a Sacred Duty for Hamas Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                              

Hamas is not about to ever make peace with Israel, they say.  They were founded in 1987, so they've been warring against Israel for the past 27 years. Since 2001 shelling has come from Gaza upon southern Israel.  Hamas kicked out Fatah in 2007.   Fatah, on the other hand, was the PLO, Arafat's terrorists,  and they've been at it for the past 65 years one way or another.  The one way right now it not to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The PLO started in 1964 and their ideology is that "armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine.  They see the partition in 1947 which wasn't accepted by them as something illegal (not accepting the UN decision of creating 2 states).  They then think creating Israel was an illegal act.   They disbelieve the Jews claims of historical or religious ties with the land.  This comes out of their PLO charter of 1968.  Kerry should have read their charter first, and he would have known the stand they would inevitably take.

 The goals of both, as they've shown by teaming up together on many occasions, is to drive Israel into the sea.  Terrorists  have been shooting at southern Israel since 2001 with rockets, usually Qassams, mortars and missiles.  " Their main effect is their creation of widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life among the Israeli populace. Medical studies in Sderot, the Israeli city closest to the Gaza Strip, have documented a post-traumatic stress disorder incidence among young children of almost 50%, as well as high rates of depression and miscarriage." 

Hamas has dug many tunnels in Gaza to bring in weaponry or supplies to make weapons.  The Egyptian war has hurt them since they have destroyed hundred of these smuggling tunnels along the border between Gaza and Egypt.  Egyptian security measures include measures against Hamas.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas Prime Minister, spoke to a crowd at a mass rally and told his people that the Egyptian war has harmed his movement.  He's hoping that this rally will send a message to Israel and the PA and Egypt.  He wants to tell Egypt that despite the ongoing Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip, Hamas will not weaken.

On the 21st of March, a Friday, Israel found a tunnel that had gone for hundreds of yards into Israel.  They were very glad they had found such a large a tunnel, so Hamas downplayed the discovery and remarked, Oh, this old tunnel?   "“This tunnel was unsuitable for use,” said the spokesman, who was identified only as Abu Obaida. “This is not a new tunnel, and it was uncovered due to the rainstorm last week. The discovery was not an intelligence achievement, as the enemy tries to promote.”  Ha!  

The Egyptians have accused Hamas of terrorist attacks inside Egypt, said Yusef Rizka, a Hamas representative. Rizka went on to say that Jihad in Palestine ( here he is calling Israel "Palestine") is not terrorism."  " Jihad in Palestine is a sacred duty."  

Since September 28, 2000 to December 31, 2005
Terrorism Against Israel 
25,770 terrorist attacks
147 suicide bombings causing 47% of all deaths
1,084 killed
7,454 injured
82% of dead and wounded were civilians between 2000 to 2004.  

March 12, 2014
5 rockets hit Israel- most all at once in 2 years
Israel responded.  "The military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, called the Al-Quds Brigade, claimed responsibility for firing dozens of missiles on  what it called "Israeli settlements."
60 rockets hit Israel -huge barrage
Israel caught an Iranian ship on March 5  with missiles headed for Gaza and confiscated them.  Afterwards, 60 missiles rained down on southern Israel from Gaza as punishment.  

They do have different moral and ethical standards than the rest of us.  To attack women and children is terrorism to us.  To them it's their moral duty.  That may have been okay  for people 4,000 years ago, but not today. Some of us  have advanced.   By 1,200 BCE, Moses brought to the 12 tribes of Jacob and other slaves that joined up with them a very moral code to follow; the Mosaic Law.    We follow it to this day.  Judaism equals morality and ethics.  That's what it's all about.  Left to man's imagination, we had the Holocaust.  We had savage brutality on the "Road to Bataan", a death march.     By 630 CE Mohammad gave a code similar to his people who became Muslims, didn't he?   Wasn't he the 3rd and final teacher, he said?   How can the Palestinian Arabs feel that killing helter-skelter other than warring against an army in battle is okay to do and is their moral duty?

What they do is shoot into southern Israel helter-skelter, not knowing what they will hit.  Only they know that what they are aiming at are homes with women and children, schools, etc and that's what they hope to kill. Unlike their own people who put their women and children in harm's way, Israelis have bomb shelters-that is-if they can get to them within the 3 minute warning.  

Since 2001 Hamas and other groups in Gaza have rained down rockets, mortars and missiles on southern Israel.

By holding such a rally shows  us that even if Abbas does a 180 degree turn around and signs an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty, the Palestinians who took over Gaza will not stop plotting to destroying Israel.  It's in their charter.  If they ever rewrite their charter and take up ethical and moral goals, then of course peace would be on the horizon.  Even Abbas knows that he would not live a minute more if he signed such a treaty because Hamas, who is also in Judah and Samaria, would do him in quickly.  You cannot turn a missile into a plow just by looking and it and threatening it.  So it's the same with people on a course of utter hatred and war, Fatah and Hamas..

Since the war will continue from Gaza most likely, some day the terrorists will just fall through their land from digging so many tunnels, I guess.  Their only skill ever learned will be of digging tunnels. Anyone needing some tunnel diggers for a subway system they want to install?

Gaza had been under Egyptian control before it came into Israel's hands in 1949.  In May 1967 U Thant, the UN secretary-general, obeyed the demand by Nasser of Egypt to withdraw the UN force which led to events that started the Six-Day War of 1967.  Israel won and Gaza was again under Israeli control.  In 1967 there were 352,260 people in the Gaza Strip of whom 172,520 were refugees.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

J Street Not Surprising Me:Okay With Not Recognizing Israel As a Jewish State

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
  Main financial supporter of J Street, George Soros, born 1930-84 years old

Some of us in Portland had been questioning the goals of J Street, which has butted into the goals of AIPAC, who had been the only group acting as advocates of Israel. We feel that Israel has the right of deciding what is best for them.  Though AIPAC members are made up of Jews and Gentiles, we are not living in Israel, so cannot tell them what to do anymore than people in England can tell the USA how to run their affairs.

 I found out that J Street was backed financially by a very leftist billionaire, George Soros.  "The initial support of J Street came from multi-billionaire George Soros, who for a brief time was associated with the organization. Soros pulled out before the initial launch, so as not to negatively affect the group.   In September 2010 it was revealed that despite the organization's denials, Soros secretly funded the group." 

I note that Wikipedia left out the fact that Soros is Jewish and that he's a Holocaust survivor from Hungary.  They did go on to tell how he broke England's bank, though.  "He is known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, giving him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis."  To me he is known as the man who started and funded J Street.  It seems he wants to pull the strings as to how Israel acts or doesn't act and he and his cohorts think they know better than people who live there.  

 We even had a  public debate between J Street and AIPAC here in Portland, and they seemed off key in my opinion, just more wary, taking a slightly different approach in how to appeal to people. They tried to impress us on how they really backed Israel.  Ha!  Telling Kerry and Obama that Israel shouldn't expect to be recognized as being Jewish is NOT backing our one and only Jewish state in this world!

"According to Caroline Glick, deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, J Street is anything but pro-Israel: "Through their actions, J Street and its allies have made clear that their institutional interests are served by weakening Israel. Their mission is to harm Israel's standing in Washington and weaken the influence of the mainstream American Jewish community that supports Israel."

Obama is supporting J Street, or rather J Street is made up of Obama supporters.  It's hard to tell which is which.  

 Now J Street has hit below the belt in what they are advocating and are taking an extreme opposite view that Israel and I take.  Let it be remembered that only Israelis are citizens of that country.  Being Jewish in the USA or anywhere else does not give you the right to dictate how Israel is to live.  It's Israelis' lives that are on the line by living there.  It's they that knows exactly what is going on; far more than any American depending on their city newspapers for information.  Israel is also a democratic country by itself.  So the gloves are off and I'm sharing some information from Steven Plaut through friend  Ziegelman. 

What gives me the right to say such things?  I lived in Israel from 1980 to the very end of 1985 and became a citizen of Israel, so I have dual citizenship.  I've never voted since leaving, but did when I lived there, though I do now have that right.  I know what was going on there every minute of those 5 years and know that very little of it ever reached Portland, Oregon's Oregonian newspaper, as I had my mother living there.  Then, I didn't share half of what I was experiencing because I didn't want to worry her.  Since then I've learned that journalism reporting is still very politically-driven.  So are groups.

"1.  The headlines are shrieking that two major American Jewish organizations are denouncing Moshe "Bogie" Yaalon for his criticism of American policy and demanding that he apologize.   Haaretz and leftist Ynet are giddy in delight.  But just who are these two "American Jewish organizations."

The first is the National Jewish Democratic Council, which is simply the name of the pro-Obama group of Jews who are active in the Democrat Party.   It is run by Rabbi Jack Moline, a buddy of Rahm Emanuel and initiator of the group (Pseudo-) "Rabbis for Obama.".

The second is the so-called "Israel Policy Forum," a leftist organization today loosely associated with the left wing of the Israeli Labor Party.  It evidently is largely funded by Charles Bronfman these days.  Among the prominent leftists on its board are "Rabbi" Eric Yoffie, Steven M. Cohen, and in the past "Rabbi" Arthur Waskow, the drug-touting Israel-hating Marxist "theologian," was on its staff.   A nice expose of both "Jewish" groups is here:

It is a badge of honor for Bogie that these folks are attacking him.
2.  If there are any out there still not sure about what "J Street" is, then wonder no more.  The "J" in "J Street" clearly stands for Jihad:
J Street Endorses Palestinian Refusal to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
March 21, 2014 11:47 am

In a development that is not sending shockwaves through the pro-Israel community, the “pro-Israel, pro-peace” advocacy group J Street has declared its support for the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. 

In a statement posted on the group’s website, executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami says that to “keep moving forward, both [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] now need to give a little.”

Netanyahu, he says, must drop his insistence that Abbas recognize Israel as a Jewish State because “it is simply unrealistic and unreasonable to expect any Palestinian leader to consent” to such a demand.

Ben-Ami never goes on to say what Abbas “needs to give.”

J Street’s advocacy for the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state follows a nearly unbroken period of advocacy for Palestinian and Iranian interests since the group’s founding in 2008. J Street took the Hamas position on Israel during Operation Cast Lead later that year, accusing the IDF of war crimes and promoting the discredited Goldstone Report. It lobbied for the Iranian regime’s position against Iran sanctions. It defended the terrorists who attacked IDF soldiers on the 2010 Gaza flotilla. J Street also took the Palestinian and Arab League position on a UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements in 2011." 

 J Street says they have 180,000 members.  There are 6 million Jews in the USA.  

What hurts is that Jews are less than 1% of the world population.  We are a very individualistic thinking population, made up of a lot of leaders,  not  followers.  When we have AIPAC, who backs Israel, why divide up and have an opposing group like J Street that harms Israel?  It harms very much when it goes against what Israel says and does, and that's what's happening.  It's the USA that have been Israel's one supporter in this world, and here J Street is causing this country to GO AGAINST ISRAEL.    This is the biggest SHUNDA that Jewish people can do to their brothers and sisters.  

Remember our history of when King Solomon died, Israel divided up into Israel and Judah, and being in two corners, were overcome by the Assyrians and then the Babylonians which led to being taken by the Romans.  Dividing and not studying the issues can lead to the fall of little Israel today.  

We cling to the hope that G-d is watching out for Israel, because it's for sure that J Street is not helping.  It's been enough that so many have been against Israel and now we have Jews as well against her.  For shame !


Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Is Fatah and Hamas and Why is Peace Being Held Up By These Groups?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

Israel wants peace.  They haven't had a moment's peace since their inception on May 14, 1948.  They have made many concessions since  1948 in the name of peace.  One was exiting from Gaza and giving it to the Arabs exclusively; Judenrein, as the Arabs demanded.

What are terrorists?  Fatah and Hamas are terrorists.  Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by US State Department.  Fatah works with radical Islamist terrorist groups in joint terrorist attacks.  Terrorism is defined as the systematic uses of terror, especially as a means of coercion.  To terrorize people is to fill them with terror or anxiety, to scare, to coerce by threat or violence.  Usually they prey on the helpless like the women and children, unarmed people who cannot fight back.  Palestinians have attacked schools, such as the one in Safed, the religious school in Jerusalem, etc.   Fatah and Hamas are only the 2 major ones.  There are others.


Fatah was founded in 1959 by Yasser Arafat, 11 years after Israel was created.  Israel was attacked by the Arabs  in The War of Independence which started on November 29, 1947 when the Arabs responded with violence to the UN resolution on Palestine, and lasted until the signing of the Armistice Agreements in 1949. Units of Arab irregulars entered from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to reinforce local Arabs in their attacks on Jewish localities and to help block the main roads.  When the birth was announced on May 14, 1948, Israel was invaded by the regular armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and a Saudi-Arabian contingent.  It was announced that it would be a war of extermination and massacre.  At the time, Israel only had 650,000 Jews and had a poorly equipped army but was able to drive back the invading forces.  They drove out the Egyptian invaders by penetrating into the Sinai peninsula.  There were 6,000 Israelis killed; more than all the next wars added together.  In 1949, armistice agreements were signed between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Egypt's truce ended in war after 7 years, and with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon there was peace for 18 years but also ended in war.

The Sinai War when Arabs attacked Israel again started  October 29, 1956  until November 5, 1956.  Since Israel won again, perhaps that's why Fatah was created; another way to fight against Israel.

Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt. Joining with him in founding Fatah was Mahmood Abbas (Abu Mazen) and others.  Their ideology was that they were a revolutionary nationalist liberation group.  They took over the PLO in 1968 and is the PLO's largest faction.  They have had offshoot mititias.  Tanzim was founded in 1983 and is Fatah's military and operational wing.  Marwan Barghouti is their leader in Judea/Samaria and is   in an Israeli jail serving 5 life terms.  He was very bad.  The Al Aqsa martyrs Brigade was founded in 2000 after the 2nd Intifada.  Most Fatah operatives work in this brigade.

Arafat returned from the Camp David negotiations where he turned the table upside down on President Clinton and this caused the Intifada to break out.  It was planned from this point.  (Imad Falouji, PA Communications Minister, March 3, 2001) 

FROM SEPT 28, 2000-DEC 31, 2005
25,770 terrorist attacks on Israel
147 suicide bombings-caused 47% of all deaths
1,084 killed
7,454 injured
82% of dead and wounded were civilians (2000-2004).  

What they do is guerrilla warfare, shoot  and bomb people and places.  They use rocket attacks and suicide attacks.
From 2003 to 2004 there were 214 terrorist attacks.
From 2000 to 2005 there were 33 suicide bombings.
From 2002 to 2005  they had a female suicide bomber on 1/27/02 and 5 female suicide bombers from 2002 to 2005.
 In 2005 alone 47 suicide bombers were foiled and arrested.

Fatah has several militias including Force-17, During the middle of the 2nd Intifada, militias started coordinating with radical Islamist terrorist groups for joint terrorist attacks.  To this date, they have not made peace with Israel with the first step of accepting Israel as the Jewish state.


The more radical group is Hamas.  They  have received millions of dollars annually from Iran.  They are also funded by groups in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Western Europe, Hezbollah and others.  The Hamas leader, Khaled Maashal, lived in Damascus Syria, probably up to the time the Civil War started.  Hamas and Hezbollah signed an agreement in 2004 to increase attacks on Israel.

It started in 1987 and won PA Parliamentary elections in January 2006.  They kicked Fatah out of Gaza and took over with elections.  Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was a founder and leader from 1987 to 2004.  Khaled Mashal took over in 2004 and still is in command.  They are in Judea and Samaria and exclusively in Gaza.  Leaders also live and travel in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Their ideology comes from the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ISLAMISTS.    They oppose the PLO, but at times have tried to team up with them.  Their saying is that "Israel will exist until Islam will obliterate it.  The only solution for the Palestinian question is Jihad, a HOLY WAR.  This is on their Hamas Charter.

What they do is shoot, bomb, attack Israel with rockets, mortars and missiles and use suicide missions.
From 1993 to 2000 there were 41 suicide bombings.
 From 2000 to 2005 there were 58 suicide bombings.
 From 2003 to 2004 there were 773 terrorist attacks.
In 2005, 29 suicide bombers were foiled and arrested.
From 2000 to 2005, 40% of all suicide bombers occurred. from Hamas.
From  September 2000 to April 2004., 377 Israelis were killed, 2,076 were wounded.

Hamas's broadcasted message to the Jews in February 2006 was:

"My message to the loathed Jews is that there is no God but Allah.  We will chase you everywhere!  We are a nation that drink blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews.  We will not leave you alone until we have quenched our thirst with your blood, and our children's thirst with your blood.  

My message to them is that if they are monotheistic and believe in one G-d, and we are monotheistic and believe in one G-d, then surely we both recognize the same G-d because there is only one.  We are different though, right now as different as day is from night.  First of all, G-d told us not to ever, under any circumstances, consume any blood of any sort.  So we're not going to drink your blood.  We're going to protect our citizens from your terrorism, and it means that sometimes we may have to  go and stop your weapons from harming us.  We deplore your ways of hiding behind your women and children and putting them in harm's way.  It makes it harder for us to not take their lives, as that is not what we wish.  What we have is the right to be living in Israel, and we will defend that right with the help of G-d as it was He who told us to live there in the first place and you know that.  Yet you break G-d's wish and defy this.  It was Mohammad who called us the people of the Book, and it is written in that book that we are to live here.

For the past 65 years we have gone along with a two-state solution for our problems, but are not about to lose the rights we have already been given when you are not about to give us respect and show you are ready to be peaceful with us.  You have called "Wolf" once too many times.  The first thing we ask is that you recognize us as a Jewish state.  We intend to keep it that way, for this is something we need badly in this world, one state of ours that is our refuge.  This has been a 65 year religious war, and there are already 48 Muslim states without a Palestine and just Israel, the only Jewish state in this world.  You will need to tolerate a Jewish state in existence without drinking our blood.

This alone should keep us apart and under our own fig tree, for we don't mix with people who drink blood.  This leads to violence.  This is why many animals are not fed blood.  It causes them to revert from being tame to being wild.  We have a rule and have always tried to maintain this rule, and that is to NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT WE DON'T WANT DONE TO US.  It's the Golden Rule.  It's a good rule to keep the peace.

Jews have been tested.  There are so many horrible things that have been done to us ever since Moses brought us the Torah.  We still have not changed our charter with G-d.  It remains engraved upon our hearts.  Can you say the same about what Mohammad brought to you?

Resource: Israel 101, from StandWithUs, 2010
Facts About Israel, 1973, Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Portland's Rabbi Stampfer and his Ancestors Establishing Israel-A Jewish State

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
With all the heart-ache happening in the Pale of Settlement with pogroms against Jews, a return to the land became a movement for Jews with the desire to revive  Jewish national life.  The Jews who never left the land were called the Yishuv and they started the movement. They knew that the Jews in the Pale of Settlement belonged in their ancient land with them.   The Pale was land owned by Russia where Jews were allowed to live.  Jews couldn't come into Russia proper, only live in the Pale.  The Pale consisted of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and  Belarus.

In 1860, Jews built the first neighborhood or quarter outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.  There were 2 Hebrew periodicals regularly published in Jerusalem, both calling for a return to the Land.
 In 1870, the first Jewish agricultural college was established in Mikveh Israel which is today on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

In 1878, Jews from Jerusalem founded the first new village in the land-Petah Tikva  which today is a town of over 85,000 and only 10 miles from Tel Aviv.  Other villages were founded near Jerusalem and in the Galilee.  " It was founded in 1878, mainly by religious orthodox Jews, also known as the Old Yishuv, and became a permanent settlement in 1883 with the financial help of Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2009, the city's population stood at 209,600. The population density is approximately 5,800 inhabitants per square kilometre (15,000 /sq mi). Petah Tikva's jurisdiction covers 35,868 dunams.  
Portland, Oregon's Rabbi Joshua Stampfer's ancestor started Petah Tikva.  "Born in Jerusalem on Dec. 28,
1921, Rabbi Stampfer is the son and grandson of rabbis and pioneers.  His paternal great-grandfather and namesake, Yehoshua Stampfer, was a founder of Petach Tikva, the first modern Zionist settlement in what is now Israel.  His maternal grandfather, Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank, was for several decades the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.  Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the Chief Rabbi of Israel and a close friend of Rabbi Frank, served as Stampfer's sandek or holder at his brit milah.  

In 1881 and following years, Jewish immigrants who belonged to the Hibbat Zion (Love of Zion) movement arrived in Israel from Eastern Europe.  This was called the First Aliyah-going up spiritually of living in Israel.  Some joined existing  villages, others founded new ones.  Some of the villages  established during the last 2 decades of the century are large towns today like Hadera and Rishon Le-Zion.  The living for these pioneers was harsh.  The population was small and dispersed.  Communication was poor.  The Land was in a state of neglect with swamps, and malaria was the rule.  The Ottoman Empire administration was hostile and oppressive towards Arabs and Jews.  It can be compared to life of pioneers in the USA at that period.  

Knowing the struggles these people went through to create the state of Israel makes today's population most appreciative.  By the end of WWI in 1917, the Ottoman Empire lost their hold on the land.

One would never think that after having been accepted that Jews were to have a Jewish Homeland from the land of Palestine, land lost by the Ottoman Empire because they sided with Germany in WWI and actually the former empire of Israel and Judah, that there would be no problem.  It was decided by the League of Nations that it was to be and Britain was given the responsibility to bring it about in the form of the mandate.  One would never think there would be any doubts about it after the  the United Nations voted it in as a state on May 14, 1948-a double legal entry that Israel was a legal Jewish state.  Here we are, again defending our right to be called a Jewish state.  Who's having a fit about it?  The Palestinian Arabs who want it for themselves-at least to start with their own state out of land belonging to Israel right smack alongside and inside of Israel in east Jerusalem, which they want as their capital.  David's capital.  Jerusalem.  King David who created it for Israel.  King David who lived from 1010 BCE to 970 BCE, 3,000 years ago.

When Sharon was Prime Minister of Israel, the US. government put enormous pressure on him to "do something," and he did.  He decided to move Israeli citizens out of Gaza for the sake of peace.  He also moved villages and towns out of Samaria.  Now there are two counties if you wish, Judea and Samaria.  Samaria is the northern one.  Jews call them by this established name.  Americans journalists and others call them the West Bank, a name from Jordan grabbing them as they were land west of the Jordan River.  Jordan had grabbed them in 1948 when the fledgling Israel state was busy fighting off all their neighbors who had declared war on them 15 minutes after their declaration of being a state.

Sharon did this in the hopes and half-promises and innuendos of the USA that this might lead to an end of the bloody Arab/Israeli conflict.  Even Sharon's own Likud party overwhelmingly rejected the plan.  This is because Gaza did not belong to its mostly Arab inhabitants.  Gaza had been a province of the Ottoman Empire and became part of the British Mandate of Palestine.  In 1947, the UN proposed to partition Palestine into 2 states,  one Jewish and the other Arab.  The Jews, seeing it amounted to only 20% of the original piece of promised land to them for a Jewish Homeland,   decided it was better than nothing and accepted the offer.   The Arabs rejected the offer.

Fifteen minutes after the announcement of Israel being a state, 5 Arab armies invaded Israel.  Israel wasn't the mighty army based country it is today.  It was a ragtag group of Holocaust survivors, tired groups that had been fighting for survival already, and hopeful people who had waited 2,000 years for such a moment, for they had been praying every day for this return.

It was a huge miracle that they defeated the combined Arab might.  After this war, though, Jordan still had control of Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem and Egypt stayed in control of the Gaza Strip.  They held it until the 1967 Six Day War when another huge miracle happened; Israel won that one, too, against all odds.  This miracle gave Israel back all they had previously lost, including the Gaza Strip.
Now Israel made every effort to improve life of the Gazans and give them decent housing and infrastructure.  The Arabs only pouted and rebuffed all the efforts of the Jews of improvement.  The Arabs wanted to keep the Gazans in miserable "refugee camps".  They have been there, festering in squalor for over 50 years and dreaming of vengeance against Israel.  They've learned no skills, and have not improved their minds except to learn to built rockets against Israel and to build tunnels to bring in contraband- things used as ammunition against the Jews.

This was the worst plan imaginable-to vacate Gaza. 7,500 Jews left in the name of peace and many still haven't been able to regain their lives that they had.   It set a precedent, that to make the Arabs happy, they had to have land that was Judenrein-free of Jews-something invented by the Nazis.  It rewarded terror and was viewed by the Arabs as a sign of weakness.  They would be free to import arms through their port and airport.    What this did was to exacerbate the problem.  That the Jews abandoned their homes and businesses was seen as a victory for terrorism.  The Israeli military left and this was seen as the chance for terror to increase and violence would explode and drive all Jews out. by raining down rockets, missiles and mortars.  They saw this as causing thousands of Jewish deaths and Israel would be defenseless.

What have the Jews gained in return for their efforts towards peace?  The raining down of rockets, missiles and mortars, air raid sirens and many portable bomb shelters.  Besides that, they now have Kerry saying that it's a mistake to expect the Arabs to accept Israel as a Jewish state.  No-they'd much rather call it an Arab state-no doubt.

One idea that came up in 2004  proposed in the Forward newspaper was that if all Jews were moved out of Gaza, and Judea and Samaria, which the Arabs want to use for their Palestine, evacuate all Arab from Israel and resettle them in Gaza, the West Bank, or wherever they might want to go.  It would be an exchange of populations.  It's happened before on the Indian subcontinent.  Of course it caused a lot of bloodshed, but is a good example of a population exchange.

Well, this population exchange didn't happen.  Of course, Arabs who were working and living already in Israel proper certainly didn't want to move and they were not the problems.  We have Hamas terrorists who have taken over Gaza and have turned everyone into worse terrorists.  Fatah won't recognize a Jewish Israel.  Could we then say we shouldn't have recognized a Muslim Arab state?  Sharon did, though.  Can we say we were just kidding?

There was a province of Palestine, called that in 135 CE by the Romans who had taken Jerusalem in 70 CE.  There was Bar Kokhba who fought against them for 3 years from 132 to 135, but they finally lost against this massive army, but really gave them a headache in doing it, for it was a ragtag Jewish army that fought harder than any other had against the Romans.  That's why the Romans named the land "Palestine" after an enemy group of the Jews.  Arabs lived in Syria as well as all the surrounding countryside.  They called the province Syria, though.    The Arabs of today are descendants of the Arabs who came to the Jews looking for work as their countries didn't have jobs.  Very few Arabs actually owned land in Palestine.  Those who did sold their weed infested dried or swampy mosquito-filled land to the interested Jews who paid their high prices.                                                                  

Now that the Jews have made a modern miracle out of the land, the Palestinians are chomping at the bit to take it over.  One self-important personage, Abbas Zaki, a senior PA official of the Central Committee,  is bragging that now that the Jews are in one place it will be easier to kill them all. "Zaki currently serves as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ commissioner for dialogue with the Arab world and China.  Earlier, "In response to United States president Barack Obama's U.N. Speech on Palestinian Statehood on September 23, 2011, Zaki called Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu "trash", and said "The greater goal cannot be accomplished in one go.... If Israel withdraws from Jerusalem, evacuates the 650,000 settlers, and dismantles the wall – what will become of Israel? It will come to an end."  It sounds like that's what his goal is, to bring Israel to an end now.  We see his idea is including the dismantling of the wall because that is in east Jerusalem.  

Forward, July 9, 2005, page 3.  , Abandoning Gaza, would Israel's withdrawal from Gaza lead to peace?
See more at:
Facts About Israel from Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem