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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Can Pashtun Tribe of Afghanistan Have Jewish Roots? What DNA Says

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

                                                   Pathans in Jerusalem
Israel is planning to finance a rare genetic study to see if there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pashtun tribe who has become the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Shalva Weil, anthropologist is a senior researcher at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and tells us this.  However, interest in this is lessening.  The Pashtuns are not interested in it, and Israelis are also losing interest. 

The theory of Pashtun descent from Israelites is being studied by Navras Aafreedi and Shahnaz Ali of India.  They tell us that the "Pathans, or Pashtuns, are the only ones in the world possibly descended from the lost tribes of Israel.  The evidence is mentioned from the 10th century to today, written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim writers, both religious and secularists.  A Muslim, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, wrote a book titled "Jesus in India" in which says that Afghans, Pashtuns and Pathans are descended from the Tribes of Israel.  His proof is that Kish had 5 sons, of which one was Irmia Jeremia,.  Afghana had descended from him. Qais Abdur Rasheed was a descendant of King Saul whose original name was Kish.  He had met Muhammad and became Muslim.  All of the tribes in Afghanistan are descendants of him. 

It all started with Jacob who was renamed as "Israel."  His first son with Rachel  was Joseph , who had 2 sons, Ephraim and Menashe.  Through Jacob's 2 wives and their 2 handmaidens also considered as wives, he also had Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphitali, Gad, Asher, and Joseph's full brother, Benjamin.  When land was divided between the tribes, Levi was to be a tribe of teachers and were given no land, but  Ephraim and Menashe got shares.  All should have the same Ydna.  Through time, there will be mutations, but scientists should be able to connect them to the present descendants.  The Telegraph comments that they may be from the tribe of Ephriam, captured and taken away in around 700 BCE. 

The Pashtuns or Pathans, as they are called, live in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.  They are made up of 60 Pushto-speaking tribes numbering 8 million in Afghanistan and 10 million in Pakistan.  If they are the remnant of 10 Tribes, they seem to have multiplied very well without suffering from any discrimination such as the tribes of Judea and Israel did. 

The 2nd President of Israel, Itzhak Ben-Zvi wrote "The Exiled and the Redeemed" in 1957.  He stated that Hebrew migrations into Afghanistan began with a few exiles from Samaria transplanted there by the King of Assyria, Shalmaneser, in 719 BC.  There are references in the "Book of Esther" to the 127 dominions of King Ahasuerus of Persia, and that eastern Afghanistan could have been one of them.  Though they are Muslim today, they still have the tradition of descending from the 10 Tribes. " Josephus, the Jewish-Roman historian of the first century CE, describes Israelite Tribes living beyond the Euphrates river in inaccessible lands to the East."

"A genetic study concluded from Y-chromosome analysis (male line) that Samaritans descend from the Israelites (including Kohanim, or priests), and mitochondrial DNA (female line) analysis shows descent from Assyrians and other foreign women, effectively validating both local and foreign origins for the Samaritans." Judea and Samaria lie in what Jordanians have named as "The West Bank", being it is land west of the Jordan River. 

Afghan tribes are Muslim but have biblical names that are seen in the Torah.  A variation of DNA between Afghans and Jewish groups of Iranians, Arabs, Iraqis and even Ashkenazi is seen as mingling their DNA with local non semitic groups of peoples. 

Dr. Aafreedi, Indian historian, did a genetic study on the Afridi clan of Pashtuns in Malihabad, India.  It was found that 650 out of the 1,500 members had dna similar to genetic dna found in Jews.  That's less than half of the members were connected to Jews.  The Ydna haplogroup G2C has been found in 7% of Ashkenazi Jews and in the Pashuns.  Tudor Pafitt also did tests on Pashuns in India. 

Research shows a relationship between Afghan (Pashun) and Jewish (Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi) DNA and also that Afghan DNA is 2nd closest (68.1) to Ashkenazi DNA after Irani and Iraq Jews (67.9). Most of this research used Yusufzai, Afridi or Khattak samples from Pakistan and India.  Scientists can draw inferences about Afghan DNA in general from this. 

Rare genetic disease shows a common origin.  Inclusion body myopathy has been found among Afghans (Pashtuns), Iranian Jews and Ashkenazis.  This indicates a common founder mutation.  This is a disease in which muscular weakness is a rare genetic disorder which is localized to Jewish populations.  Most known patients are Iranian Jews, with a few originating  from Pashtuns of Afghanistan.  The high frequency is due to a founder mutation (GNE, M712T) from Nature Genet 29:83-87, 2001.  Another genetic disease common to both Pashtuns and Jews is the disease Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase deficiency.  "G6PDH is common to Jews from Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and in Afghans/Pashtuns." 

After over 3,000 years, we see the irony that Pathans are the ones who would reject Israel being they have this relationship. They have said that they want to be the ones doing the test, or a 3rd party. Probably most Jews would scream, "Oy vey" at the discovery as well.  When you think about it, though, the 10 Lost Tribes had to go somewhere, but not too far.  This group has the oral history of the connection, and DNA is showing that they indeed have a connection to Jews.  Israelis are saying, Oy, vah, ah, voy!  Such cousins! 

2/9/12 The latest report on the Pashtuns is that up to now they are not one of the lost tribes of Israel. 
Update: 5/11/12  On saying that Pathans reject Israel most ferociously, I realize I was being too harsh. It's that the Muslim Brotherhood rejects Israel most feriociously with the religious leader, Qaradwi of  Qatar calling for a fatwa against all Jews.   Being the Taliban comes from the Pashtuns and are so ferocious, I used the term incorrectly.  I have also seen them team up with Al Qaeda in Lebanon as well, though.  Iran will plan to use them as insurgants in the area.  A lot of science is being neglected due to this unfriendly stand in the Middle East.  

Resource: Most interesting Jews in Afghanistan  Afghanistan from a Y chromosome perspective
update 11/29/13 :
Update: 6/14/16
Update 7/27/18 :  (results of DNA test on Pashtuns-excellent)


Nadene Goldfoot said...

Vladimir GurianovQ yDNA Haplogroup Project-on facebook-
Afghanistan from a Y-chromosome perspective // European Journal of Human Genetics , (18 April 2012) | doi:10.1038/ejhg.2012.59

Lacau et al.

Central Asia has served as a corridor for human migrations providing trading routes since ancient times. It has functioned as a conduit connecting Europe and the Middle East with South Asia and far Eastern civilizations. Therefore, the study of populations i...n this region is essential for a comprehensive understanding of early human dispersal on the Eurasian continent. Although Y- chromosome distributions in Central Asia have been widely surveyed, present-day Afghanistan remains poorly characterized genetically. The present study addresses this lacuna by analyzing 190 Pathan males from Afghanistan using high-resolution Y-chromosome binary markers. In addition, haplotype diversity for its most common lineages (haplogroups R1a1a*-M198 and L3-M357) was estimated using a set of 15 Y-specific STR loci. The observed haplogroup distribution suggests some degree of genetic isolation of the northern population, likely due to the Hindu Kush mountain range separating it from the southern Afghans who have had greater contact with neighboring Pathans from Pakistan and migrations from the Indian subcontinent. Our study demonstrates genetic similarities between Pathans from Afghanistan and Pakistan, both of which are characterized by the predominance of haplogroup R1a1a*-M198 (>50%) and the sharing of the same modal haplotype. Furthermore, the high frequencies of R1a1a-M198 and the presence of G2c-M377 chromosomes in Pathans might represent phylogenetic signals from Khazars, a common link between Pathans and Ashkenazi groups, whereas the absence of E1b1b1a2-V13 lineage does not support their professed Greek ancestry.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Albert Benhamou from facebook- 1:14pm Apr 18
Arif - the origin of the Jewish descent of the Pathans comes from Afghan historians themselves: we could cite the book Makhzan-i-Afghani (1612) mentioning that the Afghan Royal family of his time considered themselves of Jewish Tribe descent, getting it from a very old tradition. Other studies of the 20th century focused on traditions kept among Pathans that could only have originated from Jewish customs. I am not sure how many of these traditions still exist today but, at the time, those of Jewish origins were: the way men grow sidelocks, the circumcision being done on the 8th day (not like Muslims do), four-cornered garments (fringes reminiscent of Jewish talits), some wedding customs being closer to Jews than to Muslims, Levirate marriage (when a man dies, his brother must marry his widow to pursue his brother's lineage), some food observances (what to eat or not to eat, what to mix or not), Hebrew names (like derived from Israel, Samuel, etc not particularly found in other Muslims customs), etc etc. I assume however that, with time passing, most of these customs would get forgotten and absorbed in modern traditions; as for historical facts, it is well known that King Cyrus from Assyria had a policy of establishing foreign captives at the outskirt of his empire, maybe as a buffer to invaders from the north; so naturally, all Jews taken from the Kingdom of Israel were "displaced" to the northern outskirt of Assyria and moved along from there into Asia etc

BobGriffin said...

Cyrus was a Persian, not an Assyrian. The Persians allowed subject peoples who had been displaced by the Babylonians and Assyrians to return to their native lands, thus the return to Israel under Ezra and Nehemiah. The Assyrians did indeed displace conquered peoples, or at least conquered aristocracy. After the fall of Assyria to Babylon, and then Babylon to Cyrus the Persian, decendants of the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom would apparently be free to migrate anywhere within the Persian Empire, which would include Afghanistan.

pashtun dignity said...

I am not a scientists so won't comment on the scientefic side,I am a Muslim pashtun from Pakistan and my father is a hitorian.Since we were kids we were told that we are bank Israel meaning children

pashtun dignity said...

Sorry mistyped I meant bani Israel,children/tribe of Israel and this is ALso mentioned in Qur'an and there is also a durst /chapter in Qur'an by the name of bani Israel.Apart from this there are quite alot of similarities in Jews and pashtuns like they have same body structures,color,eating habits like we pathans eat in painda meaning in groups and eat in the same big dish with hands and our eldrs told us they derived it from Jews,pashtuns like to burp aloud after their dinner etc and last but not least both Jews and pathan are the most talented nationsof world.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Pashtun dignity, I think Muslims and Jews share some eating habits such as not eating anything from a pig. Group eat with us would be our family, and our special meal on Friday nights which starts our Shabbat. The eating with hands, burping are not a part of our culture other than with our teen aged boys. Beni Israel means sons of Israel, and you just may be our long lost cousins. The question is, how do you view us being we are Jews not interested in converting to Islam? We would like to have friendship with all people, but I've bumped into a lot of hatred from other Pashtuns about my being Jewish.

Anonymous said...

No hatred I don't hate a Jew because his Jew no Islam does not teach me that I know maybe we are one back in the blood line but we have loyalty to Islam above all and as a common Jew I have nothing against you my hatred well be towards the oppressors among the Jew and cristians the people who are going after thier own interest over other humans and I hate even more out Muslim leaders whom have disgraced Muslims

Bizogi said...

My mom's Romanian and father a Pashtun from Pakistan. Personally i wont mind a Jewish connection at all because we believe in one God and don't worship an image of his. There's not much difference between a Muslim and a Jew. Quran says God can forgive anything except associating someone with him. That's why i feel sad when my christian relatives in Romania talk about trinity and stuff. There's one true religion, the religion of Abraham and the prophets before him that we should be following. As far as hate goes, its hard to like Zionists as much as it is to like Muslim fanatics, both corrupting God's way.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

A Zionist is simply a Jewish person or anyone else who supports the right for Jews to live in Israel. If you read about our history, Jews came back and reclaimed the land with all the legal priorities needed. The mandate was held by the British. They offered the Jewish Homeland to the Jews but wound up giving them only 20% of the original land planned for this, and they offered the Palestinians their state as well, but theh P. refused it and the Jews took what was offered to them. After 2,000 years of being persecuted in other lands, the Jews were in dire need of their own state once again.

Unknown said...

I am Pashto-speaking Tajik, we have been living with Pashton Mohmand Baizai tribe for decades, and since then Mohmand Pashtons are our maternal uncle,like my dearest mother is Pashton, so my grand mother and grand grand mothers as we see linage. To my personal opinion Pashtons being Humans are the beautiful people inside and out. They love dignity and they hate injustice for that they fight till death, otherwise Peace is emphasized. Trust is the code of life.
The nation of Ibrahim(AS) were chosen people by Allah, they are Bani Isreal(Israilites) and Bani Ismail(Arabs). For thousands of years these nations were revolting against their ancestor's(Ibrahim (AS)) true religion. More specifically the revolts were made by Bani-Isreal numerous times. As I talked to my maternal grandfather about the Israeli fact, he replied his ancestors were no doubt Bani Israel. And every Pashton knows that and when you tell them about this,they smile and say it was so long long ago. Israel means Ishaq(AS) so to all muslims and non muslims never curse this name ever, as he was the true Prophet of Allah.
Now geographically Pashtons are surrounded by Persians, Tajiks, Indians, Ubeks etc. Now Tajiks, Persians, and Indians are Aryans or other prehistoric Native tribes. Pashton never associate themselves with any of them,nor claims to be the Natives of the lands they posses. They claim to be of higher class from all around, though they hate racial prosecution. If you live with them in peace they would love you as friend and brother,and would never mention their superiority and would be more humble.
Now the nation of Ibrahim(AS) is known for tribes. And Pashton is a dominant tribal Nation.
Some Pashtons get angry when you talk about Israelite origin, there is nothing to be scared about.
Thanks for reading.

Unknown said...


It is true that we are son of bani israel (bani ishaq) and that king saul had a son afghana and that is where the name afghanistan comes from.

Of course we keep the judaic traditions and are very ancient israelite at heart , just read upon pashtoonwali.

We are also mention in the hadith like the tabut but the islamic one, that during end of times that children of israel will rise with 70000 strong army guided by Imam Madhi from khorasan (modern day afghanistan) and go and march to kill the AntiChrist.

Islam by itself is very close to orthodox Jews.

Anonymous said...

This article is just written making up facts, but is there evidence for those facts ? I'm pashtun and I don't think we descend from Israeli origin.

Ali said...

checkout above for an interesting analysis of the topic

Anonymous said...

Actually, Pashtuns are aryanic, like Persians, but possible Jewish tribes. We have sub tribes, then clans, then sub clans, etc. There maybe a possibility since some pashtuns groups have intermingled with Turks (ghilzai), Persians (durrani) and Greeks (Afridi). And even that would represent a small percentage of those tribes, since each invader left a foot print. Finally, we are all linked by our language, (which is related to iranic), our race (proven to be close to persian) and most important our code of honor.

Unknown said...

By reading your information about Pashtuns ad Lost Tribes of ISRAEL, i feel that actually we Pashtuns are Children of Israel coz we hate Aryans who are very cruel to us and we proud of our fore fathers. i am proud to be a Pashtun Israeli as we are the Chosen People of GOD ALLAH

Nadene Goldfoot said..., a website that is very up to date about Dr. Navras Aafreedi and Indian geneticisst Shahnaz ali doing DNA testing of Pashtuns. 650 Pathans claim to be descendents of the Lost Tribe of Ephraim, expelled by Assyrians over 2,000 years ago. Very interesting, a must read.

Philbart said...

Hi Nadene, Im an evangelical christian who is following on this subject. That is because of the Biblical prophesy which also marks the near 2nd coming of Jesus the Messiah in which this 10 lost tribes will come back to their original land Israel. The astonishing facts already presented are very strong evidence of Pathuns' Jewish origin. Of course at present, and also considering the conflict betwen Muslims & Jews, these Pathuns would not openly admit their origin though their elders have already told them.

Philbart said...

Hi Nadene, Im an evangelical christian who is following on this subject. That is because of the Biblical prophesy which also marks the near 2nd coming of Jesus the Messiah in which this 10 lost tribes will come back to their original land Israel. The astonishing facts already presented are very strong evidence of Pathuns' Jewish origin. Of course at present, and also considering the conflict betwen Muslims & Jews, these Pathuns would not openly admit their origin though their elders have already told them.

Unknown said...

Dear Nadene,
Thank you for being a lamp and a bridge for the scattered children of Jacob. The Lord will, in His time, bring His sons and daughters back to Jerusalem. He is faithful and capable, and will not let even one of His promises fall to the ground. In His wisdom the Lord has scattered the remnant of the house of Israel, in order to protect them from agents of evil (I.E. Hitler, Stalin, the Popes).
There Jews in Mexico too. Both my grandparents descend from Jews who travelled there with Maximillian of Austria.

Anonymous said...

I am Afghan (Pashtun) Well it seems that our culture is a bit related to the early Israelis but we don't know the Jews culture.
I don't know the DNA test takers are taking a test of real Pashtun or just anyone else who is calling himself Pashtun, first they should take a DNA test of real Pashtun maybe if possible from any Pashtun village from Afghanistan or Pakistan.
And if the Israelis are interested in calling Pashtuns as the tenth lost tribe we also would be interested but why the Israel is so against them I mean the USA, you know who is running the US gov

Anonymous said...


Well you asked that how do you view us being a Jew? and you said that you have been bumped into a lot of hatred from other Pashtuns, so definitely from the internet .
Well no one knows the real fact of Pashtuns (their culture, Pashtunwaly and etc)because we are in the darkest time we almost lost everything, no ethnic would have been in this much darkest era as we are after 3rd Anglo-Afghan war (i.e : we are separated, lost history, and we are caught with enemies surrounding which we have no any ally and etc but still we don't give up).
Now I should answer your question that our view on Jews is same like the other people, Now how we see the other people !? there is a fact about the Pashtuns that Hospitality, Asylum, Loyalty and etc are their culture any Pashtun who breaks these laws they will be kicked off or will be done something very bad on him . Whenever if our most cruel enemy comes to our village, city or at even to our home we welcome them the most with the most hospitality.
We welcome the guests not looking to their religion or anything else we welcome them as only human being.
If you wanna come to any Pashtun place you will be definitely most welcomed ever in your all life and you will never feel alone even a second but remember if you cheat on them then know that there is no where to hide no where to escape !
If you wanna meet any Pashtuns or visit any Pashtun Place don't worry about your religion, Country, Language or etc Pashtuns get too much happy of meeting or hosting other foreign people.
If you are worried that why you are so bumped with a lot of hatred from Pashtuns It is not a big deal you know this is internet everyone is a politician even a monkey too :D plus there are not many Pashtuns in internet too maybe you have heard from wrong people

Nadene Goldfoot said...

You know, Iqbal, there is not much difference in our two people at all. We would treat you the same way you woould treat us, as a human that has come to our home to share our hospitality. I remember Abraham doing that as well. He was quite excited about having visitors. In fact, I am finding more Muslims on facebook that are people I can count as friends. If the politicians would let us be just people, we would have a wonderful time sharing our cultures and foods with each other. Hearing from you lifts my spirits. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am Pushtoon from Pakistan, I would say this is nice piece of writing. We heard teh same story from our elders that We/Afghans are bani israel so there is something in here otherwise why all these history and story about?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
this is pashtun and looks semitic i dont understand some of this dna stuff why because i have seen pashtun that are semitic in features not aryan not caucasian and like asian (meaning not mixed with asian) also if the pashtun are not israelites how is it they know where they come from? another thing I think jews are J1 if correct and isnt j2 b younger than j2a people forget about other semitic people like the ad and thamud then imliq who succeeded them Prophet Hud and SaaliH PBT are from line of Aram son of Shem. the ad perished and Hud family and those who believed migrated with people of thamud who did believe in GOD then went astray Prophet SaaliH was sent to them thamud perished Saalih ,family and those who believed remained the ones who succeeded the thamud were the imliq
and the imliq are adites as it was a mi most likely they are descendants of Hud and Saalih PBT and the Imliq mixed with the hamitic canaanite types the Phoenicians who another branch of the dravidian race and the imliq mixed with another canaanite people like pure aboriginal people of north america. also what they say about northern indians well it is the southern indians who have higher frequency of j dna!! and how come people always forget that the parthians ruled all of southern india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!google parthian colony of india

Unknown said...

so just to make clear Prophet Abraham PBH was Chaldean!!! he had an oval face a beautiful curve to his nose bridge which did not make it look hooked or too big, upside down v eyebrows, v hairline and wavy black hair and he had a wheat complexion(fair) people often forget Prophet Jonah PBH was sent to Nineveh he lived and died there!!!! who are his descendants out of all the stuff i have seen it is the iraqi kurds many also have the cmh and also many of them have semitic features and black hair very handsome faces

Unknown said... also this pashtun i think when people are doing studies on pashtun they are taking the white european ones and ones mixed up with asian and not the semitic looking ones pashtun pashtun this is also pashtun but look at how different in comparison to previous pics !!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

also they keep saying they will do dna tests how long have they been saying this? im talking about pashtun

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

the israelites themselves would be a little later than the Descendants of Prophet Ismael As as Isaac was younger the adnani arabs and bani isreal would have been in same era when thamud perished the remaining sons of Aram were known as Arman they are the Nabateans the Nabateans language and culture was aramaic the nabateans in jordan spoke aramaic and in northern iraq the kingdom of Hatra(Hadr) was Aramaic and i think it is correct the Nabt as sham and Nabt al iraq
the adnani arabs the israelites bani ghassan came into that area after and settled there also cant forget the people of Katurah AS they were in that area. And for instance was Prophet Jesus speaking aramaic? Prophet Jonah in Northern iraq what was spoken language of that time was he speaking aramaic as well?

Moheb A. Jabarkhail said...

As a pashton Afghan, it is a sure thing that we are of the sons of Jacob. We are not aryans, persians, or asians. We are nomads having moved west to east..Even our forefathers, eventually and after harsh resistance, accepted Islam as its teachings were similar to ours. WE are stict in out rules, pashtonwali, than Islam is..So what? I think its for the Isralis to help their brothers (pashtons) stuck in the worst crisis in the Af-Pak region. Ignorance has pushed them to exploitation for radicalization and insurgency that only results in the murder of the Pashtons..another Holocaust that should be STOPPED with all it needs.

Anonymous said...


Is that picture of Pashtuns in Jerusalem is real or fake?!! if that is true then tell me something about those people, are they living there? or they went there for a while? or those people are Israelis wearing Pashtuns clothes? and i know that wall too.

safi said...

i am an Afghan and Pashtun , i live in a small village far from big city , so...when i was a kid me and my brothers were sometimes making noise inside house so my grandfather who was almost ninety years old calling us kids( KEEP QUITE YOU BANI ISRAEL)/angrily . and i didn't know why he says that ,then i told my mom as a complain((because was hearing of the plestine&israel conflict)) that why is Baba/grandpa calling us Israels ,i don't like being called like that...and she said whether you like it or not you are bani-Israel , but when i grew up and did a little research i see that most of our pashtuns look like israeli and a lot more similarities ,,, here in afghanistan we are the majority nation ,,we look so different from the other various nations of afghanistan , even if some pashtun's skin color look either too light or too dark you can still recognize him from his eyes or nose or some types of face(i can describe that) the way i consider my self as Israeli/afghan/pashtun,,,,.. and i don't hate Jewish of Israel because of their religion or some other stuff , i mean why should some one hate their own people , and actually our religion is the same religion of Abraham the religion of one and only almighty and supernatural God ,so we should lover each others ..the only reason that some pashton might i mean MIGHT(cause generally pashtuns don't hate them) hate Jewish is because we hearing of the israeli-Palestine conflict . and i can assure that its not only the Jewish guilty but also of muslims , i mean their must be somethings wrong with us muslim if not why would some one bother us/muslims people for no reason ?,,,cause at last we are all hummans .

safi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I am pashtun from Pakistan.might be we one of the lost tribe of Israel.that does not matter we was am will be standing with Palestinian till our last breath.

Unknown said...

K Safi,
khawre de tasu pukhtanu pa sar che delta de deo chaplosi kawe... you take care of ur relation with Palestine then come and talk about ur lost 12 tribes...

Anonymous said...


dera kha khabara de wakra, ama dalta dase zayono ke da syasat na kaar wakhla :D.
ho hagha pokhtana de ghwal wakhree che pa khpal aslee tareekh na pohegee ase chatee da zana khabare kawee.

Unknown said...

"Dr. Aafreedi, Indian historian, did a genetic study on the Afridi clan of Pashtuns in Malihabad, India. It was found that 650 out of the 1,500 members had dna similar to genetic dna found in Jews. That's less than half of the members were connected to Jews. The Ydna haplogroup G2C has been found in 7% of Ashkenazi Jews and in the Pashuns. Tudor Pafitt also did tests on Pashuns in India.

Research shows a relationship between Afghan (Pashun) and Jewish (Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi) DNA and also that Afghan DNA is 2nd closest (68.1) to Ashkenazi DNA after Irani and Iraq Jews (67.9). Most of this research used Yusufzai, Afridi or Khattak samples from Pakistan and India. Scientists can draw inferences about Afghan DNA in general from this."

Where did you find the source of this information ?

Thank you in advance.

Unknown said...

I love someone in israel , we met on an online game . Its so difficult to have coordination becAuse of no diplomatic relationships between the two countries, iam pashtun from pakistan. But thanks anyways to the internet we do talk a lot, we share this pashtun jewish relationship
I must share there r so small things that many wudnt here know that the smallest of things even between the the of us r same
For ex when seeing or smelling something disgusting she wud do like " yeekhhhh"
I was so shocked n said thats what we pashtoons do too
Then again if she wud see her little son and she wud think oh hes loooking great she wud do "thu thu " not exactly spitting but kind of . To save him from bad eye and thats just the same what we pashtoons do
We both got prides the same way

Unknown said...

The wearing of kippa on head
And how the pashtoons wear kippa is just the same even kippa here are bigger in size still of alll the muslims the pahtoons wear them like jewish wear them

Unknown said...

I love jewish ppl , they r the best ppl and are brothers n sisters to me .pashtuns n jewish even run business the same way , and there is this great ability in both that out of 10 times , 9.9 times they succeed in achieving high goals in their business. Because both r smart . And i think this pashtoons are inhibiting this from jewish .

Boenjamin said...

I am strongly believe that most afghant people and kashmir are Israel decendants. I have visited kashmir and looking to the face of kashmir people I believe that they have jewish blood in them. The same thing if we look to the faces of people from afghanistan especially pashtun.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

hey if i take the dna test, and i turn out to be jewish,can i get land in israel?

Unknown said...

what happens if i take the test and i am jewish... does that mean i have land in israel

Unknown said...

Correction : Your information on the population is totally wrong or at least outdated by 30 years.... Pushtu speaking people in Pakistan are more than 30 million (not 10).

Unknown said...

my mom is from Afridi tribe, and my dad was Bangash. We are from NW Pakistan. I still remember my mom telling us not to vaccum, or do laundry or choirs around home on Fridays as it was a sin.
Growing up in MiddleEast-Bahrain, we had less exposure to world, limited to air-conditioned home due to extreme humid and hot weather and language/cultural barriers. We were of the opinion then that it was "Haraam" in Islam to work during Fridays @ home for some reason.
But, we never heard that from any Pakistani or school books.
so, we would question mom, she would simply answer: "My grandparents were taught that way!" that was the only explanation we would hear.
Fast Forward... I come to NY and see a lot of Hasidic Jews and they, oh boy, they would not turn on ANYTHING with electronic... it reminded me of my mom of course!!
Then, fast forward... I kept hearing from my cousins who grew up in NW Pakistan.. how disgusted they were seeing me have lobsters, shrimps, and crabs as those are "Haraam" to consume.
I kept telling them that in Islam, shellfish is "Halaal" to eat but they felt very strong about it that its forbidden.
Later on I realized where they were getting that from, LOL!!
Every Muslims, but Pathans will oppose Shelfish and they also don't encourage their women getting married to non-Pashtuns. It was almost considered as a big sin in my family until few years now.

Tariq Bangash said...

Nice to see a Bangash talking sense here.... keep it up Afra

Deutsche Lernen said...

My name is Dr.Ali , And i am a Pashtun from Peshawar, Pakistan. Well, Most of our elders believe that we are descendants of Jews.
Prof Dr. Abasin Yusufzai, who is a Professor of Pashto and currently serving as a Chairman of the Pashto Deparment at the University of Peshawar ,He also says that I personally believe that we are descendants of Israel.
Also many of the pashtun scholars believe this fact. Our culture is similar in many ways to the israels. Many times we dont follow Islamic laws and follow our own code of conduct called " Pukhtunwali".. I think studies should be facilitated to prove it..

niaz said...

Nadene Goldfoot from childhood i have heard that we pashtoons are bani israel a

Anonymous said...

We pashtuns are not related to u bloody baby killers at all we pashtun are Muslim and always be long live Palestine and we are aware what u guys doing to our brothers in Palestine

Unknown said...

Being Pashtoon does not mean that i am a Jew or a Muslim because they are religious beliefs which could be adopted by anyone from any race, color, or nation etc. Origins of a nation cannot and should not be taken from religious perspectives because people change thier religions from time to time.
A nation is known by its language, culture, habits, traits, and other symbles not by the religion they practice.
We Pashtoons are a different nation whose origin may be from anywhere. As for the israelis are concerned so I can say that they are from our origin we are not from them because they very less in number while Pashtoons are in a huge number in the world.

Unknown said...

On 23/09/2014 I dreamt of the Prophet pbh saying the kurds are from chaldeans and pointing to himself , he said they are my people. The kurds are from hittite royalty whom mixed with assyrians who are successors of thamud and thamud are from prophet hud pbh or at least royalty among them . Thamud perished remaining sons of aram ubayl and jadis were known as arman , they are the nabateans ,prophet saalih and family remained after actual thamud perished royalty among arameans were probably from him , that mixed into assyrians royalty among assyrians were the imliq (amorite) . Also the kurds are from medes who mixed with chaldeans also I should mention the lydians are the hittites

Unknown said...

The median empire stretched to pactyana in Afghanistan and I dreamt the kurds are the edomites and I also dreamt the pashtun are from edomites I have dates I will get them . Thats why there are padhtun who look semitic with black hair not european or indo aryan. The punjabis are from a son of joktan named buqayin bin qahtan (joktan) ibn abbas said indians , sindis and bindis are from buqayin bin qahtan joktan (qahtan) had other sons

Unknown said...

Most punjabis have very indo aryan faces not semitic. Just look at many gulf arabs , they have more of a indo aryan face not arabian

Unknown said...

Possibly the Pashtuns might well have descendants from the Jewish tribes, but the question is why the israelis interested to find their so called cousins or Why are they killing them indirectly? Is it 1)The fear that the chosen people of God have become more close to Allah by following the religion of peace(Islam) 2) Are they scared of the fact that Lost tribes of Cousins are coming back to kick their asses soon.or The lost tribes of Israel were the Elites of the tribes and superior and more talented amongst them.

Unknown said...

Akher da Israeli awlad hastai !

Unknown said...

Salaam,I am Pashtun from Afghanistan our root is Aryans not Israeli, before Islam our grandfathers were Buddha not Jesus, our tradition is still Aryans, we have a lot difference with Israelis, If you look to the history of Pashtuns they are very strong and hero people and a bright history, but Israeli es don't have a bright history they were scattered and from door to door people of the world. in 20th century they occupied Palestinian land and made an Israeli state, before 20th century they were a divided nation in the world, but Pashtuns are 5000 years history in Afghanistan and made empires...

Unknown said...

پښتانه اریایان دي نه بني اسرائیل، بني اسرائیل د دنیا تر ټولو بدبخته او منفور قوم وو، دوی تر شلمي پيړۍ پوري په ټوله نړۍ کښي در په در او سرګردانه قوم وو چي هیڅ یوه تاریخي کارنامه نلري په شلمه پيړۍ کي یي د انګریزانو په مرسته د فلسطین پاکه خاوره لاني کړه او یهودي دولت یی پکي تاسیس کړ،
حو پښتانه د نړي یو غیرتي قوم دي نړي د پشتنو په غیرت او شهامت ویاړي، له اریاي پیره بیا تر اوسه پوري دوی ویاړلي کارنامی او روښانه تاریخ لري د ۵۰۰۰ کالو راهیسي د افغانستان په خاوره کی میشت دی او لا تر اوسه پوري پکي اریايي دودونه ژوندي دي، مثلا پشتانه خپلی ستونزي په جرګو هواروی چي دا یو لرغوني اریایي دود دی همدارنګه اتن او د واده مراسم او داسی نور چي لرغوني اریایی دودونه دي چي په پښتنو کښی شتون لري.
هغه څوک چي ادعا لري چي پشتانه بنی اسرائیل دي دوی یو ثبوت هم نلري او هسی یي افواهات او اوازی یي خپری کړي دي.

Unknown said...

Jews they hate us.

Noor ali Khan said...

The Persians and Pashtuns are two ethnicities that are totally different

Noor ali Khan said...

The Quran quotes all Muslims should not make from among the mischievous Jews and Christians, allies or friends. If you are not mischievous then the Pashtuns are most welcoming and humble to Jews and Christians. A lot of the "American" lead missions in Afghainstan are actually lead and governed my Israel as a country, innocents in aghanistan and on the border of Afghanistan neighbouring Pakistan, Pashtuns there also die needlessly. This is why the Pashtuns have a profound hatred for Jews and Americans, and also support te taliban because they promise to protect te Pashtuns. The Pashtuns are the direct decendents of Moses (pboh) because the Jews in Israel have mixed with the khaza nation which have no link with the tribes of Israel and so it is believed the Jews in Israel are not infact Jews at all. The Pashtuns on the other hand have remained within their own trible groups so much so that a pashtun man from one tribe cannot marry a pashtun woman from a different tribe instead both man and woman must marry another from their own tribes. This practice has remained the same for centuries and is still going strong today.

Noor ali Khan said...

Pashtuns never mingle with the people around them who are not of pashtun origin, Pashtuns are not allowed to marry another pashtun from a different tribe. The custom of marrying one from the same tribe has been goin strong in both Afghanistan and in neighbouring Pakistan for the Pashtuns that live there.

Unknown said...

Actually remaining sons of Aram could be the akkadians and amorite ( imliq) they are arami due to mixing during the time of Ad two Adite kings conquered iraq and syria ,they were shaddad and shadid , so obviously adites were in Syria and Iraq after came thamud who are from prophet hud pbh or just royals they mixed with Assyrians , the imliq are from Prophet Salih pbh it was akkadians and imliq who made up nabateans

Unknown said...

It is Chaldeans who are Edomites

Anonymous said...

U never seen a Pashtuns in real how can u tell that they look like Jews well search it on youtube Pashtuns the lion hearts u ill see how they look like or search Pashtun pride

Anonymous said...

I'm myself Pashtun girl and I do believe we from the ten lost tribe but we are not Jews we are muslims

Unknown said...

When I was seven I remember that if an elder would get angry at us they would say that You children of Israel. They wouldn't say you Israeli even to man but would say the word children. Since I remember there were three men called Israel in our village. Two were my cousins. I had never seen a single non Pashtun Afghan calling himself Israel. This can't be a coincidence. If I see any Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, Sri Lankan, Iranian I can tell that they are not Pashtuns. Why we the only ones are different from them all. Where we came from ?? I still don't know but it is very interesting to find out one day through science.
Pashtuns biggest problem is that they always think they are the most superior race. If you ask a Pashtun which has nothing (no food or shelter) how do u feel about being Pashtun he would just thank Allah for being Muslim and Pashtun though it is Haram.

Unknown said...

I would be more concern about our presence in terms of creating peace within Afghan nation which will give us the power to support other countries or citizens in the future rather than fixing thousands of years old history let that old history go and let's all together with the help of GOD create a beautiful history :). Hands up if your down for it?

Unknown said...

It is quiet clear that Pasthuns/Pathan belongs to the lost ten tribes of Israel.. but before I should clear that there are some non pashtuns commenting and showing themselves as pashtuns to deny this fact... I can give proof even from Islamic prospective that we belongs to lost tribes..prophet Mohammad pbuh has mentioned the pashtuns as ( BANI ISHAAQ ) means bani Israel leaving in Khorasan ( current Afghanistan ) also our forefathers have mentioned this from thousands of years that they were Bani Israel.. Many European Scholar or ambassadors have mentioned the fact that the pashtuns and Jews are similar in all traditions.. there are many signs mentioned in bible of current Afghanistan.. also the DNA has proved this issue for pashtuns that they belongs to jews earlier... so this fact should be above politics and regional facts.. I say to Pashtuns stay with your Bani Israeli identification.

Unknown said...

1. Hating jews because of the state of Israel is irrational. The state of Israel is not only not jewish, but anti jewish. The founders of the state did their best to disconnect anything religious from the jews, and partially succeded, especially with jews from maroco, yeman, iraq and other muslim places, who were all religious before coming to anti-jewish "Israell". A lot of us, the religious jews, love the land of israel and the israely people, but that doesn't mean we love the anti jewish state the governs this land.

The jewish religion and culture are the only things that were common, through thousands of years, between jews in spain, franch, poland, russia, iraq, levanon, yenan, Ethiopia, tunis and the rest of the world, and the state of israel did and does its best to destroy the religioun and jewish colture.

Through all years, when a jew married a non jewish person, that was the end of his membership in the jewish community. The state of israel, on the other hand, lets any non jewish person come as long as he or she has a jewish grandfather or is ilegitimately married to a jew.

The state disrespects Shabath, teaches in schools insane theories about the bible which have been completely contradicted, just because they mess up the faith in the non educated children, and does a lot more against the jewish religion.

The people who founded this state explicitly ignored all the tora-based legal system, by which the jews lived for thousands of years (and previously the 10 tribes), and took instead the lawyer based system from the english. The tora's system is based on the highest jewish value of justice, while this idiotic lawyer based one gives rich people a greate advantage over the regular people, because they can get the best lawyers and buy their victory in trials, and thus this system supports the complete opposite of justice. This might be the most anti-jewish thing in this state. And, by the way, the english used to hang people for stealing bred (same punishment as for murderers) not so long ago, in what was called the bloody code, so these are not the people to copy legal systems from.

Hope you now understand that the state of israel is not jewish. The leaders are jewish by blood, but they don't live like ones, and the state doesn't have blood, so there is almost nothing jewish about it.

Unknown said...

2. I don't know where people get the impression that israel controls the US. The government might want to be so powerful, but it isn't. The US has its history of killing almost all natives, being racists against africans, throwing nuclear missles at japan and a lot of other bad stuff, before the state of israel was formed. On the other hand, israel can kill all phalestines in a few minutes, and although most of them would happily kill all jews, israel does its best not to kill them. This includes tipping off civilians that their street is about to be bombed because terrorists throw missles from there. But the same people that throw the missiles at israeli civilians and kindergardens, don't let those phalestinian civilians escape, forcing them to die so they could make israel look bad and make some more money for the billioner Haled Mashaal.

The state of israel also gives shelter to people from sudan while some of them, on a daily basis, rape our children. So the state of israel did and does a lot of non jewish stuff, including stuff stuff too, but it isn't the US. Be sure that if the palestines would throw missles at US kindergardens, by now there would be no Palestinians left. And if the phalestinias could hold themselves for a while from terrorizing us, they would probably have their own country by now.

And i don't know what politician is behind the lie that israel controls the US, but it is surely not true and not even closed to that. Although Israel might want it to be true. One thing is sure, Israel has no interest in creating wars in afganistan. It is the interest of other countries that make a profit from that, not israel. If and israel controled the US, it would send them against Hizbala, not afganistan and not iraq. And if Iran wouldn't make threats against Israel, Israel wouldn't have anything against them neither.

3. If Pashtuns are benei israel, and I'm starting to believe you are, then this is your land just as it is the land of the jews. But there is no way to prove it, so to come here and get citizenship pashtuns would have to convert religioun. I don't think it is something that any pashtun seriously considers right now, but it is surely funny in a sad way that some russian, which isn't jewish at low, not by blood and not by religioun, can come here because of his sinner grandfather or because he married a jew, while real israelis like pashtuns can't. And even funnier in a more depressing way when that person draws nazi symbols on synagogs.

Some israelis hate palestians, which bomb our children and wish our deaths. No one hate pashtuns. And if you are our brothers, children of israel, the people of god, then 3 times a day we pray that God will guard, give you peace and blessing, justice and take care of all your needs etc, and bring you back heere to your land of israel that was promised to you ancestera. And if the state of israel was jewish and your are really the tribes of israel, then israel should attack the US if they attack you.

Unknown said...

4. The Islam is the closest religioun to jewdaism. Only one god and praying only to him. For centuries, the jews in europe suffered a lot of hatred and got killed often, while jews in muslim countries all around the world lived relatively in peace. You can even find Rabbis saying it is much better living with muslims than in europe.

The eruopeans (english, spanish, portuguese, russians, etc) had an excuse to hate us - the jewish religion. About a hundred years ago, when a lot of them left Christianity, the excuse was over. That didn't stop the hatred but made it worst, when Hitler, maha ismo, did what he did. The polands and hungarians and a lot of other nations were happy to help. The latvians and lithuanians murdered almost all jews before the germans even came, including almost all of my wife's family. The muslims, on the other hand, were much more kind all these years. Too bad that now there is all this hatred between us and muslims. And it's not so surprising that we don't hear so often as before about hatred in europe after they killed almost everyone, and not a lot of people are there to hate.

5. Every nation may have its way of working god. If you are israelis, then you ran into the sea with us, stood near mount Sinai and recieved the tora through Prophet Moses. I think that most or almost all of muslims rules fit the jewish religioun, but you have more obligations, like shabath, tfilin, pesach, sukot, shavuot, yom kipur, rosh hashana, mezuza, shema israel, etc. Hope you'll soon realize that, because unlike other muslims, for you, when being only muslims you miss some of your obligations. And as i understand it, the Islam recognizes prophet moses as a true profet and the commadments given to us by him. So according to the islam itself, you have those obligations, don't you? When Moses told us about shabath he specifically said it must be kept forever. Israelies all over the world came back to our land with the knowledge of shabath. Even the ethyopian israelies, which are decendents of the tribe of Dan and weren't part of the Yuhuda kindom, kept shabath in ethyopia, and you must do so too if you are israelies.

Allah huwa akbar. And he'll bring salvation and piece to all his people soon.

If any Pashtun has a question about the jewish religion and wants to hear the truth, email me at

truthseeker said...

No doubt we are Bani Israel. But our return to the holy land will be somewhat different from what is expected from todays Jews and Christians. The establishment of God's law all over the world will be the sharia of the last and final messenger

truthseeker said...

Oh my Israelite cousins!
We all know that Muhammad peace be upon him was the last and final prophet. The Jews of Madina recognized this. You have the tora and know the truth! But do you really continue to rebell against God's decree just because the final Prophet is not from the children of Israel but from their brethren Bani Ismail??? God choses whom He wants and verily the most honored ones are those who fear HIM the most. Put aside your ancestral pride and become true Muslims. God will give you happiness in this life and the hereafter. Or else history will repeat itself in a very painful way

truthseeker said...

...and what is stored in the hereafter would be a lot worse

truthseeker said...

Sorry brother Niamatullah, but authentic Afghan, Indian, Arab and Jewish historians claim Israelite descent. We are not aryan. There is NO scientific proof for that. Why do you think that ALL children of great prophets of Allah are destined for hellfire. Allah says in the Quran about bani israel:" And we have made them communities in the earth. Some are righteous and some are not" like... minhumusaalihuna wa minhum doona thalik.
Da Khuday Pahmaan wrora

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The reason jews did not and do not become Muslims or Christians, and were willing to die for that, is because Moshe gave thr tora with huge miracles. No prophit after him did such things. In edition, our ancestors heard god speak. Every one of the milions that were there. When comes someone who contradicts what Moshe said, to be belived, we have to have at least the same confidence in him as we had with Moshe. Meaninig that miliions should hear god speak to them and crown the new prophet, and millions should see what millions of our ancestors saw in Egypt, with the sea and in the desert for 40 years.

Moshe explicitly said that the Tora must be kept forever. If being muslim means a jew can still keep the Tora, then there's no problem for a jew to be both Jewish and Muslim. But if even one thing in the written or oral Tora must not be kept, then it's irrational to leave the Tora.

I understand you believe that Muhamad was a true prophet, and I personally cannot say anything as I don't know much about Islam. But one thing is for sure, the jews cannot be blamed by no one for staying jewish. It's the only rational thing to do. And we do believe this is God's will for us. He is merciful, and as long we are only doing what we think he wants from us, just trying to make him happy, we won't have any pain in the hereafter. Saying we'll be punished from trying to make God happy is just like saying he is cruel, and I believe it is written in many places in the Quran that he is marciful. And will surely have merxy on us after doing whatever we can to make him happy.

truthseeker said...

You are absolutely right that Moshe had miracles that no other prophet had. He was the ONLY prophet who spoke directly to ALLAH. His miracles were witnessed by our ancestors and the Thora revealed to him was the true word of God. We belive in what was revealed to Moshe to be the truth. But if you do some research you will find that during the Babylonian exile, the people changed the book. So you should never ever stop beliving in the thora, but belive in it as it was revealed to Moshe not as we find it today because it was changed just as the Bible. God allowed this to happen because the last revelation was to come..the glorious Quran.with a promise from the Allmighty that until the day of judgement nobody will be able to change this last book. It confirms Noah, Abraham, Moshe, David and Salomon. The Quran is a miracle for all people to witness and if you make the intention to be guided when you take the quran to read, then you will witness this miracle. So don't be afraid to read the quran with a pure intention to be guided by the God of Moshe. Trust me my friend when you become a muslim your love for Moshe will increase many times.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm reading the Quran but in the beginning, and still didn't hear about evidence for our Tora being fake. There actually lots of evidence for it being original.

What are the evidence you're talking about?

truthseeker said...

I don't dare to call the thora fake . With respect to the jewish scholars the issue is about makind additions and withholding the thora truths from the belivers. Its nothing though compared to what the Christians have done with the new testament.

truthseeker said...

With all the prophecies of the thora that have actually happened in human history, how is possible that the thora would be silent about the teachings of Jesus the Massiah son of Mary and about Muhammad peace be upon them with the subsequent change of human history.
Definitely they were mentioned and the verses in the old testament are very clear about it. Rather we should take a look at that which is within us: and ask: what is holding me back to testify to the truth of Allah's prophets? Is it not the fear of worldly losses that is the main obstacle in accepting the truth?
And as Allah is the Knower of what is in the breasts how are we gonna stand in front of HIM on the day of judgement?

truthseeker said...

I have a question to our Ashkenazi friends: what is the reality of the khazar from eastern europe ? As far as we have researched the Khazar are jewish converts but NOT bani israel. How is the claim of owning the holy land justified if israels founding fathers are european khazars and not from the tribes of Israel?

truthseeker said...

We Pashtuns have in accordance with the old testament been called God's battle axe that shatters nations and kingdoms to pieces. No one invading Afghanistan has come out in one piece. The date of pulling troops out of Afghanistan has always correlated with the disintegration of the attacking empire. The British in the early 20th century and the Sovjets in 1989 or Nato the next few years.

truthseeker said...

That's Jeremiah 51:20

Unknown said...

Thank you for the answer. I'll do my best to address everything you said. It is long, but I hope you'll read it anyway :)

1. I believe you are Benei Israel, and therefore, I am glad no one has ever came out from a war with you in one piece, I wish that we never have a brothers-war, and that you'll have no wars. And if anyone attacks you, I hope you kick his ass without getting even a scratch.

2. The Israeli people always accepted people who converted to our religion. Moshe's wife was Zipora which wasn't of Israeli blood. The same goes for David's great great grandmother - Ruth, which was from Moav. Many more converted, including some of our biggest Rabbies, like Onkulus, Meir, Akiva (sons of parents who converted), Avtalyon and many more.

Once a person converts, he is Israeli in every way. It is said so explicitly in our Tora. You might not believe it is original, but we do.

Therefore, because this land was given to us (and by us, I mean the Pashtuns too), anyone that converted belongs here too. And in any case, there are millions of Sfaradi jews and from Yemen that most of them are not descendents of people who converted. It is also false to think that all ashkenazi jews are only descendents of people who converted, most of them have jewish blood and the genetic similarity between jews from Yemen and Ashkenazim from Russia proves it.

Anyway, as I said, we don't care about blood. It is God which is our glory. If a person who converted keeps the commandments, doing God's will, and a Cohen, descendent of Aharon, disrespects Shabath, the first is the one who deserves the title Israeli.

And please be aware that this land is big enough for the Palestinians to have their peace and quite. There are over a million Palestinians living inside Israel (Israel is a small country, and a miliion is way over 10% of the population), with an Israeli passport, going to Israeli universities, working with Israelis, get governmental funding, etc. They are just the ones that do not commit suicide attacks in buses and coffee shops and throw rockets hoping to kill babies. Actually, they die and get injured with the jews in those terror attacks.

The UN voted for 2 countries in 1948, then the Palestinians (actually even before the voting), along with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon attacked Israel. Those who didn't attack Israel are living well in Sachnin, Jafo, Haifa, Jerusalem and many more Arab cities in Israel, and side by side in cities that are mostly jewish (Haifa is one example). Those who wanted to kill us all or get us out of sight are suffering. They would stop suffer too if they spent their money on food and other resources, instead of building tunnels beneath the ground and buying missiles. Oh, and be aware that all their water and electricity in Gaza comes to Israel, which they use for building those tunnels. Sounds crazy, but Israel is one crazy country.

And every time I said "they", I generally refer to the insane ones, such as the Hamas, who don't care about their own people and have their own agenda. Just look for movies filmed by Palestinians of Hamas murdering Palestinians, or a Hamas militant that runs away from Israeli soldier and gets a kid that was just sitting in the street and drags him on the ground as a human shield. Or see for yourself from where they throw their missles, where they hide them, and how their headquarters is beneath their hospital. Your nickname is truth seeker, go seek the truth :).

3. If the Tora explicitly reviled everything, there was no room for other prophets. You too believe there were many other prophets except for Moshe, so you agree that if not everything is explicitly written in the Tora, it doesn't mean it was deleted from there.

Unknown said...

4. I haven't finish reading the Quran yet, but I already noticed that it is said that the jews saw signs of Muhamad being a messenger. I'm not getting into an argument about that. What I am meaning to say is that everything that is said about the jews in the Quran, is of course meant towards the jews of that generation.

If Muhamad was a prophet of the merciful Allah, then you must agree that he wouldn't say that I deserve punishment. Even if my ancestors knew some things that I don't, I shouldn't be blamed for that. I didn't see any signs, and didn't hear of any signs that were giving to my ancestors. All I have is the Tora, that is the same for all the religious jews around the world. We came to Israel with the exact same story from all over the world, including Ethyopia which left the Yehuda kindom a lot before the destruction of our temple.

So, using the brain and reason God gave me, I am doing the best I can to fulfil his will. And the best I can is keeping the Tora.

I was looking for evidence or reasons muslims believe that the Tora was modified, and couldn't find any except for arguments that are based on the Quran. But those arguments are only good for muslims, not others, because they contain circular logic. I ask: Why should I believe that the Tora was modified? You answer: Because it is written in the Quran. Then I ask: But why should I rationally believe in the Quran? You answer: Because it was written by a prophet of God. Then I ask: But why should I believe he was a prophet? Then you answer: because it is written in the Quran.

That is not a rational argument. I cannot rationally believe in X because of Y, when the only reason I have to believe in Y is because of X.

So to create a good argument for the belief that the Tora was modified, one has to find rational arguments to believe in the Quran, arguments that are not based on Muhamad being a prohpet and writing it, and of course, not based on the Quran itself.

During my search, I found this article:

It is said that the first Muslim scholars, those that came right after Muhamad, argued that the word Tahrif doesn't mean that the text of the Tora was modified, but only that the interpretation of jews is incorrect. I don't know much about Islam and it would be foolish of me to try to decide what is correct according to Islam, but the article make some allegedly convincing arguments, including the argument that only hundreds of years after Muhamad's death the idea that the Tora was modified appeared first. And including stories about Muhamad kissing Tora scrolls and saying he believes in their content.

This seems to mean that even for someone that is already muslim, it might be ok to belive that our Tora is the same as the original.

If you read this article carefully, you'll surely notice that in the comments, someone brought arguments for the Tora being modified according to the Quran. All his arugments are, again, based on the Quran.

Unknown said...

We have a word in hebrew: Hazaka, which means that in order to change something from what it is currently believed to be, the changer has to make very strong arguments. If millions of jews believe that X, and someone argues they should believe Y, then those millions don't have to find arguments for X, but the one that is trying to change their current believe (Hazaka) needs to give strong arguments for Y.

All I care about is fulfilling God's will. I'm sure I won't be punished for doing that, and like the Quran says, he is all-knowing, so even if you don't believe that, he knows it. Currently, my best decision, using all the means He gave me and all I currently know, is to continue living as a Jew.

Just know that even if I would be punished for being wrong, I'll gladly suffer, even for eternity, with a smile, knowing that I did the best I could to make Him happy. Making Him happy is worth suffering for eternity. It is THAT important.

If you do have arguments why I should believe in Quran and Islam, I would love to see them. If I thought that the correct rational decision, with the goal of making God happy, was to convert to Islam, I would convert immediately.

5. By the way, although there is Hazaka that our Tora is genuine, there are a lot of rational arguments why it couldn't have been modified by anyone. Because for me there is Hazaka, I don't need those arguments, but I'm writing them for any Israeli (including you) that for him there isn't Hazaka that our Tora is genuine.

a. First, during the exile, there were prophets that wouldn't have let that happen, or would correct the wrong.

b. Second, the jews were scattared all around the world during the exile and even before that, and no one had both power over them and motive to change it.

c. Third, looking at our generation, we would all die before changing one single letter, let alone a word, let alone a sentence, in the Tora. And jews did prefer death, unfortunately, in many cases, for not converting religion, so if someone has modified the Tora, he would probably have to kill many hundred of thousands of jews, and we would hear, historically, about this genocide. Yet we didn't here about any such genocide.

Unknown said...

d. Fourth, the Tora was miracally kept the same for thousands of years in europe, asia and africa. there are only 2 letters that differ between the ashkenazi Tora and the Sfaradi, which are silent letters and do not affect the reading, let alone the meaning, after thousand of years of separation when it comes to making copy of the Tora.

With the Yemen Tora there are about 8 letters that differ, but again, miracally, they are all silent letters that do not affect the reading, let alone the meaning.

The Ethyopians of the tribe of Dan, that had their kingdom - Beta Israel for many hundred of years, came here with the same tora (same content. Because of the wars and the absence of contact with the rest of the jews, they lost their Hebrew Tora and had a translated one until coming to Israel). They were there since way before the babylon exile.

e. Fifth, it was recently proven that we know exactly the accent that our ancestors talked with, and the font of the Tora letters is also the same as that of Moshe.

We know this because it appears that the sound waves of the names of the hebrew letters, if looking at their frequencies graph, draw the shape of the letter (Saying "Alef" with the right accent draws the shape א. It works for all letters. The special letters are those that have a special appearance when they appear at the end of words, their sound waves draw both appearances side by side).

Other words draw the letters too. Jerusalem, for example, with the right accent, draws the letter ה.

The only hebrew words that were tested and didn't draw letters are the names of the Teamim, which are signs in the bible that tells the reader how to sing the words. These names' sound waves draw the shape of the sign which name was said.

Another special word is the word Menora, it draws a Menora with 7 candles. Our Rabbies (who lived during the second temple) said (Tanhuma - Shemini 8:8) that Moshe had trouble creating the Menora, and God showed him, and they quote the sentece from the Tora (Bamidbar 8:4) "this is the menora". That sentence draws even a better, clean, Menora, when it is said with the melody of the Teamim (The frequencies of the soundwaves created by that sentence, when singing it with its melody, looks like a Menora).

Unknown said...

The Menora image was tested with Israelis and Jews from abroad. Half of the people recognize the menora of the word "Menora" themselves, which proves it isn't a random picture. 100% of the other half recognized it after they were told it is a Menora. The image of the Menora of the sentence "this is the menora" was correctly recognized by 88% of the participents BY THEMSELVES, and again, 100% of the rest saw it after they were told what it is supposed to be. Non of the participents were told that the Menora was drawn by the frequencies of the sound waves.

The images of the letters were given in a random order to many Israelis, that, again, didn't know it was drawn by the frequencies of the soundwaves. Many participants correctly identified all letters, with an average is 25.7 correct identifications out of 27 total images.

What this proves, except for the death of Atheism (The creator of the letters had to know of this graph, because the probability of this being an accident is smaller than 1 to 10^21, and that graph cannot be known without a microphone and a computer), is that the jews kept their tradition with regard to the shape of the letters that must have been invented by a prophet, and the way the letters are said (we remember the accent). It also proves that we kept our tradition with regard to the shape of the Teamim and their names, the way we say Menora must be correct, etc.

It was also proven that Rabbies who were Mekubalim knew of this graph, or something parallel to it. Rabi Nehunya Ben Ha Kana, who lived 2000 years ago, wrote a poem called Ana Bechoah. It consists of 7 sentences, each has 3 pairs of words. The frequencies of the sound waves of all pairs draw the hebrew letter Shin. The probability of this being an accident is ridiculously close to 0. The same thing is true for Arizal who was Mekubal and lived about 500 years ago. He wrote a poem for Shabath Kidush, which also draws the letter Shin for every part of a sentence of the peom that was tested. It is worth saying that the Poem Ana Bechoah is read with a comma between every pair of words, even though it makes more sense putting the comma somewhere else, And only by saying each pair of words together and then a comma, the Shins are drawn.

So we, and anyone that knew what we know, have very good reasons to believe that our tradition is correct. If we remember the name of the letters and the accent of our ancestors, and the shape of the Teamim, etc, and if the Mekubalim knew of this graph of or of something parallel to it, How could we forget that the Tora was modified? It couldn't be modified by anyone, and even if it was, we would have remembered it.

If the Quaran is true, and Muhamad was a true prophet of God, then he must have meant that the Tora wasn't interpreted correctly by the jews of his era, and not that the text itself was modified.

Unknown said...

How could you say I'll be pubished for being jewish, according to Islam, when the Quran says the complete opposite?!

Quran 3:112-3:114:

(112) Yet they are not all alike. Of the People of the Book there are some who stand by their covenant; they recite the word of God during the night and prostrate themselves before Him, (113) who believe in God and the Last Day, who enjoin justice and forbid evil and vie with each other in good works. These are righteous men (114) and they will not be denied [the reward] for whatever good deeds they do: God knows the righteous

truthseeker said...

First of all, thank you very much for the time and effort you put in for such an informative post. I really benefitted from it. I would like to make a few things clear that we don't discuss about issues where we ascribe meanings to a terminology that are different. So have to be clear that we mean the same when we use a word. The word "muslim" means someone who submitted to the will of God alone and not to any other deity, ideology, or Zeitgeist. And Islam means submission to HIS will. So that's why the quran calls Abraham neither jewish nor Christian but Muslim as he completely submitted to God's will. So when you say you want to fullfill HIS commandments you are actually saying that you wanna be a good Muslim.

truthseeker said...

And if we put aside societal pressure and love for this world and then do what HE wants us to do (submission/Islam in arabic) we will gain HIS pleasure and paradise is the expression of His pleasure. Whereas punishment in hellfire is the expression of his displeasure. You said making him happy is worth suffering for eternity. But if He becomes happy there is no way for you to suffer in Hell. And if you do suffer (and I really pray that he gives you eternal happiness) then that means HE is angry and displeased. So we should avoid contradictions. Especially as we know that nobody in the fire will be smiling cause His punishment is too severe and unbearable.... may HE save all of us from that. So the way to be forgiven despite being sinners is to wholeheartedly belive in Him (not associating any partners to Him), and in the Angels, and in the books, and in the prophets, and in the day of judgement, and in predestination.If we reject any of these then we have not belived in the prophetic messages even of we claim so. So the issue here is absolutely not to prove anything against the thora as we belive in it. It is rather a challenge to the Jews to follow the Thora even when it might seem inconvenient at first.

truthseeker said...

here are some references from the old testament about prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

truthseeker said...

We belive in all the prophets but do you too?
God would never punish someone for being a Jew. He would only get punished if he rejects the prophet (s). So the miracle of the Quran is definately not a circular logic. A man unable to read or write could have never ever brought a book like that. Muhammad peace be upon Him was indeed a prophet because the quran is a book of miracles. There numerous mathematical miracles, scientific miracles and linguistic miracles that prove: This book could have never ever been from a human. Plz do your own research on the miracles of the quran. And try to bring an explanation for it other than what the quran explains and I assure you: Nobody will ever be able to do that. That challenge is in the quran itself. And if it gets clear to you that it is indeed from the Allmighty then nothing should stop you from declaring La ilaha Illallah MuhammadurRasul Allah ( there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger)

truthseeker said...

Jew on one foot and muslim on the other :)

And regarding Hamas and Palestine I can tell u straight forward: as long as we muslims don't fulfill our covenant with Allah we will always live in disgrace. Unless and until we return to the complete sunnah way of life shown by Muhammad the beloved of God, our condition of humiliation won't end. But this is something that you also know from history. What caused our strengh and glory and what our downfall as Bani Israel. The good thing for us muslims though is that more and more muslims are repenting and turning back to Islam . So its a question time when we will be saved from the pharaos of today.

Unknown said...

In the Quran, it is said a lot of times that the evil ones will be punished and that they will be in the fire forever. I really hope not to offend anyone, but I failed to understand how that is possible, and I hope you could explain.

When a person punishes someone and makes him suffer it could be for a nunber of reasons.

One category of reasons are those which their main goal is actually good. For example, when soneone wants to educate his kid, he might punish him for his own good. Another example is when someone is put to jail for stealing, it's for the good of the society for him to be separated from it, and it is for the good of the society for there to be a punishment that other thieves will be scared of and, from that fear, stop stealing. It might be even for the good of the thief, if because of the fear of being punished again he'll stop stealing after he is released.

Another category is one where there isn't a good goal behind the punishment. An example of such a punishment is vengeance. If someone kills a person only because he insulted him, even after he realized he was wrong and stopped with that, and the killer really don't have any good intentions in his mind when killing, buy only hopes to get satisfaction fron seeing the other guy suffering. This is a bad thing. It comes from a place of weaknesses and cruelty, not from a source of peace and good.

After the day of resurrection, people will already know the truth and will naturally fear God. I think the Islam shares this view. So if someone is suffering in hell after that day, it is not for making people fear God as they'll already fear him.

Unknown said...

And if someone is suffering in hell right now, it also cannot be for making other people fear God, because we don't see those people suffering and therefore it cannot affect us. They knowledge of there being a Hell might cause people to fear, but the actuality of people suffering there can't affect us if we don't see it somehow.

It cannot be for the goal of education, because the person who is suffering already knows he was wrong, and especially after a few years of suffering, so why should it continue for eternity?

It cannot be for his own good, and you will surely agree with that, because if he suffers for eternity, when will the good outcome arrive? There's no time in which a good thing comes for this for that person who suffers for eternity.

And in general, if someone believes in hell and scared from eternity in it, he'll also be scared of 100 years in it, and if someone doesn't believe in it, than he won't fear it.

So nothing good comes from someone suffering in hell for eternity, not to that person and not to the society.

That only leaves one possibility, which is that punishing a person for eternity is an act of cruelty and vengence.

But God is not a human being, with evil in him and doesn't need to get satisfaction from seeing someone suffering. He is the merciful.

That is why according to jewdaism, and specifically, Kabala, hell is not a punishment. It is a result. The soul littered itself with the desires of this world, and in the worst case, with evil deeds. God created the souls in such a way that in order for them to enjoy heaven they must be cleaned, and to get cleaned they need hell or other kinds of bad results of the bad actions of the souls in this world.

That is also why, according to jewdaism, the souls eventually get to heaven to enjoy the good they did, even if it was little comparing to the bad they did, because God does not do Good minus Bad, but cleans the soul from the bad and then lets it enjoy the good, and enjoying the good is so supreme, that getting cleaned, even if it means suffering, is actually good for the soul.

I can understand that view of hell, because in that view, God is indeed the good and merciful. He does everything he can, under the limitations he himself created, so that the best possible outcone will emerge for everyone. We cannot understand why he created those limitations and not others, but given the limitations he created, he does only the good, and the highest good that is possible.

Unlike that view, and as I explained, I am having a difficulty understanding how is it possible that the good and merciful God will make someone suffer for eternity, if nothing good comes out of it, and it is actually better for that person to cease to exist than to suffer. In this case, saying that suffering for eternity is just the limitations he created doesn't make sense, because given this limitation he does something that isn't good, but cruel, and the limitation itself has nothing good in it. In the other case, when no one suffers for eternity but only for a kimited time, the limitation of short suffering can be good, just like a surgery that saves someone's life is actually good eventhough he might suffer from the surgery.

Really looking forward to hearing the Islam's view of it, and again, I don't mean to offend anyone, just want to understand.

truthseeker said...

If there is a grain of faith in someones heart he will finally come out of hell. But there is a group that will abide in hellfire for eternity. Why? Because God says so. And we accept it knowing that he is the merciful even if the wisdom behind it is not totally clear to us. But after we have belived we don't question HIS wisdom with our human philosophy. I could elaborate in a lenghy way why we humans are responsible for the outcome of our destiny and why it indeed would make lots of sense that some people would be in hell forever...but that logic deduction is not the reason for beliving it but rather it's our submission to HIS words. "...and they say we hear and obey, grant us pardon our Lord and to You is the return"(quran end of sura baqara)

truthseeker said...

And HE says in the quran that HE does not do injustice to anyone but it is the human being (also jinn) who does injustice to himself.
And verily ALLAH knows what is hidden in our minds and hearts and HE will bring it out on the day of judgement.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

1. 7:44-45: And the inmates of Heaven will call out to the inmates of Hell, saying, 'We have indeed found what our Lord promised us to be true. Have you also found what your Lord promised you to be true?' They shall say, 'Yea !' Then a proclaimer shall proclaim between them, saying, 'The curse of ALLAH is on the wrongdoers -

The Companions of the Garden will call out to the Companions of the Fire: "We have indeed found the promises of our Lord to us true: Have you also found Your Lord's promises true?" They shall say, "Yes"; but a crier shall proclaim between them: "The curse of Allah is on the wrong-doers;-"

This is something that people will supposedly say. After the people of the hell are already suffering and know the truth, what's the rationality of being happy about their suffering? In this world, people who are happy about the troubles of other people are either happy about it because those who suffer are their enemies, or because they are cruel. After the day comes, the people in Heaven (actually, according to Judaism, people who die go to heaven, and after the resurrection, we won't be in heaven but be in this world) won't have enemies. Why would they not just be happy with what they have and be happy about those who suffer? Throwing salt at their wounds...

This one cannot be waved off by claiming that human philosophy doesn't concern God's plans because this is something people will allegedly do.

2. The Quran, at least in English, says a lot that those who saw the clear signs should believe. Is it just a problem with the translation or believe is the correct word? Because people who see clear signs don't believe, they know. Our ancestors, when they crossed the sea, on mount Sinai, when Eliyahu did what he did, when all of what Yeshaaya said came true more than a hundred years after he said it, they didn't believe, they knew. And the Tora never commanded us to believe, but only to know. So if there were clear signs, what is there to believe? They would already know...

And after almost alnost 200 pages, I still didn't see any verse about those clear signs but only that people sae them. So what were the signs?

I read about the mathematical and scientific stuff, but i didn't see any rational reason I must believe that the Quran is divine from all of those findings. They need a lot of statistical tests that are required to prove that they cannot happen by accident. And stuff like the count of appearences of words can certainly be accidental or even something the writer did on purpuse.

In any case, those stuff are certainly not the signs the Quran is talking about.

truthseeker said...

You didn't see any reason why you must believe that the Quran is divine ???
Then look again and be honest and truthful!!

Unknown said...

I'm at page 377 and still have no idea what were the signs that are mentioned lots of times.

In 16:134 it is said that there were signs in the previous books. If it refers to the Tora then surely there were lots of signs. If it refers to the previous parts of the Quran then I can't understand which signs.

Unknown said...

dna testing should be conducted .. because i know that prove that pathan are not lost tribes.. before 15 centuray thier is no pathan word at all. 2nd patans roots started after islam came in agfanistan. arab warriors go back.
they are Irani-perison and manglo mix bread.

pathan history lare 5000 year old as they claimed .. as much history docements aviable in Agfanistan and Pakistan peshawar university one rich hub nothing evidence ..that why scentist in isreail and scholars already know that why they are doing reserchs in africa , western eu direction where they find strong proofs.

5 tribes who roots strong signals find and some strong evidence and proof.
they are in Khasmir region and area touchs to north hazara region of Pakistan. they all are non pusthoons .. many words same as old isreail langouge words. even most of caste name are same.
dish and gatering event in backward areas in high mountian of Pakistan -Hazara region and Khasmir including indian kasmir still strong evidence.

most strong point about migration these tribes already descibe in oly bible with area direction and old location name.

Many jews scholars non-isreail based already revealed that.

these 5 tribes are gujjars and others are moved in western Eu and Africa.

Unknown said...

here link which proof that DNA testing of last tribes .. they are not Pathans

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Khan said...

Pashtun/Pakhtun/Afghans characteristics
1. Brave
2. Hard working
3. Handsome
4. faithful
5. Strong family bond and love to have many children
6. kind towards weak
7. Anger (Never miss with a Pakhtun)
8. Revenge (even if it takes 100 years)
9. Love to eat Meat especially sheeps and goats
10. Never ever will beat a woman if he is true pashtun (some times the whole dispute will end if it involved woman)
11. Hospitable (r very famous for it)
12. Love religion more than his life (r fighting for decades for religion)
13. Two types of People will we follow, religious leader or Tribal leader
14. Businessmen (we prefer it more than jobs)
15. Weapons (i hate it but we do love weapons, every house will possess 1 to multiple)
16. Injustice (will fight till death against it)
17. Honor (Perhaps the most important thing in our lives)
18. Jirga (the council which will include tribal elders to end a dispute or other purposes it is very important)
19. Pride (very proud of what we r)
20. Stubborn
21. What people will say (this sentence has made many dreams into ashes)

Unknown said...

Hello My name is Weiss Sekander and I am a Pashtun from the Kandahar region of Southern Afghanistan. My Father is descended from the Barakzai Tribe on his Father's side and Barakzai Tribe on his Mother's side. My Father's Great Great Grandfather was Sherdil Shagassi Loynab who was regent of Kandahar during the reign of Sher Ali Khan. Afghan Pashtun's have a very detailed genealogy and based on this my Father's Y chromosome is a direct descendant of King Saul also known as Malik Talut in the Quran.

He was known for his tall height and I am 6 feet and 4 inches. All that aside I look at a few things from my life that might have some Hebrew connection, my name is Weiss which is a very Pasthun name and also a Jewish name. I am from the Barakzai tribe from the Zirak branch of the Afridi Tribe. Barak son of Avinoam is in the Bible and was renowned for his military skills just like Barakzais. My Grandgfather from when I can remember never let us wash clothes on Friday evenings and would literally go crazy if someone in the house washed clothes on Friday Evenings.

I recently purchased a DNA test kit to test my DNA and my paternal lineage specifically so hopefully in 6 months I will know for sure.

I would think that if a connection could be established between Pashtun DNA and Israelite DNA that the Pashtun DNA would be older and more pure than compared to the Ashkenazi Sephardic etc.

Even the King of Afghanistan Habibullah Khan would tell the Jews of Herat, Afghanistan are the Tribe of Benjamin.

It will be very interesting to see what the results of my DNA test will be and please let me know if anyone has any questions.


Weiss Sekander

Unknown said...

Hi Wess. I am also Pashtun, from the Barakzai tribe on my mother side and from the Popolzai tribe on my father side. I also wanted to make a DNA test but where I live it's way to expensive and the tests available in the US can by purchased from abroad. Could you please tell us the results of the test in 6 months ? I can't wait to know if we are really or not linked to Hebrews and I would also know if we have common ancestors with our neighbours (Persians, Indians etc...).

Thanks !

Unknown said...

Salaam Dze,

Thank you for your comment, it is nice to hear from my Pashtun brothers. Barakzai and Popolzai sounds like you are from Afghanistan. Amir Sher Ali Khan's father was Barakzai and mother was Poplzai are you by any chance related to Amir Sher Ali Khan? If you are then I would love to see your Paternal Y chromosome. The Paternal Y chromosome passes from father to son unchanged and I remember hearing the Late King Zahir Shah tell me in Afghanistan that we are from the Lost Tribes most particular the Tribe of Benjamin who King Saul/Malik Talut was from. Also if you look at Afghanistan and Israel, the city of Kabul is in Afghanistan and the city Cabul was in ancient Israel. In Pashtun areas there are monuments of carved rock with Aramaic writing all over it in Afghanistan and there are a bunch more. I feel like everyone knows but they deny it just like Allah/Yaweh/El Lohim states in the Quran "Indeed, worthy of worship is One and Only God, and indeed, I am free of the shirk you commit. Those to whom We have given the Book recognize this fact as they recognize their own sons." Allah is basically calling out mankind and saying you know and God knows so why are we lying.

I actually should have the DNA results in 6 weeks instead of 6 months. I purchased my DNA kit from a website called Groupon, I am not sure if its available every where but its a discounted website that sells all kinds of stuff. I got the DNA kit for $69 the regular price was $199 and I also added the report about the Paternal lineage Y chromosome for $49 the regular price is $99. So a total of $118 for a DNA test didn't seem to bad so I went ahead for it.

Ok now back to the subject of Pashtuns being the Lost Tribe of Israel, do you ever wonder why Pashtuns have never lost a war? Have you ever wondered why the only person that can defeat a Pashtun is himself? Have you ever wondered why Pashtuns and Israelis are always up against all odds but somehow they pull through? There has to be a correlation here with the Lost Tribes of Israel, when we look at the nation of Israel we see a lot of similarities. Israel hasn't lost a war, Israel is known throughout history for doing something they should not have done and as a result Allah/Yaweh/El Lohim would punish them, basically the Israelites caused their own destruction. Pashtun and Israelites are only at peace when they are at war.

I feel that the Pashtun tribes are the most original Israelite DNA. Khazars were converted to Judaism so there not the original DNA and it is a possibility that the Khazars mingled with the Pashtuns, because a common ancestry has already been identified between Ashkenazic/Sephardic/Pashtuns.

I think of Great Britain as the cause of great strife throughout the world and most specifically Afghanistan. Afghanistan defeated the British Army 3 times so the British did something that haunts Pashtuns until today, they divided the strongest tribe they had ever faced. Pakistan was created in 1947 from part of India to the east and Afghanistan from the west, by doing this the British separated Pashtun tribes across Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its interesting to note that Afghanistan has 2 official languages Dari/Pashto and Pakistan has only 1 and that language is Urdu. Pashtun population is more than half of Pakistan yet they are not represented in the government. Pashtun areas of Pakistan are the poorest areas of Pakistan and there is no development being carried out in those areas. So are the Punjab rulers of Pakistan making the Pashtun people suffer? Did the English create that border to destroy any chance of a strong Afghanistan?

I have a feeling that the Lost Tribes of Israel will never unite until Pashtunistan is united!

And Allah is sufficient for me.


Waise Sekander

Unknown said...

Salaam Waise,

Thank you for your answer. You are right, I am from Afghanistan, my parents are from Kabul but my father was born in Kandahar and his family originally come from Kandahar and are Popolzai. On my mother side, it's a bit more complicated, my maternal grandmother was also born in Kandahar and is Barakzai. But my maternal grandfather was mixed, and I don't know exactly of which ethnicity he was.
I am pretty sure I am not linked to Amir Sher Ali Khan, sorry.

You wrote very interesting things, and I am very honored to communicate with someone who has ever talked to the Late King Zahir Shah.

I have learned about our possible lineage with Jews many years ago, but really got interested during the last 2 years. I live in France and only 2 companies offer DNA tests which are not affordable (from $200 to $400), plus we have to wait many months to get the results. I have seen Americans website offering DNA tests, they were much more afforable like you wrote but they can't be shipped outside the US.

Anyways, I am lucky to know you to finally find out if these historical and cultural evidences will be, or not, scientifically proved.

I can't wait to be in 6 weeks !

Unknown said...

some have lied about Pashtun dna showing there is very little jdna and this incorrect and it is common sense as you can see where they live Pashtun (also spelled Pushtun, Pakhtun, Pashtoon, Pathan) are a people who live in southeastern Afghanistan and the northwestern province of Pakistan. They are one of the largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan. There is no true written history of the Pashtun in their own land. Pashtun are traditionally pastoral nomads (herders who move frequently to find grazing land) with a strong tribal organization. Each tribe is divided into clans, subclans, and patriarchal families. ((there was no such thing as Pakistan correct and Pakistan is in the Northwest part of Indian Subcontinent )))))))Since the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan, the Pathan constitute Pakistan's second-largest ethnic group. majority of Pashtuns live in Pakistan Volume 1, Parts 1.6.6He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Hisham Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sa'ib informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of Abu Sálih, he on the authority of Ibn 'Abbas; he said:Allah revealed to Musa: Verily thou and thy people and the inhabitants of al-Jazirah (the isle) and the inhabitants of al-`Al (the upper `Iraq) are the descendants of Sam Ibn Nuh.Ibn `Abbas said: The Arabs, the Persians, the Nabateans, Indians, Sindhis, and Bindis are the descendents of Sam Ibn Nuh. ( it is not just Perisan before them Hittites, Medes(kurds) who mixed with Lydians who are Hittites then Persians ect the Medes empire stretched to Pactyana in Afghanistan (iraqi Kurds are 28.4 % J2 and 22.1% J1 this is just Iraq you have turkey syria and other areas many have the Cmh 2 • LOCATION Pashtun have lived for centuries between Khurasan and the Indian subcontinent, at the crossroads of great civilizations. Pashtun are made up of about sixty tribes of varying sizes. Each one occupies its own territory. Pashtun are the major ethnic group in Afghanistan. In Pakistan, Pashtun predominate north of the town of Quetta and between the Sulaiman Mountain Ranges and the Indus River Haplogroup J2a-M410 in India was found to be largely confined to the castes[20] with no occurrence in the tribals, but a new study has found it at higher percentages (10%) among the Tharu indigenous people of Terai, Nepal.[31] In India, the J2 haplogroup is almost absent from tribals.

Unknown said...

Haplogroup J2b is associated with the Neolithic Greeks that spread agriculture. It has been found in the Dravidian middle classes in high frequencies also in the ((((Northwest of India.))))(((The frequency of J2 is higher in South Indian castes 19%)))))found to be even more common in India's Shia Muslim community, of which 28.7% belong to haplogroup J, with 13.7% in J2a-M410, 10.6% in J1 and 4.4% in J2b.[32] The high variance of J2b2 in South Asia indicates a probable pre-Neolithic migration.(wikipedia) J2 Main article: Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) Haplogroup J2 It is composed of several sub-Haplogroups representing several different countries like Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Aegean, Balkan, Italy. One sub Haplogroup M172* is mainly found in the Northern Fertile Crescent, the Mediterranean, Iran, Central Asia, and Southern Europe. Is is though to have originated in Anatolia (Turkey and Kurdstan) ie North Mesopotamia, and spread to Europe and to other Middle countries like Lebanon Palestine Iraq, Syria. J2 subclades is found also in Armenia, Azerbaijan), Iran, Central Asia, and South Asia: for example, Muslim Kurds (28.4%), Central Turks (27.9%), Georgians (26.7%), Iraqis (25.2%), Lebanese (25%), Ashkenazi Jews (23.2%), Sephardi Jews (28.6%), Iranians (23.3%), Tajiks (18.4%), and Pakistanis (14.7%). J2 is not regularly found in Semitic-speaking populations of Africa, such as the Amhara and Tigrinya in Ethiopia (Semino et al. 2004). However, J2 has been found to encompass several subhaplogroups (22 subhaplogroups, including 5 that have high frequencies) that originated or expanded in different regions: Italy, the Balkans, the Aegean, Anatolia (Turkey and Kurds), the Caucasus (Georgia), and Somalia (see ref: Semino et al. 2004). Haplogroup J2 was used to be considered a genetic marker of Anatolian Neolithic agriculturalists. It is also very frequent in the Balkans (Greeks 20.6%, Albanians 19.6%) and in southern Italy (16.7-29.1%). Its frequency rapidly drops in the Carpathian basin (Croatians 6.2%, Hungarians 2.0%, Ukrainians 7.3%) and in Southeastern Iranian-speaking areas (Pashtuns 5.2%, Pamiris 6.1%).((((((( A significant presence of J2 (J2b2+J2a) was detected in western and south-western India (the highest being 21% among Dravidian middle castes, followed by upper castes, 18.6%, and lower castes 14%; )))))Sengupta et al. 2006). J2 in india predates Alexander the Great Haplogroup J (Y-DNA) In human genetics, Haplogroup J (previously known as HG9 or Eu9/Eu10) is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup. It is defined by the 12f2.1 genetic marker, or the equivalent M304 marker. Haplogroup J is believed to have arisen 31,700 years ago (plus or minus 12,800 years) in the Near East (Semino et al. 200…FAMILYPEDIA.WIKIA.COM

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Salaam Waise Sekander,

I was wondering if you received the results of the DNA test. I would really like to hear about you and te results.


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and on internet it seems people keep showing Pashtun as being European in features and this is untrue and incorrect < Pashtun < Pashtun I am not sure if they are sunni/sufi or wahhabis < Pashtun

as I said dna shows they are of little semitic dna and that is incorrect , they are living exactly where J dna is found .

Pashtunwali (Pashto: پښتونوالی‎) or Pakhtunwali is a non-written ethical code and traditional lifestyle which the indigenous Pashtun people follow.[1][2] It is a system of law and governance that began during prehistoric times and is preserved and still in use today, mostly in the rural tribal areas.[3] Its meaning may also be interpreted as "the way of the Pashtuns" or "the code of life".[4] Pashtunwali dates back to ancient pre-Islamic times and is widely practiced among Pashtuns,[5] especially among the non-urbanized Pashtuns in the countryside. In addition to being practiced by members of the Pashtun diaspora, it has been adopted by some non-Pashtun Afghans and Pakistanis that live in the Pashtun regions or close to the Pashtuns, who have gradually become Pashtunized over time.

Many Pashtun are Sunni/sufi follow a islamic school of law and also follow a sufi tareeqa

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Many have told lies about the Pashtun dna saying that there is very little j dna . Now one just has to see the the j dna is located in areas where Pashtun are living which is northwest part of indian subcontinent. Also I disagree with the Caucus having such a high percentage of j dna . Features of of people of caucus are not semitic , I am not going to say none but majority of them no . You look at semitic empires and none went into the Caucus area .

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Pashton is Israel

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Well as a pashtun from kandahar myself was doing lots of studying about all this all this topic doesn't support the real fact being bane esrail neither the DNA test according to some similarities don't see that much
Similarities aport of marring passed brother wife don't support any other a human got no problem with jews people at all there always good and bad among any nations,not every jew is a zoinist,and being zoinist don't mean being jews there lots jews against zoinists and most of zoinists are none religion once and have no respect to humanity one holycost don't justify another in any other corner of the planet for thousands years and come to another country and claim it God promised this land to us get the hell out here don't seem to me very human and that is the reason why the hate against zoinists growing more and more and unfortunately many people don't distinguish between peace loving jews and all will end one day no doubt it is just a matter of time perhaps long time but it will end inshallah

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I belong to FATA (Orakzai Agency) situated in the border of Afghanistan. I am pashtun.(Khorasani). we are all hitting from Jewish. Because why the jewish do not ask about us? we are targeting by drone strikes and etc. now the jewish claim that our DNA are matching with them. But we do not agree with them.Infact, nearly we would be defeat the whole world and establish justice on earth. if you do not believe, read about us. WE ARE KHORASANI.

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1 I belong to afridi tribe, and my grandfather told me we belong to Israel.
2 Have manny names in my area belong to Israel.
3 not getting marriage with another tribe.
4.eating together
5 not eating pork
Karl marx and lenon both were jewish, but they understand the dirty politicians put the guns on religion shoulders.
Thanks for reading.

Hamza khan

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Afridis are not Greeks they would be pissed if you said that.

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Afridis are not Greeks they would be pissed if you said that.

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We Love you
We want you to come home

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We love you

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We love you

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You know the only way we are interested related is by the way of religion, YHWH has numerous times mentioned in Torah meaning that if the children of Israel put His law aside then He will be absolved from protection of His nation, now for example YHWH strictly prohibited close relationship with idol worshippers but Jews are doing that against the law itself. Secondly, to us is our religion and to you is your religion. However, both pashtuns and Jews being ethnically one, cannot deny their origin from one father Israel or Yakov.

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Let me tell you something, we have in Pakistan Chaber Pachtunchwa a town Rostom, there is a stone written with Aramaic verses from Tanach,I guess, and name of a village called Basti-yahud means town of Jews, so what's the fun in naming that place so? In Afghanistan the province Zabul is actually short form of Zabulon son of Israel and river Gozan that is Ghazni, Harat so many many examples. It's virtually undeniable that jewiah origin or pakhtons is correct, but the religion is different. However it's also the closest to Judaism. Thank you

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Cheryl we love you as well dear cousins.

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Religion os something else but ethnicity is waht which matter. I believe in israilites as they are our people aw so are we.

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I used to hear from my grandfather that we r from bani isreal but today I more sure that what he said was truth.
But the most important thing is religion plays important role here and for the sake of blood relation one cannot risk their religion and go against God. For example if a family member of a Jewish family becomes atheist or Christian will he be still accepted to live in same house, NO , so in same case for the sake of blood relation Pashtuns cannot risk their after life and go against God and Quran and prophet Muhammad. Religion separated us. I believe we should focus more about what God wants and not what we think is right or wrong.

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Pashtuns converted to Islam via Arabic conquest of Khorasan, and thus sought connections to Prophet Abraham, leading to thoughts on their origins. However, cultural and generic affinities generally do not exist between Jews and Pashtuns. For instance, Pashtuns
are speakers of Indo European languages. Jews speak Hebrew, a Semetic language family. These two language families have nothing in common. There are no Hebrew words in Pashto and vice versa. Pashtun genetic haplogroup is R1a1a. Semetic is K haplogroup. Nothing in common with genetics. Looking at language, culture, genetics, it appears Pashtuns and Semites have little in common, except Abrahamic religions. Afghans who claim Arab genetic descent have no Arab/Semetic haplogroup markers. Pashtuns are likely descendants of Scythian nomadic warriors who settled in the mountain fortresses of Afghanistan, and some Pashtuns migrated to subcontinent India for trade and commerce.

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Well,, I belong to the khilji tribe and I would appreciate if I could get a place to live in Israel..who's willing to sponsor me? Who wants their lost tribesmen to return home for the golden age of Judaism?