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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul Favors Cutting Ties With Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
On an Iranian state TV interview, Ron Paul, fast becoming a contender in the Republican race for president and a 76 year old geezer, let it be known to Jews that he has no idea of what he's talking about when it comes to Israel and Gaza and the Arabs involved in today's situation.

I don't believe he has actually ever visited Israel to attain facts after listening to the interview below.  He states that Gaza is an atrocious tragedy and massacre.  Pictures are on the web showing the bustling full open air markets there as well as other shots of a beautiful land.  He think that because they make home-made bombs shows how little the balance is of power.  He doesn't really gather information to know that they are also using sophisticated weaponry with long distance reaches.

He stated that 5 million Palestinians are "trapped" in Gaza.  The CIA information shows that there are 1,657,155 Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza.  That's a big stretch of the truth.  Doesn't he realize that there are already 21 Arab states in the land?  It's too bad that some of them, who have gigantic spaces of land similar to Texas can't offer to take them out of their "misery."  He seems to forget Bush's remark that Israel isn't even as big as some Texas ranches! 

He can't see why Israel doesn't talk to the Arab League to solve their problem and thinks it's because the USA just always backs them anyway, so why bother.  This just leaves me flabbergasted!  The Arab League is anxious to dispose of Israel any way they can.  They haven't learned to accept a stranger in their midst, even a cousin, and Jews and Arabs are supposed to be sharing a few segments of their genes as 1,000th cousins 100 times removed! 

He favors cutting relations with Israel!  His idea of being president is changing the USA foreign policy.  He just wants the USA to mind its own business and stay out of everything. 

I can see that young people are clamoring after Ron Paul.  Of course they don't want to have to go into wars that seem to be so disconnected to the threats of the USA. I have news for them.  In this case, an enemy of Israel will also put a hit on the USA not because they have been friends, but because they share the same values, which our enemies do not share.  Israel may be hit first, but the USA had better prepare, for they are the next target.

 Paul is becoming the rising star and was number 2 in the Iowa and New Hampshire race and favored in other places as well.  This is very disturbing to me as what he is doing vocally and would in practice, throw Israel under the bus.

The fact that America backed Israel's existence in 1948 doesn't matter a hoot to him.  He wouldn't have done it.  The fact that morally it is a great good deed on America's part to have backed Israel seems to curdle his heart.   Israel has never needed one soldier in Israel to help them.  This little country has handled it's battles themselves against odds that Paul couldn't imagine.  What Israel has needed the USA for is financial assistance to buy arms to protect themselves, and they have paid the USA back for this assistance.  In fact, its been a two way street.  Israel has needed at least this one friend in a world of anti-semitism, demonstrated at the UN, and now Paul has shown that he certainly is not one of them. 

The fact that people do go for his philosophy is most scary to me.  Friendship and morality are unimportant to so many of these voters.  They're all becoming the isolationists that Ron Paul preaches.  The problem here is that some of his ideas hold merit.  The whole package of Ron Paul, however, is appalling!  He's really a Libertarian, not a Republican. 

I saw Jay Leno last night whose best part of his show was a segment with a briliant little boy, Jack Taylor,  who was a 2nd grader.  He analyzed the 6 Republican contenders and gave his opinion with a chart as to how he graded them.  Newt Gingrich was his favorite, and his thoughts on Paul were precious.  Paul got a zero!  My sentiments exactly.  I think this little boy is bound to be a future political analyst!  As a retired teacher who has spent many years teaching 2nd graders, I was awed by his vocabulary and thoughts.  Cudos to his parents!

One thing this child notices was Paul's age.  I'm one year older than Paul, and I know I'm not physically capable of being a president.  I've noticed many times that Paul doesn't remember things he had said, which were things I had carefully noted as they were in complete opposition to my feelings.  He keeps doing that.  He blames his staff and in his laxity in checking over things.  Doesn't this country ever pay attention to a person they are prepared to give the highest job in the land ?  The wrong man can bring down the country! McCain, born August 29, 1936,  was dropped out because he was too old, and Paul, born  August 20, 1935, is even  older. 

Resource: from CIA

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