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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ahmadinejad's Best Buddy, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

Nadene Goldfoot
Iran has started uranium enrichment in an underground site called Fordow,  safe from airstrikes.  They have stated that they will close the Strait of Hormuz if their petroleum exports are blocked.  Their reaction is not to allow a drop of oil to pass through it, either. Our American sanctions won't kick in for 6 months.  Right now there are ill feelings between the West and Iran over their nuclear goals. 

While this challenge at the OK corral is going on, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has begun a 4-nation Latin American tour.  He will visit Venezuela for the 5th time as well as fitting in visits to Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador.  Why the interest in Venezuela?  It's so close to the USA, for one reason.

We know that Ahmadinejad has it in for Jews, and wants to destroy Israel, take it over for the Muslims, and while he's at it, kill as many Jews as he can.  Venezuela has 12,000 Jews out of a population of 29,044,000, or 1% of their population.  Ahmadinejad  has kinship with Hugo Chavez, the present President/Dictator, as he also is terribly anti-semitic and has caused riots and killings against Jews.  Chavez works with terrorist groups like FARC, and has aligned himself with Libya and Syria as well as Iran.  He supports Hizbollah (Iran backed) and defends Iran's right to pursue nuclear technology, and is even willing to finance it, so that may be one reason that Ahmadinejad is visiting again. 

Before WWII when Nazis were out to kill Jews, German Jews tried to flee to other countries, but found that they couldn't get into any South American country because they weren't baptized Christians.  However, there were Jews already living in Venezuela who first came in the 17th century and were called Marranos, or baptized Jews from the Inquisition days after 1492, when Jews had to become baptized or practice in secret. By 1850 there was a Jewish establishment.   In the 1920's and 30's, Jews entered the country from North Africa and Eastern Europe, then from central Europe due to anti-semitism that had started up there.  After 1934 Venezuela put on restrictions.  1939 Nazi Germany was in power and that caused more anti-semitism in the country.  By 1950 there were 6,000 Jews living there.  After the Six Day War of 1967 immigrants from Morocco came soaring the population to 45,000. 

Hugo Chavez came into power and one-fifth immigrated to other places. He has an obsession against Jews and their supposed power, especially Jews in his country.   He brought in much anti-semitism and attacks on Jews and Jewish sites such as synaogues.  By November 2010 half of the Jews left as Chavez was the official anti-semitic leader.  He won the presidency again in December 1998 and acts more like a dictator.  He calls the USA the nastiest country in the world.

Venezuela has large amounts of oil and say they have 100 billion barrels of reserve, the largest of any country in the Western hemisphere.  Their oil revenues make at least $250 million daily.  So when we see that Ahmadinejad is going to Venezuela, it isn't to see the sites, unless they are oil fields. Both presidents love to read "Protocals of the Elders of Zion", old Nazi anti semitic literature made up of complete lies. It looks like Ahmadinejad has a partner in crime.

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