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Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Killed Iran's Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, a Nuclear Missile Scientist?

Nadene Goldfoot
The London Times has already reported that Israel's Mossad assassinated the Iranian nuclear scientist working on missile development at the Natanz Nuclear Center without Israel's comment about it,  reports Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu.  Israel has said that it knows nothing about it.  The only truth here is that Israel, with 80% Jewish citizens, has received a fatwa from Iran's Ahmadinejad and religious leaders in Gaza well as Qatar's religious leader, Qaradawi,  who call for the genocide of Jews!  The PA has now joined Iran in presesnting the killing of Jews by Muslims as their religious Islamic goal.  So if anyone has a reason to stop the development of Iran's nuclear power, Israel is high on the list.

There are others that are alarmed by their speed in developing nuclear power.  The USA is #2 on the list, for they have also been threatened by Iran, and now have a situation in the Strait of Hormuz that might lead to further problems.  The USA has highly skilled computer techs who could create viruses.  The European Union is also alarmed at this point, mainly over the Strait of Hormuz and receiving their oil shipments.  Nobody is in favor of Iran developing a nuclear bomb. 

In fact, the USA is so alarmed, that she sent General Martin Dempsey to calm down Israel.  He is the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and went to Israel on Thursday to change what they assume is Israel's increasing readiness to attack Iran.  The question is asked as why a highly regarded General and why not the Ambassador who is already there?  Generals give orders.  Ambassadors can palaver.  Israel is a friend, not an underling in his army.  She should be treated like a valued friend.  Most of the world is frightened by Iran getting an A bomb and are expecting Israel to bail them out by hitting their nuclear base;  like expecting Superman to come to the rescue, whether Israel feels they are up to this hit or not.  Just because they succeeded once in Iraq doesn't mean this situation is the same. 

The London Times reported by blaming the Mossad, and seemed to know so much about it and the movements of this scientist, Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan,  that the reporters must have been right there watching it all. 

The best thing that can happen is if Iran's continued nuclear development is highjacked somehow either by the viruses in their computers or by hit men doing in the nuclear scientists creating deadly bombs and weapons.  Iran has developed into an evil empire wanting to kill innocent people.  How can we not try to stop them from their goals?

 The only other choice for Israel is to wait and be hit with a nuclear bomb!  When someone tells you that they want you dead and send hit men out to do the job, you don't continue to eat your porridge and read your paper.  Also, one thing about Islam, they have the reputation for warning people first before they kill you in order to give you a chance to either convert to Islam or whatever.  The thing is-they usually mean what they say.  We can't take them as just a big bad bluff! 

Resource: Arutz Sheva newspaper; PA official publicly calls for genocide of Jews. 
The London Times-as reported by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu: Expose: Mossad worked for months to kill Iranian nuke scientist.

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