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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi Visits Egypt Espousing Genocide of Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
The mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sunni Islamic scholar Dr. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a man kept off of the US Terror list by his friend, the Emir of Qatar, has had a meeting with our USA administration.  This 86 year old man is promoting the destruction of Israel and is one who wants to kill Jews with his bare hands from his position in a wheelchair.  Washington approached him to moderate secret negotiations between the USA and the Taliban. 

He is an Egyptian, but was kicked out by Mubarak as he was too extreme.  His popularity is enhanced by his TV program from Qatar, al-Jazeera TV's Sharia and Life.  He was promoting the end of Israel and the killing of Jews when Egypt was following the peace accord set by Sadat previously.  Qaradawi found a welcomed home in Qatar, and has just gone back to Egypt and was warmly welcomed being the Muslim Brotherhood is now in power.  He held a prayer meeting in the square for over 1 million adherents. 

Qaradawi is turning the Arab Spring into a Caliphate Spring.  He is not just interested in the deaths of Israeli Jews but Jews worldwide, according to his speeches.  This is genocide that he is promoting.  Yet, he is touted by our administration as a "moderate," even though he had touted the killing of American troops in Iraq in 2003.  He is considered the most influential Islamic religionist in the world. 

The video below from the Radical Islam website took a long time to load, and I almost thought something was wrong, but it finally came into view.  I had a feeling that the main religious leader talked about would be Qaradawi, and it was. 

Radical Islam site: from Pat Robertson

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