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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jerusalem, Undivided

Nadene Goldfoot                                                           
East Jerusalem and West Bank barrier 

"Israel occupied east Jerusalem in 1967 and annexed it later in a move never recognised by the international community. It considers the entire city its "eternal, indivisible capital."  
(AFP-European Union says Israeli settlements are "worrying."-reference below.)

After being attacked by all the surrounding Arab states, Israel miraculously won the  battle and in doing so, gained back east Jerusalem, which had been held by Jordan in an illegal move of occupation without permission.  Now Jerusalem is one again and enjoying the fruits of unification.

The European Union, forever not wanting to affront their Arab pals, is saying that Israeli "settlements", which are now becoming old villages, towns and cities, are   a "worrying" development.  At least they are for a 2 state solution.   They also state that the legitimacy of Israel must never be called into question.  

Where I question is "the right of Palestinians to achieve statehood".  Why?  I ask.  They were never a state of their own.  Jews have had to wait since 70CE to regain their own land, and at that they have but a drop in the bucket compared to their original land tract.  The Arabs have been given the opportunity to have their own state ever since 1948 when Israel was pronounced a state among the nations and they have refused, wanting the whole piece instead of their slice of the pie.  Instead, they answer Israel's pleas with bombing and killing.  So what is their right in getting their own state which is more demanding than other entities in the world who seem to be more deserving. 

Where does it say that Jerusalem is so important to the Arabs?  It's not a religious center at all.  At best, east Jerusalem does have many Arabs living there, but this is not reason to take it over as the capital of "Palestine."  The Koran does not address Jerusalem.  East Jerusalem contains Arabs because  Jordan had taken it in the War of Independence illegally; thus there are still Arabs living there.  Israel did not force them out.  Israel is trying to get along with its neighbors, and has hired them for work, not attacked them. 

Israel has been begging the Palestinians to "demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful solution" but instead, Fatah has joined Hamas; a terrorist group connecting with an even more evil terrorist group.  That's how they have demonstrated their "right to a state."

The EU accuses Israel of "systematically undermining the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem through the continued expansion of settlements."  Israel has dismantled cities that had developed with the results of having the areas become Muslim centers for attack.  Look at Gaza.  If the "Palestinians won't come to the peace talks and be serious about making friends with Israel, then why should Israel hold back in building needed homes for its people.  When they get serious about their attitude, decisions can be made about building. 

Right now there are several fatwas out to kill all Jews everywhere and destroy Israel from Hamas itself as well as Qaradawi, the religious leader who has gained prominence through Qatar's Emir.  He had been thrown out of Egypt by Mubarak for his outlandish attitude, but he has gained prominence and just spoke in Egypt to over a million Islamists.  This is not the climate that creates peace between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinians. 

Face it, European Union.  The "Palestinians want east Jerusalem simply because it means so much to Jews.  If they ever picked up the "Old Testament" and read it, they'd see how Jerusalem plays a prominent role to us.  It goes back to Kings David and Solomon.  Hamas's own leader, Khaled Meshal, who chooses to live in Damascus, Syria instead of Gaza, is resigning but may do another term anyway as he is in demand.  This man has Jordanian citizenship and could return there if he gives up all political aspirations.  He will only be 56 in May, and is quite too young to retire. 

Israel was led to believe that they would receive  a fair size of their old land back in the Balfour Declaration of 1917.  Their high aspirations dwindled before their eyes but they accepted the token piece they were offered in the end.  If Hamas is serious about wanting their own state, they could easily choose another site for their capital being that they have a great deal of land already.  East Jerusalem is a subject that was to be discussed in peace talks that the EU seems to want decided before the discussion.  Can it be that Hamas knows they can't come up with rational answers?  The international community favors their Arab friends, owners of oil wells.  What sort of community is it that cannot see the logic of east Jerusalem remaining a united section of the rest of Jerusalem? 

Oregonian newspaper, 1/22/12; page A10, Hamas leader won't seek re-election by Fares Akram NY Times

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