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Friday, January 20, 2012

January 25th Peace Meeting of Israel/Palestine May Be Last

Nadene Goldfoot
The "Palestinians", so called Arabs whose ancestors were originally in Palestine along with the Jews before 1948 and up to then, want all of Israel and the death of Jews, but are going through the motions of coming to a few peace talks with Israel as ordered by the United Nations. 

A senior Palestinian official has been quoted as saying that there is to be only one more meeting on January 25th.  Then either they will schedule meetings involving negotiations or decide it has been a failure.

 Saturday was the day of a meeting between Saeb Muhammad Salih Erekat, former chief Jordanian- born Palestinian negotiator at Oslo Accords from 1995 to 2003 who resigned in protest from the PA but was later reinstated and now a member of the Israel-Fatah peace accords and  Yitzhak Molcho, Israeli lawyer and chief negotiator for Israel of which representatives from Jordan and the Quartet (US, EU, UN and Russia) did not attend.  What were they doing meeting on Shabbat?  Maybe they were just talking.  Hopefully they were alone. 

The fact is that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is in the process of getting international help in putting pressure on Israel to freeze construction in the "settlements" (towns and cities) in Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem.  This building and the towns and cities are at the core of the Palestinian offensive stated a Palestinian official.  They think they undermine the foundations of the two-state solution. 

After reading Alan Dershowitz's 2005 "The Case For Peace; how the Arab-Israeli conflict can be resolved", I agree that this is a better plan than a one state solution where Israel would be swallowed up, but he presented his ideas before the present day situation of the Muslim Brotherhood's presence ,deadly threats and constant bombardment into this year of 2012, seven years after his book was published.  It isn't that the settlements are the end-all to the problem.  They are the result of the problem of the Muslims never making peace in the first place.  The more they fight and bomb, all the more reason why Israel shouldn't continue with working on these landmarks. (I have a friend who said that everytime the Gazans bomb Israel, Israel should take another foot of land in Judea and Samaria.)  Well, they haven't done that, but they are trying to keep up appearances in the towns that they have.   The Palestinians want "settlements" to be settled on their side without any negotiations with Israel.  They've been attacking Israelis since the birth of Israel in 1948 when there were no settlements to argue about. 

Rumor is that the USA and some EU people were putting heavy pressure on Abbas to keep talking.  The PA is arguing about the deadline not being in March, which is a date used by the Quartet.  They're also saying that it's the Israelis who are not serious about going forward with peace talks and are using the coming general elections in Israel as a reason for stalling.  I ask how Israel can move forward when the PA won't until Israel is forced to end control in the towns and cities in Judea and Samaria?  They want the cart to pull the horse!  To put it plainly, why should Israel give up towns and cities they developed on land they received after being attacked by many countries in which they came out the winner?  Since when do winners lay down their arms and become losers?  Attack Israel and you lose!  Live in peace with Israel and you will be a winner.  Plain and simple.  That's what I would tell them. 

Dershowitz's plan started with Israel withdrawing from all of the Gaza Strip which they did.  It turned into a shooting ground making it easier to hit southern Israel, and this had been a withdrawal made in good faith as a step to peace. 

Then Israel, seeing that the withdrawal from Gaza was successful (Ha ha) would "withdraw from nearly all of the "West Bank" a name I hate given by Jordan for Judea and Samaria, with territorial adjustments consistant with Security Council Resolution 242 and the existing realities on the ground."  The realities on the ground are worse, far worse than they were in 2005.  I'm wondering what this would get for Israel after the fiasco with Gaza.  And there we are.  Stuck. 

However, others don't see it as I do.  Jordan's King Adullah is behind the times and still is touting that Israel is practicing apartheid and he has the chutzpah to ask about democracy-he-a king!  Some democracy that is! 

Then Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told Israel that the settlements are deliberate vandalism.  I have no idea how he comes up with such adjectives that are completely off the subject.  Does he know where he is right now?  Somebody should buy that man a history book.  This is the atmosphere that Israel is in where they are trying to make some sense out of facts.  It's like being in Chelm, plus, it's one against the many all over again.   I wonder if he knows about the British White Paper where Britain's original plan for the Jewish Home was to be the land of Judea and Samaria as well before they realized that they had also promised it to the Arabs  and messed up the whole deal in the first place?  It was another case of "Whoops, we need oil more than we need Jews!"  Britain was spread so far all over the earth that they couldn't keep their deals straight with people. 

Update: 1/25/12: The PLO refuses to continue with the talks after today's 5th meeting. 
Arutz Sheva
book: The Case for Peace by Alan Dershowitz

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Ian sent this to me and I just read it. If you wrote it - I want to congratulate you b/c it is terrific and reminiscent of Carolyn Glick!! Wonderful and clear and based on common sense - which as we know is anything but 'common' these days. We are certainly in strange times and it would be a wonderful time for some Divine intervention (Again)!!