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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

April 2012 Drill Called Off by Israel with USA

Nadene Goldfoot
Everyone has been worried about Iran's nuclear weapon program.  The USA has been hesitant with the sanctions on Iran by penalizing their central bank which is meant to stop this development.  The bill was passed but fixed so that nothing happened with it except in slow stages throughout a whole year.  Several of Israel's leaders, such as Moshe Yaalon, said that the USA was "hesitant" about doing this, and Avigdor Lieberman felt the USA should "move from words to deeds".  Israel feels that given another 6 months being free of penalities, Iran will be able to have a nuclear weapon program at a dangerous and irreversible level.  It's too late then for any sanctions.  Obama has given them too much time to work on it. 

What is disappointing to Israel is that Washington hasn't done a thing since Iran captured the RQ-170 stealth drone on December 4th, even after Obama's demand on Dec. 12th.  This has given Tehran ammunition to be demanding.  They have circulated a new computer game called "Down the RQ-170."  It's a game where players assemble the drone and then launch it for attacks on the USA. 

Now Iran has started a 20% grade uranium enrichment at the underground Fordo facility near Qom which was the Jan. 9th news.  Israel had warned the USA last November 17th and 22nd that as soon as the Fordo went on stream, Iran would hide its work in underground bunkers  Barak told the USA that Israel could not abide with this development. 

On January 3, General Ataollah Salehi, Iran's Army chief, said that the aircraft carrier USS Stennis and other ships would be barred from the Strait of Hormuz.  None has tested this threat, so Iran is now boasting about their success. 

This joint military exercise of the USA and Israel has been called off by Netanyahu.  I note that the news comes after the USA sent a top General to Israel to calm them down about Iran's nuclear abilities.  Of course Israel is more concerned about Iran's capabilities than the USA seems to be.  If Iran gets atomic weapons, and Israel is fighting Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorists as well as Gaza's Hamas terrorists, these two groups are backed by Iran and will receive such weaponry.  Syria has massive chemical weapons which could be used against Israel.  Hezbollah terrorists are also  there, and if Assad falls, which could be soon, such chemical and atomic weapons will be in their hands.

Iran's procurement of atomic weapons will set off an atomic arms race.  The world will become a global nuclear jungle. 

Who has any real plans to stop Iran?  It appears that only Israel is taking the threat seriously.  Iran is not a country like France or England or Canada.  The leaders are filled with hatred for the West and for Jews in particular.  They're immersed in Nazi literature that teaches this hatred.  That's why, when a country gains such lethal power, the sane countries must come together and act on such a threat.  This is not a time to think like Herbert Hoover and "not mix in,"  for at this rate there will soon come a day when all the science fiction of a holocaust war will come true.  We have a very small window to stop this evil that is building in Iran.


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