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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mufti Muhammad Hussein: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Nadene Goldfoot
On the 18th of January I wrote a blog about the PA's religious leader, the Mufti Muhammad Hussein calling a fatwa against all Jews.  Now he's denying it.  His speech was recorded on TV and translated by the Palestinian Media Watch.  Hussein was calling for the slaughter of all Jews everywhere, and is no doubt following in the footsteps of an even greater Islamist in Qatar, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, great friend of Qatar's Emir Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani.   Obama chose Qaradawi to mediate peace talks with the Taliban, a terrorist group.  Qaradawi would be on the USA terrorist list, but the Emir, who helps out the USA, has him protected. 

Hussein is copping a plea saying that "sentences were cut from his speech.  He also mentioned that Islam calls for respect of all human beings.  Why is it then that these religious Islamists call Jews "Pigs'?  Are we not humans?   As he copped a plea about his deed, he forgets that he is already taped saying it all in a speech 2 weeks ago.. 

Where does all this hatred come from for Jews, many might wonder?  It's fairly simple.  Jews  would not convert to the new ideas of Mohammad which were called "Islam."  They refused his request and many Jewish tribes were answered with the sword.  Either convert or die was their choice.  Some did convert while others didn't even get a chance to think about it.  They were slaughtered.  That's why you find such hatred in the Muslim teachings against Jews, like look behind a rock, find a Jew and kill him.  It turns out to be a directive in hatred and killing instead of inspiration, unless that's their inspiration to take over the world.

Jews have lived in Arab countries since before Mohammad, but since Islam, had been treated as 2nd or 3rd class citizens as dhimmis.  Life was quite deplorable, but they were allowed to live, at least, which at times was a contrast compared to how Jews were treated in Eastern European countries or even in England.  It wasn't until 1948 when Israel was born that Muslims decided they didn't want to lose any possibilities of land to such low-life as these dhimmis who had lived in their lands in dhimmitude!  It was an affront to their manliness!    
The Muslim Brotherhood, of which Qaradawi holds top leadership and just lectured to over a million Egyptians in their Tahrir Square in Cairo, has in its charter to kill Jews and to destroy Israel. The USA calls the Brotherhood "Moderates."  They have won the seats in Egypt along with the Salafis who are even stricter in their Islam.   Qaradawi in 2009 said that Allah has imposed upon the Jews people who would punish them for their corruption, the last punishment being by Adolf Hitler..".Oh Allah, count their numbers and kill them, down to the very last one."  So they intend to finish what Hitler almost did, annihilate all Jews.  It looks like the Christians in Egypt are also getting axed as they have been attacked by Muslims recently, being there aren't that many Jews there anymore. 

The Arabs were on the Axis side in the 2nd World War.  Mein Kampf is a favorite book of many Islamists after the Koran.  Their hatred of Jews feeds into the teachings of Mein Kampf, so they want to believe it. If the Muslim Brotherhood controls the government, they will no doubt do away with the peace treaty with Israel which Israel has had since the 1967 War where Egypt along with other Arab nations attacked Israel with a surprising outcome; tiny Israel not only survived but won!  Sadat rethought his goals and came to Israel joining them in peace.  He was loved and respected for that.  It made him a mentch in my eyes.  His change of heart caused Israel give back the Sinai and their pact held.  Even Mubarak honored the peace, though it might not have been his choice.  He also held the Muslim Brotherhood as an outlawed group!  He knew what would happen.


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