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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PA Killing Their Own People and Their Fatwa on Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
A PA religious leader, Mufti Muhammad Hussein , joins other Muslim religious leaders such as Qaradawi of Qatar in issuing a fatwa on Jews.  He is saying that it is a religious Islamic goal and so they should murder Jews.  He cited the Hadith and said, "The Hour of Resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews.  The Jew will hide behind stone or trees.  Then the stones or trees will call:  O Muslim, servant of Allah (G-d) there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."  The moderator of the program where this was said, the 47th anniversary of the PA's Fatah faction,  also told another Islamic belief--that the Jews are descendants of apes and pigs.  A video of this program was made and was on youtube, but has been taken down. 

In 2010, this same Hussein gave a sermon in Jerusalem at the Al Aqsa Mosque telling people that Jews are "enemies of Allah."  It has been found that 73% of Palestinian Arabs believe the Hadith that Jews are to be murdered.  This isn't a war over land.  The moderator said it is a war of religion and faith. 

We don't have anything in our philosophy to kill Muslims,. We've been trying for almost 64 years to convince them that we can live in peace in the same neighborhood.   Perhaps what the Muslim leaders are afraid of is that they will see the freedom of speech and the Democratic values practiced in Israel and that this would give their people ideas.

Such a stupid statement in this day and age of being related to apes and pigs just shows how little the speaker knows about science and dna.  He'd be surprised to know who his relatives were.  That type of thinking dates his beliefs immensely-they come from the Dark Ages. 

What a terrorist group Hamas is!  Truly, they have also been terrorizing their own Arab people.  One man tried to expose Hamas's behavior towards their own people by using them as human shields, which Israel has been trying to tell people.  A man told about how some are tortured , abused and are not allowed freedom of speech, but is having a hard time getting the UN to pay attention.  So Mahmud Abu Rahma was stabbed in the back, leg and shoulders for trying to get the truth out.

The UN has many resources in place supposedly to protect "Palestinians" but they do not pay attention to the violation of human rights of Hamas.  Israel has told the UN many times of the military training sites in places close to neighborhoods and schools where they fire rockets at Israel.  Live fire from training sites injure their own people.  One man has lost an eye and children are often hurt.  Beit Lahiya has a training site where an explosion took place on Sept 20, 2011 which threatens the lives of people there..  Such explosions are a common occurance in densely-populated areas where children are most often the victim. 

If granted statehood, are the "Palestinians" prepared to create a democratic state where people have rights of freedom of speech?  Or is it going to be another Syria where people are taken away and killed for speaking out?  Why hasn't UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon done something about this?  Syria is still on the UN membership in committees dealing with human rights!  This is appalling!

I doubt if the terrorists are going to find any Jewish person hiding behind boulders, stones or trees in today's world.  Civilians, who  are  men, women and children will be in bomb shelters in any attacks, but the rest of the population is a trained army, both men and women, ready at a moment's notice to protect their people.  Jews love life and intend to live.  Our mantra is L'Chaim!  To Life!  We don't have any such notions that if we die in battle we go to a heaven with 72 virgins at our disposal.  So you can bet that our creative juices will be to work on staying alive.

UN  Gaza Activist Stabbed After Exposing Hamas Use of Human Shields

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