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Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's Letter Against Israel: Israel's "Crimes"

Nadene Goldfoot
It just amazes this Portland born Israeli how much people are against Israel on the basis of hearsay. I doubt if a lot of people actually read about the history of Israel. They conclude their negativity from propaganda that they somehow pick up.

Today's letter made me think of this. Here is my response.

Letter to the Editor,
In response to the letter from William Seaman, "Israel’s crimes ignored", I ask, " Is it a crime to protect your citizens from attacks?" That’s precisely what Israel has had to do. Israel discovered that Fatah puts its rocket artillary in the midst of its own population to do the very thing that you are condemning Israel for; that of hitting the population. What they are achieving is negative propaganda against Israel, and that’s their aim. The Israel blockade was done in lieu of going in and killing everyone. Israel has now developed weapons that are better at pinpointing targets. This is war, but the terrorists hide behind their population.
Israel left Gaza completely, and their reward has been constant shelling. Now Ashkelon, Portland’s sister city, has been shelled for the second time. The rockets have a longer range. Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel, which means to leave Israel alone in peace and to have a neighborly relationship with them. This goes against their charter which is to drive Israel into the sea. Until they have a change of heart, Israel must defend itself.

What I had no space to reply to were the completely incorrect charges that he makes against Israel. The charge of occupying and expanding its theft of Palestinian land is so wrong. Here we inherited Gaza from the 1967 attack on Israel from the Arabs and fortunately for us, won, but by doing so came to inherit Gaza from the Egyptians! After leaving the area completely, we are charged with occupying and expanding. I'm beginning to lose my patience with people. As a teacher, I am disgusted with people's obvious prejudices.

Here we have one of the smallest states in the world either attacked by surrounding Arab states or by disgruntled stateless Palestinians who now say they want their own state but can't stop shooting at us in order to achieve this goal and this small state is the bully in the neighborhood because it doesn't lie down and die. It has the audacity to want to protect itself.

The logic of some people today just floors and disgusts me.

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