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Saturday, April 11, 2009

1930's Values Popular Again: Hatred For Jews

Stuart H. Schwartz, Ph.D., is alarmed that the world is turning against us and tells it like it is in his article in American Thinker, "We are all anti-Semites now". He points this out in many ways.

1. Young higher educated people have shown signs of being against older American values: the free economic market. They are more socialistic now.
a. Campuses demonstrating anti-semitism: Boston College "Palestinian terrorists demonstrating courage and wisdom."
b. Columbia U, financial support from Arab States
c. Harvard: new Middle Eastern studies, using Israel as codeword for Jew, cheer Hamas terrorists/destruction of Jews

2. It's Israel's fault that there is terrorism, like Jimmy Carter's writings in his book.
a. Joining the Human Rights Council who denounce Israel.
b. Feelings: Jews and Israel out of step with the world.
c. Feelings: Israelis/Jews morally and politically inferior to the worst terrorist groups in world.
d. World accepting persecution of Jews and maybe 2nd genocide.
e. Golden Globe award winner: Paradise Now-exploring human side of terrorists recruited to kill Jews.

3. Our government now embracing militant Arab positions (anti-Jewish)
a. Exterminating Jews:
1. Southern Israel rocket attacks: 8 years of rockets
2. Beheading of Reporter Pearl because was Jewish

4. Newspaper Coverage
a. Davis Cup match in Sweden: Islamists screamed for death of Israeli players/all Jews
b. Cartoons; Jews as Nazis eating Palestinians
c. Positioning such cartoons: under newspaper banner "The New York Times."

Be prepared. The tide has turned against us in many ways. Being 1 % of the world's population is a dangerous position. We're still the scapegoats of the world and people are constantly ready to sacrifice us in the name of obtaining their selfish happiness. This is how WWII started and we were on the altar. I never thought it would happen again, but here it is. Take your heads out of the sand and look.

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