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Monday, July 28, 2008

Gen. McPeak's Audacity: Blames US Jews for Middle East Woes

Nadene Goldfoot
Our Lake Oswego General McPeak has been a loud vocal agitator against Israel. He is still a senior military advisor to Obama and is blaming American Jews for the lack of Mid-East Peace. This man has a long history of anti-Israel remarks, but now it's us "Jews" fault.

Scary though this may be, scarier even is the fact that this General is a candidate for Secretary of Defense. He is advocating a US-written "playbook" to create peace. I have a feeling that this means a McPeak-written peace proposal favoring Palestinians.

McPeak criticized Israel long ago for it's presence in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights. He criticized us for not withdrawing after the 67 Six Day War. He knew we had legitimate security concerns, but knew that the Arabs wanted all the territory returned.

Though this same general spent time in Israel in joint exercises with the Israeli air force, and he said he enjoyed his experiences there possibly because the people he associated with were more cosmopolitan and liberal, he still seems to be anti-semetic by blaming American Jews for the woes of the world.

He also said that Jews and Christian Zionists have dual-loyalties, and that our concerns had manipulated American foreign policy in Iraq, so now we get the blame for Iraq, also.

Reference: Arutz Sheva : Obama Advisor Blames US Jews for Lack of Mid-East Peace

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