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Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama's Connection With General Merrill McPeak

Obama said he has also distanced himself from Gen. Tony McPeak, another person not sympathetic to Israel's position. Having these people on his ticket now is certainly not incurring our Jewish vote in great numbers. I wrote this statement on May 22nd.

This morning the Oregonian newspaper greeted me with a front page article about General Tony McPeak taking up most of the page including a picture of him at his home in Lake Oswego titled "The Oregon General who backs Obama."

Then again on page A9 the article continues with a picture of Obama and General McPeak together at a March rally in Medford. Evidently the information that there was a distance between them was inaccurate. McPeak stated that "when they want me, they call. They usually give me about five minutes' notice." So he still must be advising Obama. The distance he must have meant is distance from Chicago to Lake Oswego, not distance separating idealogies because McPeak does not support Israel's cause.

Reference: Oregonian Newspaper, Front page and A9
Past article in my blog May 22nd.

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