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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biden's Ties With Iran

Obama has chosen as his vice president a senator who favors Iran. One can imagine how he will react with Israel. Was this an accident or on purpose, I wonder. If on purpose, it only magnifies my fears about Obama.

Biden was one of only 16 senators who voted against putting Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps on the international terrorist organization list. That's 16 out of the 100 senators. This group was involved with murdering the US troops in Iraq. Biden and Republican senator Chuck Hagel want to offer Tehran a greater role in Iraq's affairs. Biden matches Obama's tenacity in not voting with the group, but holding back from taking action in this case.

That's not all. Biden wanted to sponsor a meeting of Iranian parlimentarians to come to a meeting in Washington. Nobody in Iran was interested, though. He actually has angered many Iranian Americans. They feel he has been too cozy with the supporters of the Iranian regime. Evidently that's why many Iranians are here. They didn't want to live under the Iranian rule.

I know of one Jewish-Iranian that had to escape on a camel to get out of Iran at the age of 16. He's now a doctor in the US. His teen-age friends were shot in the escape. It's amazing to me that Iranians wouldn't help Jews to leave their country, being they dislike Jews so much, but then they must enjoy the power of keeping them from living in a free country. Germany was like that, too. My uncle was the only one in his family to get out of Germany. Then they shut the door and wouldn't allow anymore to leave. Instead they were sent to camps and killed.

Biden attended a fundraiser for himself by an Iranian Muslim charity in California on Feb 19, 2002 at the home of Dr. Sadegh Namazi-Khah. This added $30,000 for his US Senate re-election campaign. This group has pro-Tehran sympathies. Khah said that the fundraiser idea came from Biden himself.

The Iranian ruling group has been called part of an "axis of Evil" by Bush. One reason is that they have threatened Israel with extinction. This is Israel's big fear as they may have atomic power by now.

In view of the questions about Obama being swayed by the Muslims, and might see the Israel-Palestine situation as favoring the Palestinians, I see that his vice president is of the same ilk.

I wonder if either man ever considers that Iran and Iraq fought a bloody war against each other in the 80's, or if Biden realizes the threat Iran holds over the world. What does he think about Iran's threats against Israel? How does he really feel about Israel? Does he fight evil by cozying up to the enemy?


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