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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palestine Not in Accordance to Hoyle

A professor of international law at Purdue U. has found that the creation of a Palestine has not proper authority under international law. There are laws of statehood. They are found in the Montevideo Treaty of 1934

1. A permanent population
2. a defined territory
3. a government
4. ability to enter into relations with other states.

The primary interest of states is the conservation of peace. Differences of any nature which arise between them should be settled by recognized pacific methods.
I feel the Palestinians are divided into too many terrorist factions. They could never follow article 10 at all.
Why Bush is so intent upon creating a Palestinian state remains a mystery to me. It would not be in America's interest simply for strategic purposes. This state definitely will be dangerous to Israel. There would be competition for control by the many Sunni Arab regimes that Washington is now arming and by Shi ite Iran, which is being armed by Russia.

The Palestinians were offered a state in 1948 and they have continually turned it down. The USA has been continually calling for a Two State Solution, though I doubt if they would want this situation for themselves. The official maps of the Palestinians who have no proper electoral basis or clearly fixed territory still include Israel only as a part of Palestine. this refers to all of Israel proper; not only to Judea, Samaria and Gaza. They haven't even recognized Israel as a state, and only Abbas, representing half of the Palestinians, speaks to Olmert.

Clinton's Road Map, still used by Bush is very confusing. It is said to presume Israel's disappearance. This has probably aided the Palestinian terrorist groups to all be committed to Israel's destruction. Each group calls for the "liberation of all Palestinian territory, and they mean all of Israel."

I know that Olmert is under great pressure now from Bush and Condoleeza Rice to give into a Palestine at this time, but this seems to spell suicide. Is that what Bush wants? I think someone should listen to the Purdue Professor.

Reference: Louis Rene Beres 8/29/2008 for Jerusalem Post

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