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Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Missed Opportunity: Ahmadinejad at UN

Nadene Goldfoot
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in the states to speak at the U.N., and our Jewish leaders were in the process of creating a protest rally, and everyone lost their focus on the importance of such a rally. The man has threatened the extinction of Israel, for Pete's sake.

Instead, our rally leaders invited Hillary Clinton to speak. Because she was a Democrat candidate for the presidency, a Republican must have asked Sarah Palin to speak. That did it. The issues focused on politics and Hillary pulled out, feeling the Palin invitation was a partisan move. Everyone forgot about a protest against Ahmadinejad!

Brave Ahmadinejad in the heart of "The Great Satan," gleefully will be speaking about the demise of Israel. Here's a man who denies that the Holocaust ever took place, and our ladies are only concerned about who's appearing at the rally. The Iranian government wants nuclear weapons. They'll help run their electricity plants, probably. Iran is responsible for attacks on Israel and other Jews, even in Argentina. Their ideology is anti-semitism and holocaust denial and murder is part of its official policy. We lost the moment to show a democratic way of not accepting their policy.

Sarah had a terrific speech to give. Someone who knew something must have written it. I'm sure that Hillary would have given an equally if not better speech, also. It's too bad that no one will ever hear their protests. After all, our politics are far more important than Israel's life.

Reference: The speech Palin never gave: Ahmadinejad dreams of Final Solution

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