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Friday, September 5, 2008

Palestinian Authority Wants All of Jerusalem

Nadene Goldfoot
Many people have thought that the Palestinians were only demanding to have East Jerusalem as their future capital. They want all of it. They are calling it "al-Quds A Sharia"-holy Jerusalem, meaning all of Jerusalem. They plan on declaring that "the capital of Arab culture" is Jerusalem, and are coming up with this pretext that Jerusalem was the center of their culture for many years.

UNESCO works with these Palestinians to organize celebrations that are against Israeli occupation of "Holy Jerusalem". They won't receive my donations, that's for sure.

So far, there are many "capitals of Arab culture." since 1996. Damascus, Syria is one, Algiers, Algeria is another. Cairo, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Amman, Jordan, Beirut, Lebanon, and Khartoum, Sudan are others. It's more like declaring beachheads of Islam, to me. Choosing Jerusalem now is a symbol of the battle against Israel's control of Jerusalem.

Actually, Islam's connection with any area in Israel is very questionable. Their one connection to Jerusalem is that Mohammed rose on a horse and went to heaven from there. That's it. A few Muslim Arabs lived there as well as Jews before 1948. More entered when Jews returned in the 1800's and were seeking jobs with Jews in rebuilding cities. It was just a hot desolate area then. All of a sudden now, it is being declared "their capital".

As I've said before, their aim in life is not to live side by side in peace with Israel. It is more obvious now that they mean to swallow Israel up, now aiming for Jerusalem. I had actually thought at one time that a 2 state solution was the only answer for peace. I don't think that anymore.
David Bedein, who was a friend of ours in Safed, Israel when we were putting on Yiddish Theater in English, and Laughing Through Klita and performing in hotels in different cities, and was a community organizer, is now head of news departments.

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