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Sunday, December 7, 2008

2008 Hadassah Chanukah Fair

Today was the Hadassah Chanukah Fair which was held at Neveh Shalom Synagogue. The parking lot was full at 11:00am. There were lots of tables with wonderful items on display. I sat at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon's table where we had a lot of people stop by to look up their surnames in some of our books.

Hadassah's table was selling some tasty desserts that I had to pass up, even though I'm also a Hadassah member. I'm dieting again for the zillionth time. Finally I bought a white T-shirt with Israel on it in blue along with a blue Nike swish. Then I accidently dropped my bag at the end of the stairs that led to the outer entrance. Carolyn Shain, Hadassah's Secretary, was manning the door as a greeter/guard and asked me if I had bought anything. I looked and saw I didn't have my bag. I went over to the stairs, ready to descend again and there was a teen-age boy near my bag. I yelled at him to please pick it up, and as he was commencing to climb the steps, did so and gave me my bag. It turned out to be Carolyn's son! Lucky me! Thanks to Carolyn and her helpful son!

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