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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Religions and What They Stand For

The newspaper had an article about the terrorists in Mumbai today. I know that possibly a Chabad Rabbi and his wife are either kidnapped or might even be dead. The total people killed in India since 2005 , most blamed on Islamic terrorists, is 560 which I calculated from information on page A 11 in the Oregonian. These are attacks on innocent civilians going about their daily business, not looking for any fight. British and Americans were the ones attacked, but of course others were killed, too. Terrorists seem to turn out to be Muslims, though others have joined them in their terrorism.

Christians are known for their love. Jews are known for the love of life, as in our toast, L'Chaim! Extremist Muslims have become known for their death; that in bringing it to others and in not minding to die in order to reach those 72 virgins. I know that there are many Muslims who are not extremists and do not believe that terrorism is part of their religion, such as Ranya Idliby, one of three writers of "The Faith Club." Ranya was living her religion in New York and wasn't any different in her religious feelings as the other two writers, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner, a Christian and a Jew. I feel that it's going to have to be the decent Muslims of the world who will have to rebel against the extremists and bring a halt to their behavior and outlook on life. What are extremists standing for? Hate and death? That's all the world is seeing. There are other ways of dealing with problems today. That was the way of life centuries ago. Most of us have learned to behave otherwise.

Not only is Israel facing a daily torrent of hatred from Muslims that brings about attacking Israel with rockets, but there seems to be no end in sight. This all comes about from not recognizing Israel as a state in the neighborhood, created out of the United Nations, and trying to drive it into the sea. Europe has seen attacks. India is being attacked. The New York subways might be attacked over Thanksgiving vacation. The world is centered on terrorism and death instead of enlightenment. This is not what should be happening.

Everyone in the free world is bending over backwards not to point out that Muslims are producing terrorists. They try not to point them out in airport security lines, but the facts are, terrorists are Muslims. They could come from 22 Muslim countries or any other country where they now reside. The extremists are giving Muslims a bad rep.

Terrorists are cowards and bullies. They attack the innocent that have no beef with them. They attack women and children and hide behind masks. If they are allowed to succeed, this will be the way of the future. We cannot let them get away with such behaviors.

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