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Monday, November 24, 2008

Israel's Critics: Jews

Jews are leading the way for Goyish critics of Israel. They criticize first, showing the Gentiles how bad the Israelis are. Otherwise, G-d forbid, they might not notice!

I thought Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein were bad enough, but now I read that they are but a few of many in our history. What they get out of it, I have no idea. Instead of doing their part in helping a fledgling new country made up of their mishpuka after a 2,000 year old hiatus, they criticize it.

Perhaps some of the blame can be on the Soviet Union where the Jewish communists received their education and philosophy. The Yevsektsia, or "Jew section" was made of people of Jewish descent and became an instrument of oppression of Jews. Evidently they weren't turned out as people with a "Yiddishkeit" attitude, but hated everything Jewish. Such self hatred is abominable.

There is a Nicholas Donin and Pable Christianis of our day and age. They have also been elevated as public pundits. They are sophisticated intelligent men receiving attention for turning against their own people. These are what is known as apostates.

Now the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz is joining the group of turncoats. Having been founded in 1919 and having a low circulation, they have now gone English and not only criticize, but report with lies. Whatever they publish that is against Israel is quickly picked up by other newspapers world-wide, as anything that shows how bad Israel is is newsworthy to the masses. Even John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt get information this way that is so distorted.

I'd like to tell Noam Chomsky and others that when I found out I might die of a diverticulosis situation that could become cancerous, I decided to go to Israel and help. It occurred to me that I was alive in a very important window of time, when Israel was reborn. That was a special time in history. So I investigated and found out that my husband and I could teach English there, and that would help. We did. We gave up our teaching positions in Oregon and made aliyah to Israel. We went through a 10 month retraining program and then taught in Safed, Israel. We were helping and seeing it first-hand. We hadn't even gone to Israel on a vacation. I read every book I could get my hands on first and then went over, sight unseen. I was a part of those trying to hold onto that piece of land. I had Arabs in my apartment. I learned not to pick up anything outside for fear of it turning out to be a bomb. I walked the walk and talked the talk.

I say that these apostates have a hole in their heads, or maybe their hearts. They may be brilliant people but only know how to hurt, not to heal. If you see a wrong, do what you can to lead to righting it. Learn about it. Study it. Know the history. I think they have a built-up hatred for Judaism, and are as tarnished in their minds as the Gentiles have been for so many years. Brilliant people can be foolish. Sometimes overly brilliant people are very foolish, and they just proved it to me. They could be causing the death of Israel. Is that was they want? Are they interested in Israel's welfare or their own? They're not using their saikhle.

Resource: Israel's Jewish Defamers: The Media dimension from Camera Conference, NY City, Oct 21, 2007. Booklet
Mythoughts about it.
My book: Letters From Israel

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