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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Insidious Law of Shariah

Saudi Arabia has lots of oil and very few people. They have tons of money. President Bush has been friends with the head of state. The United States is in the hole as far as money is concerned. We've overspent. We're borrowing from China and most likely Saudi Arabia.

They do have strings on their money. I hope our government starts to be aware of the happenings in Europe and how The Law of Shariah is affecting them, as it could happen here. We can't continue to walk around wearing blinders.

What Saudi Arabia wants is: "to embrace Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF). A Treasury Department seminar convened last week depicted SCF as nothing more than a kind of socially responsible investing vehicle that respects Muslim religious beliefs by eschewing interest-bearing transactions and those involving pork and "sin" stocks."

They are " pursuing a global theocracy". Their methods are indeed insidious. It could be that they expect more out of their investment than interest. They want control, control of the United States and its people. We are fore-warned.

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