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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friends of Arafat at the Helm in Our Government

Simon Malley
Simon Malley's son, Robert, has been Obama's Chief advisor about Israel. All my hopes having Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod as advisors just went kaput. Simon was Yassar Arafat's great friend and ally. His son follows in his father's footsteps in sympathizing with the Palestinians and turning against Israel.
Simon was born to a Syrian -Jewish family who lived in Egypt and was born in Cairo on May 25, 1923. He died at the age of 83 on September 7, 2006. His wife was Barbara Silverstein, a Jewish lady who worked for the UN, where Robert and she met. She was working for a leftist anti-American part of the National Liberation Front. Simon spoke Arabic, French and English. Simon was in the Egyptian Communist Party.
Simon became a famous journalist and in 1969 moved his family including children Nadia, Robert and Richard to Paris. At that time he was very much against Israel and all for the Palestinians taking over the country. He was finally expelled from Paris in 1980 for political activities that even they couldn't tolerate, like promoting the ideas of murdering foreign chiefs of state. Both he and his wife were anti-Israel.
Richard Malley
His son Richard, born in 1963, is following in his father's footsteps in being politically involved with Israel. He was the Special Assistant for Arab Israeli Affairs in 1998-2001 under Clinton. Now he has been the Director for an International Crisis Group for the Middle East-North Africa. He's a lawyer and political scientist, saying he is an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specializing in conflict resolution.
Also, he has been an important advisor to Obama. He has written many articles pushing to dialogue with Hamas and blasts Israel's policies that harm the Palestinian cause. Of course, their cause is to end Israel. How he can be in such a position with his slanted view is typical of the times.
Robert went to law school at Harvard with Barak Obama. Previously he had gone to Yale, was a Rhodes Scholar, and earned a PhD in Political Philosophy. He married Caroline Brown, whom he met at Harvard, another lawyer. They have three children; Miles, Blaise and Frances.
On May 10, 2008, the Times Online had an article about Obama sacking Robert Malley for his contacting Hamas while it is still listed as a terrorist organization. Oh thank you, Obama. Such a man should not be dealing as a square shooter with Israel. It would be like hiring a white man to be the leader of the NAACP who had a background of lynching Blacks. However, I read that he is back in Obama's good graces and is again at work. On November 10th the newpaper, Arutz Sheva reported that Robert has been sent to Egypt and Syria to outline Obama's policy in the Middle East. He is listed as Obama's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor.
Whatever we may lose in negotiations of Israel will be blamed on one of our own turning against us. How can such a hard-hearted man remain so sure of himself with his intelligence and not think for a moment about our need for this state of Israel. Has he not even contemplated our needs? Oh, that he should speak with Alan Dershowitz.
The horror of it all is that Simon and Robert Malley join the legion of Noam Chomsky and Norman Finklestein.
Front Page Magazine 11/11/08 by John Perazzo

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