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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Picks Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama picked a Jewish Chicagoan, 49 years old, Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff. Now somebody can speak up for Israel who has Obama's ear. This certainly was a surprise to me as I've read all sorts of evidence of Obama's distain for Israel in preference of the Palestinians.

After telling AIPAC that he would never divide Jerusalem, and then rescinding in less than 24 hours, mumbling that he meant he wouldn't divide it with barbed wire, he had told Abbas, head of the Fatah ex-terrorist group residing in the West Bank, that he supports dividing Jerusalem. He would include East Jerusalem. He said this only this summer.

Abbas and Nimar Hamad, PA spokesman, and Fayyad feel that Obama will fulfill his commitment towards the Palestinians and pressure Israel. They hoped for an Obama victory.

With Obama's victory, Palestinians celebrated in the streets waving Hamas flags while they fishished digging tunnels to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Then from Gaza they shot 35 Qassam rockets into Southern Israel, hitting Ashkelon with two. Two women and a 13 year old girl were treated for shock in Israel.
Emanuel has deep Jewish roots. Emanuel volunteered in Israel when it was under attack from Saddam Hussein's missiles in the first gulf War. Emanuel belongs to an orthodox Jewish congregation in Chicago. His father was a pediatrician who grew up in Israel and worked for the Israeli underground before independence. Emanuel has consistantly supported Israel. He has condemned Palestinian leaders and the violence in the Gaza Strip. At a 2003 pro-Israel rally in Chicago, he told marchers that Israel was ready for peace but would not get there until Palestinians turn away from the path of terror.

Hopefully, Emanuel will be able to keep Obama centered and not see Israel as the bad state and can fill him in on the state of affairs in Israel truthfully.

Reference: Daily News: Unity Coalition for Israel: Obama Tells Abbas: I support dividing Jerusalem

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