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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


90 rockets and mortars, the 122 millimeter grads, have landed in Ashkelon since the start of Operation Lead. 6 had hit Ashkelon just before the start. by Wednesday evening, 4 had hit Ashkelon. One of them had hit a three story building causing a lady to have an asthma attack and be taken to Barzelai Hospital. A soldier in one of the hospital beds said he had been hit by sniper fire, and his hand was bandaged. We haven't heard about that possiblity happening.

Ashkelon's mayor voiced that the Operation Lead must go on and achieve its goals of stopping the artillary from hitting Israel. He feels that Hamas is in shock. (To get away with such shelling for 8 years and now feel the retaliation would come as a shock, I imagine.)

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