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Thursday, January 15, 2009

KBOO's Debate About Israel-Gaza

Debate With Palestinian Professsor From Bethlehem University
by Nadene Goldfoot

The Palestinian Hamas representatives are so good at relating false facts that are so contrary to reality or of their purpose or history. Today a Palestinian professor from Bethlehem University was on KBOO, a Portland radio station, and was debating in some fashion a representative of our Portland Community who is supportive of Israel, Bob Horenstein. I heard such a distortion of history from this professor that it was appalling to me to listen to him . I might add that Bob was not given hardly any time for rebuttal of facts, and in one case none. Under these conditions, he did a terrific job.

In the end of this "debate", the professor commented that the Palestinian resistance (meaning bombing Israel with rockets) will not stop in order to seek peace. We say that when they stop shelling us we can sit down and talk. The professor wants the world to boycott Israel and is also against the United States for supporting us. He is looking for Obama to say, get out of their land. He has a distorted view of the land that is Israel, thinking it still belongs to the Palestinians, who were not even in the area in any large numbers, but mostly came into the area to seek jobs from the Jews. He naturally forgets these little facts. So to start with, we are never to be on the same page of reality. He continually said to go to the United Nations site for facts.

I was most distressed to hear a W. Seaman being interviewed afterwards as a spokesman for Jews for Palestinians, or some such group here in Portland. Doesn't he realize that we all bewail the death of the enemy but that we realize that a country cannot live under such conditions as being bombed, and for 8 years at that? Believe me, he would be the first to scream if his neighborhood was bombed once! He would run immediately for the states! To me Jews like this are cowards in that they cannot fathom the history or conditions that our brothers are living through in Israel. They pontificate about what is right, thinking that there is no rightousness for Jews. How obscene. True to form, this is the USA and we all have our right to speak. We Jews range from the extreme left to the extreme right, but most of Israel and Portland Jews are backing Israel's decision to stop the attacks once and for all, hopefully. My fear is that Olmert's faction wouldn't go through with it as they are led by such an eager leader of obtaining peace at all costs, costing Israel the most.

We know that the United Nations has become a different mix than what it was in 1948. Today it is topheavy with Arab nations, who stick together, being many are actually related to each other. Since they have this power, they have been issuing absurd statements that we cannot take seriously. For instance, in their cease fire resolution, they did not even mention Hamas and their terrorism against Israel. If you want to look at a good cease fire resolution, look at what Oregon just voted on and passed. Saner people realize that a country cannot put up with 8 years of shelling upon its citizens and not have the right to protect itself. Israel must prevail. Once it goes down the drain, the rest of the Western world will follow as if caught in a whirlpool of death and destruction. It's already happening in some parts of Europe as emphasized by Holland's president.

Resource: KBOO 9:30am 1/15/09

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