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Friday, April 9, 2010

Seeing History Through Denying Eyes

Egypt's Zahi Hawass, curator of Cairo's museum in ancient history who has been seen on television, is saying that the recent cemetery of pyramid builders found prove that Egypt had no slavery. The burials they have uncovered shows that they were well treated people. He forgets that we have the written record in the bible of their treatment and that we were slaves for 400 years.

If one studies Egyptian history and compares it to Jewish history you will find that the Egyptians would erase monolith scripture if it did not satisfy the aims of the next pharoah. Their history always put them in a good light. In Jewish history the errors of kings managed to get into the book. Nothing was left out. Good and bad were mentioned. It's quite a psychological study. Here they are, interpreting their findings in the new cemetery positively, denying any slavery knowing full well that slavery was the accepted fact of life in that period of history and well into our own.

Bob McDonnell, governor of Virginia is now saying that they are celebrating Confederacy History month in this month of April while never mentioning slavery and secession from the Union, the two most important facts concerning their development. He urges his populace to recall their days as members of the Confederate States of America. In other words, he wants to remember the good old days of slavery and fighting against the Union.

The Palestinians are doing the same thing. They are fighting to have their own state because the people they came to work for have theirs. Forget the fact that the Jews waited for 2,000 years to re-establish a state they once had but lost by being overthrown by invading Roman soldiers. The Palestinians were members of all the surrounding territory and only a few were natives. They came to "Palestine", a name created by the former Romans to erase the Jewish presence, to seek employment with the Jews who were building and establishing their lives. They probably told great stories of their history to their children and eventually came to believe them themselves. Now they have more rights with the gentile world than the Israelis do. They are seen as the underdog, and in reality they have become the bully.

Let the buyer beware. Believe history not from one book but get viewpoints from many. Understand what the goals of the writer are. Where is he coming from? What viewpoint? Most people are so gullible that they will believe whatever is in print or even what they hear. Isn't it true that witnesses to a crime will each tell what they saw in a different way?

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