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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pharoah and Palestinians in the Days of Exodus

In thinking about the Exodus from Egypt or Mitzriyeem, as it is called in Hebrew, I've thought about the hard hearted Pharoah who didn't want to release the 600,000 Jews from bondage but in the end did when his son died as well as the first born males of all families. He then renigged and had his soldiers chase after them before they crossed the Red Sea to bring them back, breaking his promise of freedom.

This fear must be in our minds as we try to talk to the Palestinians whose Fatah group is the only one to recognize our right to a Jewish state and that being finalized in 1988 when they proclaimed their Palestinian State in Judea-Samaria, so called the "West Bank." We've spent the past 62 years fighting to survive, a time much longer than it took to convince Pharoah to let us go. We still have the Hamas terrorists who have vowed to drive us into the sea.

The Hamas have hardened their hearts to us by their backing of the other Arab nationals and their constant education of hatred for Jews. I wonder what it will take to change their minds? Even the deaths of their children do not phase them. They seem to glory in their sacrifice if it causes our downfall in the eyes of the world.

President Obama is attending a seder at the White House this year. I wonder what he will think as he hears the Hagadah being read with the words, "Next Year in Jerusalem." He's pressing our Moses, Netanyahu, to give up our share of East Jerusalem populated with many Jews as well as other areas in Jerusalem that have never been on the sacrificial altar. Will he have a revelation and change of his hardened heart as he hears the words? His religious upbringing has not been that considerate of Jews. I think he is ambivalent towards us being at least one of his reverends has been most anti-semitic in his teachings. Saying he didn't hear the homilies or wasn't there when this man has spoken out against us so often isn't swaying me. His decisions today speak for themselves.

In the end, our ancestors crossed the sea and many Egyptians died in the act of chasing us. We managed to get into our land of milk and honey. May we have a good ending to our present day tribulations in keeping Jerusalem and all of our Israel.

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