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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Insidious Plans to Take Over Israel

Ever since March 11th when the Oregonian came out with the article, "Building plans rile Palestinians" telling about the 1,600 apartment units to be built in East Jerusalem by Israel and the huge editorial of the same day, "In Israel, new construction drowns out new peace talks", the hate mongers have been coming out of the walls.

Whatever is printed in the paper is the bible for so many people. The news never came out with the facts that Israel is building on their agreed -to side in East Jerusalem or any of the other important pieces of information that goes along with this.

The USA has decided they were highly insulted by our unforseen announcement and in reacting violently have empowered the Palestinians to also react accordingly, which they are. Rioting was going on in Jerusalem just before Biden's visit and has increased greatly since then. Talk about aiding and abetting a peace process!

One letter to the Editor criticizing Israel , I have deduced, was from the president of the local Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights and who is also on the board of national US campaign to end the Israeli Occupation. It was full of inaccuracies and falsehoods he is trying to spin. Then the editor got on board with a huge editorial against Israel. Another letter today thanks the article for information "like this" to be informed about Israel's negative contributions for peace.

I throw my hands up. This is the only information that people know and read; biased, and most likely based on a dislike for Jews to start with.

I feel like the old joke's subject where the person goes to the doctor and says, "doctah, I feel that people don't like me; they're saying terrible things about me, am I paranoid?"
"No dear," the docter answers, "They really don't like you. You got it right."

There is so much to know and to understand about what is happening between the Palestinians and Israel. Where is it ever written in a newspaper that the Palestinians are being used by their leaders as pawns in a chess game to destroy Israel? For instance, the Palestinian children watch a kid's show on the official Palestinians Authority television that uses a map of "Palestine" that teaches kids that Israel doesn't exist. This program is called "Chicks" and it shows them all of Israel yet is labeled "Palestine." Another heading in English and Arabic reads, "Explore Your Country." This is to reinforce the message to them to not recognize Israel. They've already done a good job on the adults from conditioning earlier telling them all of the land is theirs. That's what they have in store for Jerusalem, and Israel is highly aware of it, though America has decided to pretend not to know.

This is what we're up against. Expecting people to move in next door who hate us and who want to take over our land is not a happy experience, no matter how many of us feel sympathy and would like to see these people settle down and live and let live as we want to do. I've even thought that they really are a little crazy to want to live so close to us when Iran would like to pop off an atomic rocket or two our way. They'd be right in the way. How little they realize that Iran would be most happy to sacrifice their lives in order to take ours. After all, they have so many more Muslims.

Expecting people to move into our capital that want to take it over is not what any other country has had to put up with, either. We ask, why should we? There's not going to be any tea and crumpet exchange in daily events there between the two groups at the rate the education of their people continues like this. So far what I've seen as exchanges are attacks on Israelis, even from Fatah.

Netanyahu was elected to keep Jerusalem in Israel's hands. Why our USA is reacting in such shock is a shock to me. Israel at this point is not against a two state solution, but is against the Palestinians taking over our state; one for Fatah and one for Hamas! You see, we've already given away so much of our original intended land that the Palestinian children already think the whole state is theirs! Please, give me a break.

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