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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clinton's Emasculation of Netanyahu

I am shocked over Hillary Clinton's dressing down of Netanyahu over the apartments to be built in Jerusalem. He is known for what he stands for, the right to do this very thing in Israel's own capital and on a side they already have.

I'm thinking of how she had addressed Jewish groups in the states telling them of how she was all for Israel, etc. saying this just to get votes. How transparent she is in her beliefs. How little she has studied the issue is certainly being demonstrated to me at this point in time.

What hurts me is that is shows she did not wonder at first about this announcement and come up-quickly-with scenarios as to why. It must have been a gut reaction, and that is scary, no , not scary, but realistic as to how she for one really feels, and this realism is very disappointing but not surprising at all.

Of course I realize that this is also how Obama sees the situation, and she is following party line of her boss. However, she fell into raising the rioting factor, and shows that she is simply just an extension and is not thinking in a different mode at all.

Right now Netanyahu is standing up for Israel and its rights, which is quite a feat considering this attack. He's being a mench as far as I'm concerned and not cow-towing. Israel is not going to go through 60 years beating the odds of surviving against so many who want to see it being beaten into the sea and then cave into an angry woman. This new "let's go for change administration" of ours evidently would like to see a change-from helping Israel to helping its destroyers, and must stop to smell the oranges growing in Israel and know that these things weren't happening before 1948.

If Clinton wants to do something worthwhile she could use her charms on the Palestinians who only teach hatred and the goal of not accepting Israel. Tell them to put up or shut up. Why doesn't she go over to Hamas and the other terrorists and tell them to follow Abbas? Don't keep screaming at Israel as to what to give up to have peace. We've done our share already.

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