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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is This Called Criticism? Clinton VS Netanyahu

Criticism is when somebody like your mother tells you that your shirt is dirty and that you should get another one to wear. Mom shouldn't do this in front of company. Teachers are told to do it in privacy with a student because the last thing you want to do is embarrass that student in front of his peers. The dictionary lists such synonyms as reprehend, blame, censure, reprobate, denounce. Criticize implies finding fault, especially with methods or policies or intentions.

Netanyahu was chewed out by Biden and somehow everyone knew about it. The next thing was that Hillary Clinton did it again for about a half hour, as I have heard the story, and the Palestinians certainly heard about it. This was followed by more rioting in Jerusalem by Arabs. Everybody was getting in on the act.

In defense at the AIPAC dinner, Clinton said that criticism was necessary between friends, but I remind people in defense of Netanyahu, that it depends on how it should be done.

As I hear the story, she was not only criticizing but listing things that Netanyahu must now do and of course not do-build in Jerusalem. Then the follow-up was that Clinton told the media that the move was an "insult" to America and seemingly questioned Israel's commitment to peace and relationship with the US. Do you do this to friends?

She's told AIPAC that the Israel-Palestinian status quo was unsustainable and evidently she is standing as firm as Netanyahu about how the USA feels about our building in our Jerusalem section now. We have no say. She did acknowledge that the final status of Jerusalem is to be settled at the negotiating table, but I feel that somebody other than Israel is laying down a foundation of appeasement to the Palestinians who are eyeing this fair city much too eagerly.

The USA feels that even having a Palestine next door to Israel is not going to change Iran's intentions with their nucleur weapons, but that they will use it as a pretext if it is not happening.

AIPAC director Howard Kohr stated that Jerusalem was not a settlement. Everyone gave him a standing ovation for that. He continued by calling on the US and Israel to move past their recent row.

A mountain had been created out of a mole hill's blundering announcement, and I wonder if this was an intentional move in preparation for Mitchell's talk with the Palestinians. We didn't need this detour in the road to a peaceful meeting. So far the record for peace talks is batting 100% against the Palestinians ever accepting an offer. Something always comes up.

In the meantime last night, a Kassam rocket fell in a field outside of Ashkelon fired by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza. Why isn't America getting on their shirttails about this which is endangering the peace process? Is it just whatever Israel does that is criticized? It sure seems so. It's an insult to Israel.


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