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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Terrorist Is Honored in Ramallah

In 1978, three years after I left Israel after living there for 5 1/2 years, PLO terrorists landed on Israel's shore south of Kibbutz Maagen Michael armed to the hilt with automatic rifles and grenades, reminded Victor Sharpe yesterday. These terrorists murdered Gail Rubin, photographer before ambushing a bus on the Haifa-Tel Aviv highway which I traveled quite often.

I could have been on that bus. They shot the 38 passengers including 13 children and fired at passing cars as it went south. In all 71 people were wounded from this "Coastal Road Massacre". Victor was there and barely missed being hit.

The Israeli police stopped the bus just north of Tel Aviv but the Arabs set it on fire and burned 38 men, women and children alive. They tossed babies into the fire. This was caught on film.

The point of this article is that the head honcho of this massacre was Dalal Mughrabi, a woman, and the Palestine authority, evidently Abbas, just named a square in Ramallah in her honor. Several places have already been named in her honor. This was the Fatah group who our friends honor so much.

Reference: Victor Sharpe

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