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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oliver Stone-Turncoat on Own People

Monica Crowly wrote today, "Yesterday, another Oscar winner made blatantly anti-Semitic statements. Director Oliver Stone, fresh off his newest film, a love letter to South American dictators, said that Adolf Hitler was an “easy scapegoat” who needed to be understood “in context.” He also blasted “the Jewish domination of the media” and Israel, which he said “has f—— up United States foreign policy for years.”
He made a “sort-of” apology today, claiming he’s “sorry” for his “clumsy association about the Holocaust.”
Stone’s comments were even more despicable than Gibson’s, and yet, where was the outrage toward Stone?

He's joined the likes of Noam Chomsky and Finkelstein who had turned against Israel before. What is happening? I was shocked to find out that Oliver Stone is either Jewish or has family that is Jewish. I don't know what has happened to him in that regard.

I wrote about the accusation of our involvement with movies and such and why. Read this:

Oliver, that flimsy excuse will not do it. I'd like to punish you by sending you back to school to take a course on History of the Holocaust. I think you should take it in an Israel University and certainly visit Yad Vashem.

That may be one of the problems I'm finding with so many people younger than I. I was a child during the WWII and remember it well. Children of today are not being educated about these events and take history so lightly. I remember my father having the book, Mein Kampf by Hitler and walking around in shock as he read it. Even in our Jewish Sunday schools, teaching about this era probably is drowned out with other things needed in the short time. Two hours a week is not enough time to seriously find the 1/2 hour used to study our history. Still and all, someone like Oliver Stone who is writing about this era should have done much more research than to come up with thinking that Adolf Hitler was a scapegoat. Going along with anti-semites who blast us about being in the entertainment business is despicable.

Now that I know where his head is at, I know I won't be seeing anything he directs again.


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