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Monday, December 13, 2010

Larry King's Surprise Program Concerning Israel and Palestine

I couldn't sleep last night, so turned the channel to CNN for some strange unknown reason. Usually, I don't watch this channel. It has had lots of anti-Israel programs and I hate to watch that sort of thing. I've not been fond of Larry's questions, either.

To my surprise, I found I was watching the middle of an interview with Prime Minister Salam Fayad of the Palestinians and Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel who is now the leader of the Labor party (opposite of Benjamin Netanyahu, present Prime Minister) and the Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister. Both were referred to as Prime Ministers, so I'm not sure that this was an up to date program or a replay. Netanyahu has been Prime Minister as of March 2009 from the Likud party.

The programming was called "Peace in the Mideast". Larry asked if there would be Mideast peace? Fayad replied in a rather flat affect of a non-commital voice, that they want an agreement first, and that they are ready for statehood. It just hasn't had the right condition. It's not too late and it could happen. Ehud said that he wasn't a prophet but hoped there would be. Neither one addressed the huge problems in the way. They just sort of danced around any of the issues and sounded hopeful and that peace is needed.
I'm sure that if Netanyahu was being interviewed, the answers would have been more direct.

What was more interesting was the next interview of two men; one a Palestinian and the other an Israeli. They had been friends for a long time and were very complimentary to each other. The Palestinian is also an American and a philanthropist, putting much money into helping the Palestinian children. He was Hani Masri, businessman and founder and president of "Tomorrow's Youth Organizations." The Israeli, Haim Saban, also an American businessman and philanthropist and chairman of the Saban Forum on U.S.-Israeli relations, said that he and his wife were interested in starting TV programs that will deal with bringing the two diverse groups together educationally designed to understand each other and to get along. I thought that sounded great. Right now they are being fed only hatred for Israel and for Jews. Both men were for that and Larry King offered any assistance he could being that was his forte, TV programming. They both said they'll keep him busy.
After reading the transcripts, I see it was not an old program but from last night. I missed the first interview of Tony Blair's take on Israel. He is the former Prime Minister of Britain and one of the members of "The Quartet."

Reference: CNN's Larry King Live: Peace in Mideast program

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