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Friday, December 31, 2010

Obama Meddles With Knesset

Nadene Goldfoot

Our President Obama is having his own problems in having to face a Senate in January that is stacked with Republicans instead of his usual Democrats. Being he can't do anything about that as they were voted there by the people of the USA, he decided to see what he could do to Israel.

The American media and the Obama Administration have been pressuring Netanyahu on all his decisions right along. Now Obama is pressuring Netanyahu to widen his coalition and replace the Shas party of Middle Eastern Jews and Russian immigrants with the Kadima party. The Kadima party is headed by Tzipi Livni and is a mixture of Likud and Labor, probably more Labor. In other words, it might be thought of as more like the Democrats of the USA and the Republicans are more like Shas. However, no one should pressure Netanyahu about the party. He was voted in democratically by the people of Israel for the very reason he is in his position. In fact, many worry that he has become too condescending to Obama and Clinton. I feel Netanyahu knows just what he is doing and it is an injustice to pressure anyone in the Knesset about how their democracy is run. It isn't like the USA government anyway; it's more like England's parliment with coalitions, prime ministers and presidents.

It looks like Obama fears Israeli democracy which is really democratic. What he is pressuring for is a coalition that represents fewer sectors of the country. Such Chutzpa!

Resource Arutz-7, December 29, 2010 Who's Afraid of Israeli Democracy? UCI

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