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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Double Talk At UN From Obama

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

   Ramallah, Muslim center, formally a Christian town, 6 miles North of Jerusalem

Talk about mixed messages and how to try to stay friendly with opposing groups, Obama is an expert.  Tuesday at the UN annual meeting, he spoke about being glad to see a "growing recognition within Israel that the occupation of the West Bank is tearing at the democratic fabric of the Jewish state."

Where does he get that information?  The so called West Bank, named only by Jordan when they illegally occupied the land which was Judea and Samaria, long ago Jewish states from the days of Joshua and the 12 Tribes of Jacob.  Now that was an illegal occupation.  The land was officially part of the designated Jewish Homeland as described by the League of Nations.  The land now Jordan was part of that Homeland.  Then England backed off and altered the course of history.  The land West of the Jordan was still part of the Homeland.

Part of that land, which is divided into areas which then are designated as to who can settle there or not or what it is used for, is a buffer between Israel and Jordan, meaning the hordes of Arabs that have tried to come across previously.  It's necessary for survival.

 Instead of sitting down and making peace with Israel, Arabs have refused to recognize this Jewish state because it is a Jewish state and they seem to think that is  conflicting to their Muslim stand in the community.  That they all are monotheistic and that Arabs and Jews are both a Semitic people and have been cousins for thousands of years doesn't seen to cut it.  That the Jewish Homeland as found was in a terrible neglectful state after being held by the Ottoman Empire for 400 years doesn't seem to matter to them.  That it was only a latrine for wandering nomads on camels and was only bearing weeds makes not a speck of difference.  That the Jews have turned it into a Utopia makes them covet the land now.  NOW they want it.

Obama seems to want to forget that war of 1967 when all the greedy Arabs again attacked Israel and when Israel miraculously won the war without one American soldier helping out.  Alone in battle they withstood the enemy much to the consternation of those that wish to drive Israel into the sea for only G-d knows why, jealousy perhaps?  About 600,000 Israelis live in Eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.  Samaria, incidentally, is the name of ancient Israel whose capital was Samaria after King Solomon had died in 920 BCE.  Yes, we go back over 3,000 years to that date, far longer than most of the nomadic Arabs who actually came in from Syria and who thought of themselves as Syrian not too long ago.

Obama then commiserated with the Arabs of Ramalla who he recognized as understandably cynical and frustrated who have to "endure daily indignity of occupation."   What kind of indignity is he dreaming of?  He's intimating that Israelis, who have undergone the worst indignities of the Holocaust, of Pogroms, even of the indignity of living under occupation themselves in Jerusalem before Jesus was born and afterwards, wouldn't try to emulate?  The very words conjure up rabid pictures making Israelis look like the enemy of Obama.

The President  is being conciliatory with the Palestinians and shows that he is on their side of fighting Israel which has existed for the past 65 years.  Bringing in a state of Palestine which continues to teach people to hate Israel and that it doesn't even exist by showing maps without it is not a friendly move.   Israel has had to fight how many wars and constant skirmishes, human bombers, constant bombing of missiles, mortars and rockets in the past 13 years from Gaza?  It's because they've never been told straight that in order to have their own state for what ever reason they must be a friendly state.  Enough with these attacks from them and all their neighbors who lead them.

It was just 4 days ago that an Israeli soldier was shot dead by an Arab told to continue killing.  This happened in Hebron where 500 Jews dare to live among the 100,000 Arabs.  I wonder what Oregonians would do if suddenly Portlanders decided that they couldn't abide their Chinese community?  Or their Arab community?  Well, you see, the future Palestine will kick out all Jews.  It's to be Arab only.  This is called Apartheid, but who cares?  Only people who idiotically call Israel an Apartheid state, with its Jews from every corner of the globe along with 1.4 Arabs.  But then, who looks up definitions?

It's like this.  If you have a peaceful family oriented neighborhood, you're going to be upset when a drug warlord moves in who kills his neighbors if they complain about the traffic, the shooting of innocent nearby people, and the cops who have to constantly come to arrest someone for disturbing the peace and breaking the law.  If they want to live there, they have to shape up or ship out.  You don't side with these obnoxious characters who don't want to abide by rules of conduct in a civilized society.

I've seen Kerry in action on TV.  He could deliver the message, good and strong.  The USA will back a Palestine only under certain requirements.  Meet that and you might stand a chance.  Shape up or ship out.  Instead, Obama stated that  "allowing the PA to create the Arab state it seeks is the only way to peace."
No preconditions.  Give in to their demands.  That's going to lead to peace?  It's going to lead to them and everyone else in the Middle East to demand what they want and they will figure they will get it.  They've got leaders buffaloed.

Then Obama comes back rather weakly now after that statement with "Friends of Israel, including the United States, (not the USA and friends) must recognize that Israel's security....depends on the realization of a Palestinian state."  As I see it, this means a threat to Israel's security because they are changing their goals or their methods.  They will have a better chance than ever to attack Israel.  To Obama, Abbas just finally sitting down to talk is the greatest thing since the invention of ice cream, the true peacemaker now.  This is while there has been attacks continuing on Israel as I write.  Is it a downplay  I note that Obama then mentioned Netanyahu releasing murderers from prison as requested by this peacemaker, Abbas?  Already Israelis are being murdered again by Palestinians.  They get the green light from efforts like this.

Enough said from this armchair Yiddishe bubbe.  We'll soon see how Netanyahu and Livni assess all this.




Nadene Goldfoot said...

This shift to J Street tells a lot.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Two days after Netanyahu's speech, the Obama Administration urged Congress NOT to tighten the sanctions.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Israel will be forced to take action against Iran by itself. As Prime Minister Netanyahu said, Israel will go it alone, if it must. Israel will not permit Iran to attain nuclear weapons. He warned that a nuclear Iran would set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East -- which would prove dangerous to the world
Obama's action does not compute.