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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anti-Semitism in the U.N.

Yesterday ex-President Carter spoke in Ireland in a human rights meeting about Israel and how he thought they were making all sorts of mistakes. Tuesday the members of the U.N.'s new human rights watchdog decided to watch Israel very closely but are stopping their observations in Cuba and Belarus. After all, they need everyone on Israel's borders.

Why is it that this group continues to single out Israel for this type of condemnation? Could it be that they just don't like the Jewish country? The United Nations is made up of a lot of Arab nations and they certainly are using every conceivable method to pound at Israel.

At least the United States objected. Here the United States has received help in dealing with terrorism from Israel, from security measures in airports to dealing with terrorists in other ways. Canada objected. So there are two rational countries on Israel's side. Why didn't other countries object?

Israel has its own human right's groups. Jews are very self critical. The Physicians for Human Rights, an Israeli group, has made sure through their supreme court, to be heard. They are asking Israeli authorities to offer immediate medical treatment to anyone needing it at the Erez Crossing at the Gaza Strip. Palestinians are fleeing Hamas gunmen and wish to get out of harm's way. Israel has already taken in two people hit by Hamas gunfire 24 hours after they were wounded. Last week three wounded people were allowed into Israel.

What is so galling is that Jews came up with the most humane ideas in the world, such as kosher killing of animals for consumption. Jews have treated women and babies more humanely than any other country in the world. Jews are a most humane group. This is really what it means to be Jewish, and their enemies have the power to cast accusations that are believed by others.

No other country has had such trials as being attacked and told they would be driven into the sea by others in the "hood." Then to rub salt into the wound, no other country has had to put up with this vilification of their morality that they need to be watched by watch dogs to keep them from breaking some human right. We, who were were the teachers of human rights, are now being watched for the wrong reasons.

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