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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jewish Doctors Fight Diabetes in Israel

I read an article in a Portland university newspaper by a political science student stating that Israel has no value and is costing the United States too much money. He dismissed the facts that Israel has been producing all sorts of valuable items including many scientific ones that can help the world.

Evidently Diabetes in the United States is costing 1/8 of all federal money in health care. It's so wide-spread that they are calling for a new government post just for diabetes and it's financial problems. They expect the cost to soar in the next two years by 60%, and in the next 30 years 62 million American could die from it.

In 2004 Israel had already started a diabetes program in Jerusalem at the first Russell Berrie International diabetes Symposium. It involved more than 300 scientists from Israel with goals to have three diabetes centers with the highest level of scientific research and clinical care. This program was designed to triple the current level of research in diabetes.

I wonder how much the current state of affairs fighting terrorists have affected the program. How many of these scientists have had to do their milueem (serving in the army) and not be able to work in their labs or clinics helping people? How many of these doctors will die serving to protect their country instead of finding a cure for diabetes?

By not appreciating Israel's worth and respecting their right to exist in this world, they may be cutting off their own nose. If they find they have diabetes, perhaps they will realize what they have done.

Israel is not just draining the United States of money and existing as a nonproductive entity. These creative Jews from all over the world have the chance to put their minds together and come up with all sorts of valuable items that not only help to keep them afloat as a country but enable them to give back to the world. All can benefit in what Israel can produce. Is the world going to sit back and allow Iran to try to wipe them off the map? I wonder how many care. Where are Israel's friends now?

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