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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Letter to Editor Saying Israel Doesn't Want Peace

I blew my top today when I read a letter from Albany, Oregon to the editor in today's Oregonian saying that "Israel has never really wanted peace." It went on to say that Israel only wants the peace process, negotiations and is stalling so it can get all or most of the land. She went on to say that Hamas has only pitiful rockets and AK-47's, as if they were simply slingshots. Also she felt that the United States and Israel didn't like the outcome of a democratic election that the Palestinians held.

After screaming a lot, I sat down and answered her letter and sent it in. To me this lady knows nothing but the slander she has been reading; the propaganda of the Palestinians. Of course, a little bit of anti-semitism must be part of the mix in her beliefs. People who are so quick to believe the worst of Israel also believe the worst of Jews. I'll print my letter if it doesn't get printed in the paper.

This lady thinks that the Palestinians held a democratic election. The parties were two terrorist organizations; Fatah and Hamas. Fatah isn't any peaceful party, but was crafty enough to state that they recognized Israel. They were suddenly the darling of the USA and Israel. Abbas's history is a shocker at best. He's not a friend of the Jewish people, but is the lesser of the two evils. If I were a Palestinian, I would have feared for my life if I had voted for the more docile party, knowing that revenge was around the corner and I could be killed for doing so. No, it's not the democracy that we know in Portland, Oregon. They're just using the word. This anathema of terrorists terrorizing the opposite party in the name of democracy should be obvious.

Of course Israel wants peace. Only idiots want to have a continuing war in their land. Israelis are not idiots.

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