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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anti-Semitic Attacks in Europe from Arabs

Arabs are attacking Jews in Holland and Germany. At a recent program of Jewish dancers, 5 Arab youths started stoning the dancers before they even started dancing. The attackers ranged from age 9 to 19. One German youth also was in the group of stone throwers.

In Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities in Holland, Moroccans were attacking any Jews they spotted. Jewish men have to cover their kippas (yalmulkas-head coverings) with hats to avoid detection, but this in itself could be a giveaway.

It looks like we Jews are have become fair game for some Muslims from various countries. It's a religious war.

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Samir S. Halabi said...

When thre Arabs attacked me they had the surprise of their lives, My protector-bodyguard military trained Black Russian terrier a massive animal weighing in excess of 70kg and standing around 86 c/m straight away summed at the situation, he knocked two of them down straight away while I knocked the third to the ground, when those mamzerim started to move he growled at them but didn't mawl them, eventually the police arrived and all three were carted away, this incident took place in Paris, France a few months ago.