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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Helen Thomas Tells Us to Get Out of Palestine

Helen Thomas, 89 year old White House press reporter let her hair down and we saw another side of Helen. She blurted out to Rabbi David Nessenoff that "Israelis should get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Poland and Germany and USA and wherever!" The world now can see her for what she really is; an anti-semitic bigot. Not only did she say it, but her facial expression showed her hatred of Israelis in a remarkable way. Helen is of Lebanese descent. She went on to say that the land belongs to the Palestinians. It's occupied.

Immediately many people let it be known that they are no longer working with her in any way because of this outburst.

I was watching the Huckabee program when that news was shown. Huckabee did a tremendous job of defending Israelis both then and before in another segment of his program. He said that Israelis are home, and that perhaps she should now go home.

She is a nationally syndicated columnist. Here's one reason why we've been getting such a bad rap. Thank goodness there are brave people out there like Huckabee that are not afraid to speak up and defend Israel and Israelis.

PS 6/7/10 : from Camera: As of this writing the New York Times and other major papers have ignored the story. Contrast this to the reaction to Don Imus’s slur in April 2007 targeting African American players of the Rutgers University women's basketball team. It took little more than a week before he was fired by CBS and MSNBC, losing both his radio program and his television show. The mainstream media gave the story prominent attention for weeks, including updates on the controversy and opinion pieces denouncing the talk show host.
In this case, the mainstream media have been silent, with only a few outlets thus far covering it, including
FoxNews, Politico and the Daily News.
The story has been driven by blogs, in particular the
Drudge Report.

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