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Sunday, June 6, 2010


We're now living in a Chelm-like state. So much of the world is against Israel that it's like we're back in the 30's in Germany again.

Here's where's Chelm comes in. Israel has been fighting in wars and terroristic attacks since its rebirth in 1948. When it tries to protect itself, even while using far more restraint than many other nations would, its condemned, even by a few of its own fellow Jews living safely in the diaspora!

Right now it was just embraced with a 9 ship flotilla of media mischief makers bent on giving Israel a bad name again, and they managed to do so easily. It's gotten to the point of no matter what we do to defend ourselves, we get a bad rap. That isn't all that's going on. In the North in Lebanon sits terrorists ready with chemical weapons to shoot into Israel causing the government to arm each citizen with gas masks, just in case. Besides that, Iran has said so many times I've now lost count that they will destroy Israel and all the Jews. They already have the makings for two atomic bombs. Guess where they might want to drop them. Besides that, rockets keep on coming in from Gaza. They haven't stopped!

We have a country where the government is not backing Israel as previous people have. In fact, they're treating us in a shockingly disrespectul manner while saying at the same time we are friends. I don't think Israelis feel that friendship anymore at all. The climate has changed 180 degrees, I'm afraid.

USA is even training some of our unfriendly neighbors in warfare!

In our own USA there is a campaign to deligitimize Israel. Several large denominations of churches have been campaigning to boycott and divest from Israel and have voted on sanctions against Israel. They will not buy any goods from Israel and encourage others not to do so. We're the scapegoats for the ills in the world once again. Not only has this entered the realm of churches but it's permeating on campuses of universities, and in our civic, corporate, labor and cultural world as well.

What hurts me the most is to see so many of our own Jews throw their hat into the ring of these accusers and hurl more insults than others. Instead of reading and studying and learning about the issues they simply give up and have joined the pack. They've turned their back against this one in a 2,000 year opportunity to have our own state back again and not be wanderers on the earth anymore who have gone through the cycles of being invited and then disinvited into countries as well as extinction of the holocaust .

If you care at all about Israel's existence and do not care to be a part of the whirlwind that's killing it, you can do the following:

1. Confront boycott campaigns by buying Israeli goods.
2. Respond swiftly to false or distorted media statements about Israel. Become informed! Speak up! Be brave!
4. Educate professional and lay leadership and students in high school and college about the nature and dangers of this BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement. It isn't just a matter of replacing items on the shelf. It's harming! Makes me angry. We've invented and shared so much with the world in our short period and this is the slap in the face we get.
5. Be vigorous in combatting slanderous attacks, including the anti-Semitic fabrications levied against Israelis that are reminiscent of the ancient blood libel. Whatever, arm yourselves with knowlege. It's time to learn about our history.

Remember when David Ben Gurion commented that it was nice to meet the American preident who was president of 30 million people. His job was very hard, though. He was prime minister of 3 million presidents. We all have answers to the problems and think only our answer is the best solution. Let's get together. This has become a life or death situation. We Jews are less than 1% of the total population on earth. We're a family. We've got to support this family or it's existence will be no more.

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