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Friday, August 13, 2010

Heading for Israel: Oregonian Leaves Out Major Detail About Murderer

The news was far better on CBS's TV last night about the possible murderer, Elias Abuelazam, who is suspected in the killings of five people and stabbings of 13 others in three states. That news told listeners who Abuelazam was. The Oregonian neglected to say that he is a Christian Palestinian from Israel. All they mention is that he was born in Israel and tried to board a plane to Israel.

We don't need people in Oregon to think that an Israeli Jew has been out killing black men in Virginia, Michigan and Ohio. We have enough problems to deal with like boycotting Israeli goods. People need very little provocation to show their anti-semitic feelings and their dislike of Israel.

This person has a list of criminal charges and officials consider him desperate and very dangerous. I wonder how he was ever admitted into this country. Though he has been killing black men, those involved say there's insufficient evidence that he was singling out blacks. It sounds like shades of Chelm to me.

Is he just out to give Israel a bad name? I really have no idea why a Palestinian would come to the USA and attack black men. It is bizarre. Then again, most murders are just that. Logic is something rare to come by these days.

Reference: Oregonian Newspaper 8/13/2010 page A2. Top suspect in killings is arrested at airport.

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