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Friday, August 13, 2010

Olympia, Washington Food Boycott Against Israel

On July 15th the Olympia, Washington 10 member board of their Food Co-op made a decision to boycott Israeli-made products. They speak for their 15,000 to 20,000 active members. Their board met last night and had a debate about their decision. About 115 people wanted to speak. Many said that the board's decision was a "beacon of hope" for the Palestinian people. Dr. Muhammad Ayub, an early arriver, spoke in support of the boycott. Ayub spoke and said that "the boycott will be good for Israel in the long run, just as an international boycott was for eliminating apartheid in South Africa." He went on to say that "we don't tolerate bullying in schools; why should we tolerate it in world politics?" The board had said their decision was a way to "compel Israel to follow international law and respect Palestinian human rights,"

Therefore, this propaganda stunt is to benefit Palestinians, meaning either Hamas terrorists in Gaza, or Fatah governed by Abbas, one of their own, in the Judea/Samaria area. Note that Abbas has been unwilling to speak with Netanyahu who has asked repeatedly for talks with him. They are also calling Israel bullies although it is the Gazan terrorists who are shelling Israel. I note that since January of this year till July 120 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel, so who is the bully? I ask, just who is respecting Israel's right to endure and not be destroyed as the Hamas charter's goal remains as such.

This food co-op has just joined forces in denying Israel's ability to survive economically by eliminating a cog in the wheel of their exporting food products. They've joined the side of people against this small state that is trying to survive against tremendous odds of Nazi-style propaganda meant to destroy Israel. They say they are not targeting Jews, but the Israeli government. Well, yes, the knesset has Arab representatives, but Israel is a Jewish state and created as a haven for Jews in a world that had been against Jews. They may not all have been at war and participated in killing Jews, but many nations did nothing to prevent it, either. To me, they are against Jews by being against Israel. Half of the Jews of the world live in Israel. I have a feeling that most co-op members have never even met a Jew, being they are living in Olympia, which does not have many.

The only thing that Israel is guilty of is in defending their citizens. They have not laid down and died. They have fought back against their adversaries who want them to decease and desist. Muslim Arabs are fighting against Jews. There are millions of Muslim Arabs and only about 6 million Jews in the Middle East. The odds are against Jews, yet the Jews have prevailed. I'd like to think it is the hand of G-d who is assisting Israel. It's G-d who brought us there in the first place long long ago.

Palestinians have never had a need for their own state being there are at least 22 Arab states in the area that they came from in the first place. They've been offered their chance to have a state since 1948 and keep refusing the chance. Their goal is to wipe out Israel, and that only. It's too bad that these ten board members haven't studied the issue more deeply instead of impulsively gone ahead and voted against Israel.

The co-op was not carrying many Israeli products. They have removed gluten-free crackers, ice cream cones and moisturizing cream. The cream is something I'd surely want to buy as I can't find a good moisurizing cream around here that I like. They donated these items to the Thuston County Food Bank.

The South Sound Jewish community protested. Harry Levine, one of the ten board members, chose not to vote with the other board members because not all staff members agreed with the decision of the board.

Every vote of disapproval against Israel becomes a rocket that may take a life. It's ridiculous for this board to delude themselves in thinking that they are helping. The only way they could possibly help is in telling their "friends" to stop shelling Israel and change their charter.

In the meantime Palestinians are planning a boycott of Israeli products at New Seasons in Portland. See:
Amid all this negativity, the US and Israel have signed an agricultural collaboration agreement in that they will work on research to alleviate the world's food and fiber needs and other important agricultural issues. This is a 5 year agreement. Climate change, international food security, energy, etc, will be worked on. We are sharing our efforts. Here we have people who refuse to deal with us because we are Israelis right here in the USA. These are people who will benefit from our research but they are refusing to buy any goods.

Reference: The Olympian Newspaper, Rolf Boone, staff writer of article:

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