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Monday, August 2, 2010

Jews in China Today

We only have around 12 million Jews in the whole world. 10,000 of them live in China. Beijing is just getting kosher milk due to Chabad being there. Chinese patrons may be interested in also buying kosher milk as they have had problems with watered down and chemically laced milk.

Beijing also sports a kosher restaurant. This is good for Jewish tourists to know about as well. China is friendly with Israel and has dealings with her. Let's hope it continues. It is showing TV programs about Israel's history and other facts about Israel. Hopefully these are not programs produced by Christine Amapour. I've seen her program, and it was very slanted.

I believe it was Rabbi Joshua Stampfer of Portland's Neveh Shalom Synagogue who discovered Jewish descendents in China. My own Y dna shows a connection 1,000 years ago to a man who came from the area of Siberia, Mongolia and parts of Turkey. People at that time were probably traders with China, traveling on the Silk Road, so we go way back in history with China. Marco Polo was a late-comer.

As late as the WWII, I heard a first hand account of a Jewish man escaping Russia by putting platinum in the legs of a table he took with him. (He had turned all his possessions into platinum). Then he managed to find safety in China. There have been several synagogues found there.

Research: Chinese TV Features Israel, China Gets Kosher Milk

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