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Monday, September 6, 2010

1936 Catholics and Protestants Stood Up For Us Concerning Judea and Samaria-British the Problem

British Manipulation of Palestine

The British received the duty of taking care of a good chunk of the Ottoman Empire after it fell at the end of World War I.

Jews had been promised to have their Jewish Homeland from it. Then the British came up with their White Papers and rescinded their offer, partitioning "Palestine" with a good half for the Arabs.

At the Conference of Protestant and Catholic Leaders in 1936 they said the following. "It is the profound conviction of Christian America that the British Government rescind its illegal, unjust, and indefensible partition of Palestine, to restore Trans-Jordania to its proper place as part of Palestine territory, and throw it open to Jewish Settlement.

The British encouraged Arab immigration into the country, and acted impatient at stepped-up "illegal" Jewish immigration. Talk about prejudice. Some 30,000 Arabs from the Hauran over a 3 month period in 1934 were unreported and unrecognized by the government at the time Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. It was a time when Jewish immigration had increased.

The British practiced some illegal mathematics. They deducted a number for illegal settlers who might enter the labour-market on a half-yearly basis from the Jewish quota. This was applied to the 1939 White Paper quota of Jewish immigrants to the Jewish-settled area of Western Palestine during and after WWII.

The British wee covering up and looking out for Arab illegals. From the beginning of the Mandate, Jewish immigration had been restricted by the British administration . They found so many excuses to keep from carrying out the law as it existed for Jews. In 1921, a large number of immigrants were refused admission to Palestine during the termporary suspension of immigrantion..according to Sir Wyndham Deedes, Chief Secretary to the Palestine Administration. Dr. Chaim Weizmann protested to Deedses, the wrong person.

John Gunther said in 1939 that from the beginning, Zionism faced not only political watering down of the Mandate but deep-seated antipathy from anti-Semitic British officials. The Jews were violently discriminated against--in what was presumably to be their own country.

Evidently no one listened to the religious group that at that time protested in favor of the Jews receiving the land they were promised. Now some of those Protestants , such as the Methodists, have forgotten all about that and engage in boycotts against Israel in favor of the Arabs. It's a weird world.

Reference: Book: "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters.

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