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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Israel Facing Atomic Warfare

Israel Facing Atomic Warfare

By Nadene Goldfoot

Jeffrey Goldberg, in his article, "Israel is getting ready to bomb Iran" featured in The Atlantic magazine for September 2010, gives excellent reasons why it is almost imperative that she should do so. He feels there is a 50% chance it will happen by July of 2011. He mentions that Obama’s dream is of ending nuclear proliferation at a time when the prospect of a nuclearized Iran is happening. He asks who will stop Iran before it goes nuclear and how. Jeff covers the subject from page 56 to 69. He ends with the thought that Netanyahu would be putting Israel’s relationship with America in jeopardy if he does and would only do that if he thought that Iran is a threat to Israel like the Shoah.

Agreeing with him in his book, "The Case Against Israel’s Enemies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and others who stand in the way of peace’, Alan Dershowitz made the same point in 2008 when Bush was president. On page 222 he writes that Iranian leaders expect to be attacked from Israel when they get close to producing a nuclear weapon as they have already threatened to respond with nuclear weapons. On June 28, 2008, Iran’s Parliament speaker warned the West could lose face if it provokes Iran. Intelligence agencies believe that Iran could convert its dual-track nuclear developments into deliverable weapons.

In May of 2008, the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a warning about Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions. It was a matter of serious concern. Though Iran denies everything, a senior official said that "the Iranians lied, obfuscated and didn’t tell us for 20 years what they were doing."

Dershowitz comments that Iran may be provoking Israel on purpose to bring about an attack. They won’t mind losing 15 million Muslims if they can kill off 5 million Jews. To them it’s worth it. They want to make Iran the victim of" Zionist aggression" as it would unify them all against their enemies which would include the USA.

The sad thing is that not all of Iran is as looney as Ahmadinejad. His group has taken control of their govermental processes and is keeping out people who are saner. I’d hate to see them in the line of fire, but that is one thing that has been happening in Gaza with the Palestinians and Iran is also doing it. They put civilians in the line of fire on purpose and then have something to cry about afterwards. The atomic plants in Iran are built in populated areas; something Israel and other democracies with atomic power do not do.

All this worry about Israel bombing Iran’s sites may be moot. Right now a computer virus has been created that may put an end to Iran’s ambition of killing all the people in Israel. Everything today is computerized. Even shooting a missile with an atomic bomb warhead is computerized. How much more easy it is to foul up the system this way than to have to take a fleet of planes and try to bomb their sites which are in many buildings, probably deep underground and in populated centers. Now just who would be interested in creating such a bug. Who has the capabilities for doing this?


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